Friday, 22 June 2007

E je ka gbadura!

I hope the title of this post means Let us pray. If I have damaged the Yoruba language, please it is not intentional, i am trying to learn. I've been meaning to write this all week.

Dear Lord

I thank you and I praise you because You have been so good to me. You have been faithful concerning your word which can never return to you void without accomplishing it purpose in my life. Thank you because I'm here and I'm still standing. Thank you because as each day goes by, You reveal more of Yourself to me through your Word and the Holy Spirit.

Father I'm asking not just for myself but for others as well that we are aware of your presence at all times because You have promised never to leave or forsake us. That when troubles arise, we remember that You are there and You are working and your silence should never be taken as absence. We pray for more of You, that You reveal more of yourself in a new way.

Father help us to be aware that we can let go of yesterday's disappointments, yesterday's betrayal and yesterday's hurt and step into today, a new day of hope, joy and peace. Remember what your word says about a new day springing forth.

Father, help us to remember that even when we go wrong, like the Father of the prodigal son your arms are open to welcome us back home when we admit our mistakes and choose to walk in your forgiveness.

Father, help us to love, truly love even when it is difficult. Give us the wisdom to make the right decisions in our lives and to choose to walk on the right path even when it is the road less travelled. Give us words that comfort, words that edify and words that encourage that we be the light and the salt of the earth and truly make a difference.

Father, we face so many challenges on our jobs, relationships and just life in itself but we know that with you all things are possible and that with prayer we can overcome whatever life brings because you can do exceedingly, abundantly and far above anything we can think or imagine according to the power at work in us. We ask for favour that comes with open doors that our names shall be mentioned for good, that just like Esther found favour in the sight of the King, we also shall find favour before those who will be used by You to bless us.

We present every negative report, from the doctor, from the bank, from the office and wherever before your throne, just like Hezekiah did because we know that You will fight for us as we stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. You have the power to turn it around because You told us that You will turn our mourning into dancing again. We shall surely overcome all the plans of the enemy.

We rejoice because when we pray, we pray to an Omnipotent God of all strength, a Promise Keeper who keeps His Word, the most High God who is higher than all names and situations. Jehovah El-Elyon, truly at the mention of your name all knees must bow. We pray in the name that guarantees an answer, the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord in anticipation of answers to prayer.

Your baby who falls in love with you a little more each day


What a week!


I can finally write some words on my blog. What a week it has been but I thank the Lord that I am still here and I am still standing. The experiment didn't work the way it was supposed to but I thank God anyway as I am still here to repeat it.

How is everyone, i must thank you all for your comments on my last post. Reading it makes perfect sense and I'm glad I'm free.

Happy Birthday Mummy, when you read this I want you to smile because you are more beautiful everyday. I always remember how you smile when people ask if we are sisters but we are more than that, we are best friends. I thank God everyday that you are my mother, my 'paddy', my business partner, my prayer partner, my tutor and also my student. I love the fact that you can ask me questions, that you are not the sort of parent who 'knows it all'. I love the fact that we can discuss anything and even though we 'fight' we try to be fair (ha, ha).

I love the way we have 'names' for everyone and we can laugh until tears fall from our eyes. I know it isn't always easy with the MC but i love that you share about it even though I know I'm not always a good listener. I love the way you say it as it is (call a spade a spade and not a garden fork!) whether it's what I want to hear or not. I love the way you dance to my music when I'm playing stuff in my room(well, really your music since I love music from way back!)

As I grow older, I find out how much like you I am..the only thing I don't like are the fingernails (LOL!) but I thank God for the mother that I have. Truly as the Bible says you and your children are for signs and wonders.

Have a great birthday today..i wish I could celebrate it with you but here's a million kisses from London to Lagos via Virgin Nigeria (hope say e go reach there o) mwah. Love ya!

Me (don't want to write what you call me, they may think I've gone loco!!!!)

Saturday, 16 June 2007


I'm tired of this cycle
From the first glance
To the first hello
To the midnight conversations

I'm tired of this cycle
You telling me how great I am
how beautiful and intelligent
asking me questions, trying to get into my head

I'm tired of this cycle
When the real you and me begin to show
and you realise
that my no really means no

I'm tired of this cycle
as phone calls become texts
and those begin to trickle
until you disappear

I'm tired of this cycle
of being good enough
as a soul mate
but not a lifemate

I'm tired of this cycle
of ignoring the still small voice
wanting to do it my own way
and seeing what i want to see

I'm tired of this cycle
I've come round full circle...... again
So i'm home
Back where I truly belong

You told me to guard my heart
but i didn't
now it's broken
as my pearls have been cast before swine

I've given that part of my heart to You
to mend and keep
and to awaken at the right time
because I'm tired of this cycle

These words were inspired by a movie and a conversation with some friends. It seems really muddled up but poetry is not one of my top skills. Bear with me. Hope you had a great weekend, don't forget to vote in Blogville Idols, this week was tight..the contestants took it to a new level.

Remain blessed and highly favoured


Thursday, 14 June 2007

Why I no go make yanga?

Worship the Lord with gladness,
come before him with joyful songs
Know that the Lord is God
It is He who made us and we are His
we are his people, the sheep of his pasture

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise
give thanks to Him
and praise His name

For the lord is GOOD
and his LOVE
endures FOREVER
his faithfulness continues
through all generations

Psalm 100:2-5 (NIV) capitals mine

hello people

how is it going? i'm sure you are really busy fulfilling divine purpose. it is well.. this morning the Holy Spirit led me to the passage above. I am reminded how I should always give praise to my Lord as He has been so good to me.

Why I no go make yanga when I am in a relationship with Elohim.

I love God because He is my.......................................

Alpha and Omega
Bright and morning star
Convenant keeper
Help from ages past
Invincible and invisible One
Just judge
Kinsman Redeemer
Lion of the tribe of Judah
New song
Omnipotent, omniscient One
Promise Keeper
Quiet place
Rock of ages
Strong tower
Testimony Giver
Unchanging one
Very present help in the time of need
eXtraordinary one
Yes and amen

Abeg make una help me praise Him today. No matter what has happened, choose to praise IN SPITE of circumstances. Remember He inhabits the praises of his people, as you praise just watch Him step into your situation.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.


N.B Please abeg help me thank the TERC team for the beautiful African praise and worship song on their site. In case you don't know about TERC, please click on the link and call in tomorrow morning. 10am UK time. You will surely be blessed.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Blogville Idols


Hope you're listening and voting!!

Good luck to all contestants. Well done to producers and judges, we're having a blast!

Friday, 8 June 2007


It's amazing how we think
Maybelline works for a broken heart
or our pain and confusion
can be covered up with MaxFactor
We learn to smile and stay 'positive'
when on the inside
it feels like we're dying

It doesn't help when we look
and see that everyone else
seems to have it all together
when we ask them they say
"oh me, I'm doing just great"
we never realise that when we leave
they bring out Iman for a touch up

We all have issues
We all have sad days
But we must learn to be open
To stand before someone
Naked and unashamed
To admit we're not perfect
And we could use some help

So I'm handing you some make-up remover
Don't worry i need it too
Because I must tell Jesus
I cannot bear these burdens alone
I must tell those who truly love me
I cannot bear this pain alone
I don't have to do this alone

The Authority of the Believer

authority: a power or right delegated or given (

Yesterday when I got home from school, i overheard my sister saying something about my dad not really feeling well but my brain was like mush from the overnight so I didn't really pay much mind. This morning, I decided to call him.. I tried all his lines (it seems Nigerians cannot do without at least 3 mobile phones these days!) to no avail. Immediately, something or rather someone (now I know it was the evil one) just spoke into my mind that something terrible had happened. I must confess, fear gripped my heart immediately and I just called my mum. The devil is a liar o, at first my mum didn't pick confirming my fears even more. On the 2nd try, she picked up the phone and was asking me if I was OK because I never make international calls direct from my mobile! As I was about to speak to her, I could feel the Holy Spirit saying..oh ye of little faith, i just told her that I would call her back later and allowed God to speak to me.

Making the call was not a problem, my response to the enemy's attack to my mind was. Joyce Meyer said the mind is a battlefield as that is where the devil attacks us the most. God told me that my first response to any attack from now on must be the word of God.

I just felt a kind of holy 'anger', there on the train I just began to make confessions that 'no weapon that has been fashioned against me or my family will prosper' and 'we shall live and not die to declare the goodness of the Lord'. I just heard some words in my spirit that 'Yes, you are now walking in your authority as a believer'.

As children of God, we have been given authority which is power that has been delegated to us by God. Jesus told us that..he has given us authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and to overcome ALL the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19) so next time the enemy tries to show his hand be it in your mind or a negative report remember to stand in your authority and speak the word to the situation first.

We have great power but the enemy tries to make us focus on the issue; how big it is, how difficult the mountain is to overcome.. and this makes us lose strength. Our focus should be on God and His word. We need to read it and meditate on it until it becomes such a part of us that whenever something happens it just begins to come forth.

When Jesus came to the earth and preached, people just had to listen because He spoke as one having authority not like the teachers of the law (Mark 1:21-23), a few verses later we see Him casting out demons which had no choice but to obey as He was walking in authority-power delegated to Him by His father (John 17:2).

I don't know what problems you may be facing sometimes life may seem like a battle. Indeed it is but remember that our weapons are not ordinary. We don't fight with sticks or bullets (though sometimes I feel like doing it with my fists!!!) but we have divine power to demolish strongholds and arguments, even when the enemy attacks our minds we have the power to take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ (2nd Corinthians 10:4-5). How do we make it obedient? By telling ourselves, what God has said about us in His word.

Apart from the weapons we posses, we also have an armour (see God knew there would be challenges that is why He kept reminding us). Ephesians 6:10-17 gives us a full description, it's interesting that the sword of the spirit is the word of God. A very effective weapon.

It is well with you. Even when you feel weak, know that you are strong. Some days, prayer is difficult, some days we may not remember even John 3:16 but know that God is with you. Remember that Jesus and the Holy Spirit intercede on our behalf before the Father (Hebrews 7:25, Romans 8:26).

So, walk in your authority and we shall surely overcome.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.


N.B Daddy is ok, he was sick but I know by His stripes, he is healed by Jehovah Rappha so I pray my desire. It is indeed well.

Thursday, 7 June 2007


It's 06:47..thanks for the prayers, i haven't slept at all. Need to dash home now and get back here for an 11:00 sampling.

It's a new day, no matter what you may be going through remember weeping may endure for a night but your joy will come with the morning.

It is well.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.



It's 4am and i haven't slept. I haven't been able to get a nice movie. Tre, Katie and Lohit have been booted off the Apprentice (UK) leaving behind Kristina and Simon. I think Kristina is going to win. She's always delivered and I think she has what it takes to work with someone like Sir Alan.
Anyways, going to check if my sister is sleeping (she's a darl, for staying with me it would have been really difficult otherwise!) and see if I can get a better movie to watch. Next sample time:7am.

God, thank you, of myself I am and can do nothing. You are the strength of my life and my portion forever. I continue to give you praise because I am still here and still standing. Thank you for all you have done, thank you because I am an overcomer, thank you for being the hope of glory, thank you for going before me and making paths in the wilderness and streams in the desert. You are indeed a miracle worker and I love you..i wish there was more heart to love you more! Muah..a million kisses for my King. Be glorified in my life O Lord. Rocks will never take my place to give you praise.

Everyone remain blessed and highly favoured. It is well with you today. Speak life into the situations that you face, pray your desire but most importantly ask God to let His will be done in your life. He has a perfect plan for you, it might not seem that way now but wait on Him and see Him work His wonders in your life.


Wednesday, 6 June 2007


It's almost midnight..I'm still awake but really tired. I'm going to watch a Nigerian movie on the internet. My favourite radio station is helping to keep me awake. Will update after the 3am sampling! Wanted to write proper post but my brain doesn't feel up to it. It is well in Jesus name.

7even things Me-me

So I got tagged by Nyemoni, i need to put down seven things about me you don't know. This will be difficult as I think I've put down a lot of information about myself on this blog. Anyways, here goes....

1. I am the second child in a family of 5 beautiful girls, so alas I do not have a brother. Growing up, people always asked me how I felt not having a brother but since I've never had one I can't really say how it feels like. Suffice it to say, I have the greatest sisters in the world. It's amazing how people can grow up in the same family and turn out so different, we have our crazy days but I wouldn't exchange them for the world. When we were younger, we were called the Chis' cos we all have chi in our name. It means God in Igbo. So babes, if you're reading muah, muah I know I get on y'alls nerves sometimes but I love you, love you, love you. I kind of love my position in the family because both of my parents are the second in their families as well.

2. I have an uncle who is 5 years older than me. This is what happens when grandma has an 'Isaac' and mummy gets married early!

3. I have a seven year old son, his name is Daniel and he lives in ALBANIA (Did I see some wide eyes at the first sentence!!). Ok, ok Daniel is my sponsored child and like i said he lives in Albania. He loves football and he's got the most beautiful eyes. Sponsoring a child is something I've always wanted to do because it's sad to think that some children don't have access to some of the things I took for granted as a child. Also, it may be a small gesture but it makes a BIG difference. I plan to adopt a child when I'm a bit older because I am of the firm belief that every little child needs a mummy.

4.The longest I have ever walked in one go is 10 miles. Last year my church was raising funds for 2 children charities and I decided to get involved. I didn't raise as much as I wanted to but it was a pleasant experience. It took me about 3 hours..i couldn't feel my feet the next day. This year by the grace of God I hope to walk longer and raise more money.

5. I've already had my 30 seconds of fame. Last year I was on the BBC morning news for approximately a minute! My uni was launching the new Science building and they needed some students to talk to some journalists about it. I was like ok, whatever but no one told me it was going to be live on the 7:30 and 8:30 news! I was a bit nervous but people said I was really calm compared to the lecturers. I didn't really realise that a lot of people watch the news in the morning before going to work cos I don't..I just check the weather so for the next 2 weeks I couldn't hear the end of it. Anyways, that's over and done with now.

6. I have this thing about bags. The bigger the better, the bigger the more things I find to fill it. My sister has given up on getting me a bag that is just the right size! As at now, I use 2, one small one for my wallet, travel card e.t.c and another for my books, lunch, papers and STUFF. As I travel on the train, I see a million women like me! It seems to be a woman thing because men know how to travel light! Don't even get me started about how I pack when I'm travelling..enough said!

7. yay i'm at the end. My favourite colour is brown. Everyday I wear something brown..whenever I shop at least 1 item must be brown. I doesn't matter the shade there must be brown in it! Today, a brown top, 2 brown bags and light brown trainers..oh well I guess it's a phase!

Update: I have finished the 2nd batch of experiments, next batch 11pm (in 2 hours time)..still awake. I will be reading other blogs.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.



Hello people

Thanks for your prayers. I've dragged my beautiful sista to come and spend the night with me..she's got some reading to do for her exams so hopefully it's a symbiotic association! I just realised that my computer at work for some wierd reason doesn't play DVDs so I think it will be naija films for me tonight and I also need to finish my count of Monte Cristo (i've been reading it off and on for about six months now) fairness to me it's quite long (about 650 pages) and i have only been able to read it at the weekends. Hopefully, should be done tonight.

That's all for now folks, meanwhile I'm really excited about Blogville idol, more info on Pink-satin's blog. Hope, everyone will be involved. I'll let you know how everything is going.

Remain blessed and highly favoured

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Hello people,

It's been silent over here for a while, just thought to put down a few words. So I'm back at work (grrr!!), don't mind me, I'm loving it! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I started, sometimes I start to panic because there is still so much work to be done but I stop when I realise that I'm not in this alone. God is with me and He has told me I can do all things through Him cos He gives me the strength!

Anyways I have an overnight here tomorrow, my very first. I'm so excited! My experiment requires sampling every 4 hours over a period of 2 days so I gotta be here, anyways to stay awake i will just be updating as I go along. Please people I need your prayers so that I can stay AWAKE!!

I have some major reports to write but haven't really been in my 'zone' for a while but I have to get it done ASAP, zone or not.

Happy new month, I love June for a number of reasons,

it's a wake up call for me because it's the middle of the year and I've been slacking on some goals, it's mummy's birthday and a ton of other people, almost everyone is about to have a baby(i don't really know why, must be the winter!!!) or get married (....for they say when you marry in june, you're a bride all your life!) and the sun shines a lot. The bit in italics is from a song in one of my favourite movies of all time..see if you can guess!

My prayer for you is that you receive strength in the areas where you need it most. That you are aware of His Presence with you every minute of every day. That you have the wisdom to make the right decisions and He grants you unlimited favour. That you remember that He loves you even when you make mistakes because it is an unfailing love.

In our church, it's been declared the month of VICTORY and I pray that you experience that as well in the challenges you face.
Receive courage from the most High, receive healing where it hurts. It is well with you in Jesus name.

Remain blessed and highly favoured

Remember to smile!