Thursday, 29 November 2007

Happy Anniversary

Dear MC & MamaG

you have shown me
what marriage is all about
two imperfect people
bound together by a COMMITMENT
to stick together
through thick and thin
rain or shine
ups and downs
joy or pain

you have taught me
the true meaning of forgiveness
how a friend loves
at ALL times
even when it hurts
or is not returned
or appreciated
a love that endures
ALL things

so I thank you
wonderful mum and dad
for keeping our family together
through the stormy days
and I pray
that your love grows stronger
with every single minute
of every single day
and that I also
experience a love like yours

I love you both.


Friday, 16 November 2007

Still thankful!!

I think this is one of the most important reasons I love Him. He's been with me through it all! Have a blessed weekend.

through the tears
through the pain
through the loss
through the sickness
through the drama!!!
through the smiles
through the victory
through it ALL
u have been there for me
I love you

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness; Day 15

Hi all

So I got tagged by my beautiful darling sis Life of a Stranger. So here's why I am truly thankful.

I am thankful to You
for LOVING me
with an everlasting love
that does not depend
on my performance
or even loving You back
a love that reaches out
to draw me close to you
a love that takes me
to a deeper place in you

I am thankful to You
for saying NO
to some things
and even some people
for saying no to the good
so that I can attain the best
for saying NO to my will
and teaching me to trust you
because you know that my latter end
shall surely be great

I am thankful to You
for setting me FREE
from other people's expectations
and approval
from low self esteem and worth
for setting me FREE
to laugh out loud
to be happy, to love and live
free indeed
to be me

I am thankful to You
for HEALING me
physically and emotionally
from the pain and rejection of the past
Thank you
for picking up the broken pieces
of my heart
replacing ashes with beauty
mourning with dancing
sorrow with joy

I am thankful to You
It's been a bit crazy
these few years
but you have bound us together
with love
and pulled us together
when situations tried
to pull us apart
We are coming through the fire

Thank you Daddy for being with me in the past, here in my Present and I know you are there beckoning me into my future. I am so grateful..words are too poor to express how I feel inside. I am in awe of your goodness in my life over these years. All that the enemy meant for evil, You turned around for good. I praise and glorify your name. Thank you for loving me. Thank you Lord. I have to stop typing now but I know you hear the praise going on in my heart.

Thank you Diamond for inspiring us to go deeper and count our blessings and consider the goodness of the Lord to us in the land of the living. I am indeed thankful for my blog family. Allied, Ebony, Nyemoni, LOASCM, Feather, UgoD, DG,Rinsola,Aijay, Mommy 30+, Favoured Girl, Jaycee, Kafo, disgodkidd. God bless you for all you share and being such a blessing to me. The Lord is faithful and His Word shall continue to be true in your lives in Jesus name.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.


and Ebony..u have been tagged!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Let us worship

Thank you Lord for reaching out and touching me where I need it most. I love you more than anything and everything. You are wonderful and magnificent. No one compares to you, no one can take your place. Thank you that even in the storm, you are my place of refuge, my rock and my peace. I cannot live without you. How awesome you are. Thank you for wiping away the tears and putting a smile on my face. There is truly no one like you. Forever and ever you remain God.

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Sunday, 11 November 2007


i tried to warn you
perhaps too strongly
that the path you wanted to travel
would bring you pain
but i couldn't stop you
as the decision was yours to make
and i sensed that you felt
my rejection of your plan
equated to a rejection of you
now the deed has been done
the die has been cast
and you have been hurt
and the storms are raging
so we hold on to each other
as we cry
and forgive
and learn
what unconditional love means
as we pray
that the one who calms the storm
takes us through this
and in time
heals our hurts
and brings