Tuesday, 29 April 2008

100 posts later....

Ok, I'm kinda back. I feel like I've lived my whole life in the past month. Anyway, I will soon be back by the grace of God.

So we're celebrating 100 posts, I read this blog and I wonder who's writing. I know it isn't me so I just thank God for His mercy. I read this blog and examine my life, remembering that James says that teachers have a stricter judgement(!!) and praying that I'm living or at least trying to live according to His word. I read this blog and imagine...imagine my life BB (aka Before Blogging). I read this blog and am grateful, for the comments, for the friendships, for the discovery of some things on the inside I had never realised were there.

Most of all, I read this blog and am thankful that I serve a God who speaks to me in a language that I understand, who's patient enough to break things down and understanding enough to hear me even when I myself don't understand what I'm saying.

Life is a journey, enjoy it, ENJOY IT, TODAY. Don't wait for certain landmarks to be completed or achieved. Celebrate today, even if all u can celebrate is that you opened your eyes this morning. My prayer is that the Lord will always give you cause to REJOICE in Jesus name.

Remain blessed and highly favoured. 2008 continues to remain our year of UNCOMMON TESTIMONIES.