Wednesday, 31 August 2011


'You are either drawing close to God or away from Him. You can't be stagnant, there is no middle ground.'

I didn't open Google Chrome with the intention of reading my blog or posting a comment. I have a big exam on Monday and I have been composing my apology in my head for the next post to come sometime after that ..'sorry I disappeared without any explanation.' but apparently that wasn't God's plan for me today.

I have excuses but no real reasons for being away. I became tired of a number of things and realised I was running on empty. I also learnt that I need to live what I'm learning through my writing. Always. I did miss being here but I had another writing project and I just couldn't write anything else. 

I hope to be back to regular blogging soon. There are many things written in my journal which I initially didn't want to share but you never know who needs what when and if there's anything I've learnt in the last few months its that most of us believers (myself so included) have become adept make up artists and Photoshoppers. We imagine what Christianity should be like and it's always the 'perfect picture.' The most important image of our faith is a very bloody Christ on a cross..its gruesome and it doesn't end there but that picture exists. A lot of people are struggling in silence unaware that I your sister underneath all my smiles is struggling too.

So I will share..not everything..God is still dealing with me but I pray that you are always drawing closer to God even if its an inch or a fraction of an inch. I've learnt that when I turn towards Him, He has his ways of bringing me close.

Much Love. You are blessed and highly favoured.


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