Monday, 8 December 2008

A season of prayer; Day 6

A Prayer for stress-free livin'

Everybody move your body now
Forget about the blue days
Everybody move your body now
Tomorrow (Today)is a good day
Styl-Plus "Imagine that"

Unsearchable One, Unquestionable one, Unchanging changer, Unanswered Answer, Unshaking shaker, the full stop, O Lord, my soul delights in you. I give you praise for a new day. Nagode, Ese modupe, dalu. Thank you for today. That you for pressing in through my period of melachonoly with your joy and peace. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for using the little things like the lyrics of that song to lift my spirits. I will move my body, left, right and forward, breakdancing like remi because TODAY is a good day, joy has come in the morning!

Father, I approach your throne repenting for doubting your word and looking around me instead of looking up. Your word says that I should keep looking unto Jesus who is the Authour and finisher of my faith. Yesterday when I couldn't find the jewellry, I began to panic, I began to get upset, I began to cry but I didn't begin to call unto you or to speak in tongues and even when I prayed it was more like a prayer by the disciples when the boat was in the storm "careth not thou if we perish". Lord, you know how easy it usually is for me to get stressed up. School reports, homework, rent, bills, shopping, cleaning e.t.c. Trying to juggle it all in my strength instead of relying on your grace to be sufficient, to allow your strength be perfected in my weakness.

Daddy, help me for stress free livin, always remind me that because you are in the boat, I will make it to the other side.I will always make it because you have the power to command the waves to be still. Give me peace O Lord. Teach me to trust in the logos and your rhema. Dear Lord, please help me find my jewellry, it is really precious to me but I refuse to be stressed about it. Your word says I should be anxious for nothing but I should make my requests known unto you by prayer and petition with thanksgiving. You said if I do that you will give me Your peace; a peace from above that transcends all understanding to guard my heart and mind. Thank you Lord. No panic attacks, no crying, no depression. I will pack my bags and focus on your goodness in my life. Father, I am trusting in you, I have poured out my heart to you for you are my refuge.

Thank you Lord for the journey, I ask for your protection and your favour. I also ask for self-control! Lord, you know I need it. Thank you for being a Father, thank you for being a Friend, thank you for hugging me when I feel you should be spanking me. I love you Lord. I pray that you give peace, your peace to those who need it in Jesus name.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song Psalm 28:7


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

That God, I simply just marvel at Him. When I deserve a good talking to and beating, he just keeps hugging me and telling me how much he loves me. Dear Lord, how can you be so mindful of me. I love you Christ my saviour.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

I say a Big AMEEEEEEN to your prayers.

Ah believer keep praying, praising and thanking... I love this post... sigh (happy sigh).

Hope you're doing good and had a great weekend.
much love x

Truth said...

Praise God for the power in praise that sets us free.Prayer is important