Monday, 12 November 2007

Let us worship

Thank you Lord for reaching out and touching me where I need it most. I love you more than anything and everything. You are wonderful and magnificent. No one compares to you, no one can take your place. Thank you that even in the storm, you are my place of refuge, my rock and my peace. I cannot live without you. How awesome you are. Thank you for wiping away the tears and putting a smile on my face. There is truly no one like you. Forever and ever you remain God.

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Allied said...

He worthy of all our praise

Rinsola said...

Even in my silence, His praise is heard. Thank God for God.

feather said...

just gone through all the posts i hadn't read and cant for the life me understand why i didnt come here before. i was blest. and there is something about reading poetry, beautiful poetry that sets my mine at ease. this is lovely.thanks for sharing.

Believer said...

@ allied:Yes He is so worthy of everything.

@rinsola:Amen, He hears the words our hearts speak even when our lips are silent

@feather:Thank you so much. I'm expecting an update..hope you are ok

Ugo Daniels said...

The Lord is Good!!

Believer said...

@ ugo: Yes he is, how have you been?