Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Hello people
It's just one of those days. I just can't seem to concentrate on much today which is interesting since i have so much to do right now. Actually, i am trying to create a presentation on Monte carlo simulations (what i was actually supposed to do at the weekend... please don't ask). Anyways, physically i am here but my brain has just gone on vacation. Statistics has never really been something that i love but i think as i write this i find myself coming into 'my zone of creativity' so I am going to give it another shot.
Tough times never last but tough people do. Have a great day, i will resume blogging later.


Monday, 26 February 2007

..welcome to this week

Here we are at the threshold of a new week,, as a rule i don't like Mondays. I wake up and realise that the 'real world' out there is waiting for me and i feel ill prepared to meet it. Especially these days when i feel like my weekend is too short and i am not properly rested to begin the week anyway. However, as I write this (even though i should be going over my tutorial notes since i will be teaching in less than half an hour's time!!!) i just think that the way we begin the week may influence how the rest of the week goes. And even though the week starts crappy, life is beautiful in this way... the ability to start over so while Monday may not have been the best, the earth will rotate on it's axis and voila there is Tuesday in which i can start over and make the most of the week.
Do you feel stuck in routine? Make the most of NOW as Vodafone says, do something different today, call someone, smile at someone, pray, sing, do a dance. Give yourself a break (without the Kitkats!!!!...awright just have one!). Take a different route home, send me an email.
I know today's blog seems to be here, there and everywhere but there have been so many things pouring through my mind and i have always found it easier to write the words that my lips cannot express. I hope that somewhere amidst these scattered lines, you can find something that makes you smile or just makes your day go easier.
As for me, this week i need to do a major reorganisation of my schedule. Trying to work out the example given by Stephen Covey in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people as i feel i have been scheduling the urgent and forgetting the IMPORTANT. I know i am busy (efficient) but i am not so sure if i am being effective, so i need some time to pull back, dust my goals for the year to assess where I am and how i need to get to where I need to be. Please do this as well because sometimes we kill ourselves trying to get to the top, just to realise that we have been climbing the wrong mountain.
....I had a lovely weekend though busy, don't let anyone deceive you, people are the most precious asset on earth, make the most of every relationship you are in right now whether family or otherwise. Do not take anyone for granted, sometimes we don't realise the value of what we have until it is too late. Like i said before, make the most of NOW!
Have a great week, hopefully i will be able to put entries every single day. A special one to all who love me... in case i don't tell you often enough. I LOVE U LOADS AND LOADS and i am grateful to have you all in my life. God bless you.
oh oh.. i gotta run, some first year Science students are waiting for me to decipher the mechanisms of TRANSLATION.. Ha ha i love teaching.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Thank God it's Friday!!!

Hello people,

Another working week is ending, thanks be to God for seeing us through till today although for people like me, the Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm structure does not really exist. In the world of research, your experiments define your time and i am in a place where that means 8am-8pm some days and Saturdays/Sundays and this is just the first year (like i said after all this, refer to me by my proper taitul.. not title!).
Therefore, I am committing myself to blog daily to keep my sanity although now that people are beginning to know about my blog I am sometimes tempted to 'doctor' it but i will resist that temptation because the whole aim of this for me is to be able to get to a place where i can let others in (more on that later!!!).
So what am I doing this weekend? Travelling, coming to Uni on a Sunday again ( i think the security guards here will soon be my best buddies because they see me more often than my friends do), working on a presentation for some postgraduate students (which i may/may not give as it is on Monte Carlo simulations (something horrible that you really do not want to mess with, i mean who invented statistics and probability??? Why did you do this to me!!!!!!!) which i know a bit about but not that much but i am doing it as a favour to a friend and it was something Alan taught me so kinda like for him as well). I'm really sorry about the brackets, it must make reading difficult.
Also my season 5 box set of 24 is there on my table, Jack Bauer is there tempting me and i feel myself about to give in (uncle s, thanks o for this addiction). Break... in case you don't know, i am hopelessly addicted to the TV series 24, right now i am in season 5 though the world is in season 6 because i can't watch that until i know how season 5 ends. I mean i can be angry, upset or tired but just mention the names CTU, Michelle Dessler, President Palmer, Audrey Raines and most importantly Jack Bauer and then a smile just comes on my face. Right now i am smiling even.
So, i see myself watching maybe (2-3 hours ..... maybe more!!!). No outings for me, except doing some shopping with Ma.
That is my weekend, not horribly exciting but then i am not an exciting person.. hopefully it will become more interesting. What are your plans? Please let me know. Right now... i am sure you guessed.. (the bacteria are calling). That's right, so i have gotta go.
Anyway smile, why? Because when you look at where you are right now, you might not be in the greatest of places when compared to where you want to be but if you look back, you can see that you are no longer where you used to be and where there is life, there is hope for a better tomorrow. So smile, because you will definitely make it to your destination in the end.
Have a great weekend and remain blessed and highly favoured.


Thursday, 22 February 2007

...this is the day

Hi there

This is the day that the Lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it. Today, i have decided to walk in the peace of God. My experiments have gone haywire but that doesn't matter, as long as my mind is still with me, I can start over.
This morning on the train, i was reading the Psalms. I absolutely adore the Psalms because it is all about being real. I can relate a lot to David because i think we have similar personalities in that we love to commit our thoughts to paper, we think a lot and we love being REAL. I mean David said it all...i escpecially feel him when he begins to talk about betrayal from friends, those that have been close to him, eaten with him, talked with him but yet have laughed and turned their backs on him when he needed them the most. He always concludes that even though people leave, God never.
I have been thinking a lot about friendship these days because it is an important part of our lives. We need people in our lives before whom we can be real, no acting, no makeup or masks and still know that even when they have seen us at our lowest they will still be there for us to support, pray and advice us. Even if today, you don't feel like you have these people in your life, please remember God is the best friend you can ever have because the love He has for you is not conditional on anything. Even when you don't choose Him, He loves you.
The circumstances that I have found myself in always still point me back to a God who loves me and wants to relate with me.
How about you? How are you feeling today, please if you read this and you just want to talk to someone, please drop a line, i will get back to you as soon as I can.
Work beckons now, i hope i get the time to add a few lines later. Please also take time to do the puzzle (see 19/02).
Have a great day.


Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Hello people,

Please do not even ask me what the title is about, i don't know either. I just need to use this to pace my brain cos it is flying at a speed of about a million things i need to be thinking about/doing right now. Anyway (this word again!!!), i am finally able to breathe normally and i think my heart rate is returning to normal. When this is all over, please noone should ever refer to me as Miss/Mrs anything, call me by my taitul!!!
Oh men, if noone is there to make you laugh, u better crack jokes to yourself even at the expense of being thought silly!!!
As for my darling friends who are supposed to be doing the puzzle (see 19/02), you need to leave the answer as a comment. I have done the first one for you

24 hours in a day

I need to hear from someone!!! My Salmonella is calling me, i have to go back to my bench now and do counts for the next two hours (Groan, complain, grumble!!!). Ha ha, don't even know why i am laughing anyway will tune the radio to Heart (kaycee, you know how it is now .... it's all about you and the things you do !!!) and hopefully leave here in the next 3 hours.

Remain blessed and take care


Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Hello people

How is everyone today? Hope doing great. I am ok, just really tired already. I start a new experiment today. The first day is always the hardest, it takes about 6 hours to get everything going and i just discovered that i may have underestimated the amount of a particular material that i need so haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I just needed to let that out, i don't even know why i am sitting at this computer, all that i know is that if i don't give myself a 5 minute break i might just burst into tears!! Just joking but it is a very busy day.

Don't get me wrong, in a wierd way i enjoy the rush that comes from the work i am doing, jumping from one lab to another e.t.c. Anyway it will be nice on days like this to get a nice call/text/email from a friend just saying "hang in there" or "have a great day". Anyway Jesus has already told me that because the word says that 'This is the day that the Lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it'. Anyways, back to work, nothing that is worth it in this world comes easy except salvation but it is easy for us but it was not easy for Jesus sha. So no matter how hard your day is going, take a minute and thank God for the stress cos ...
children in their 'terrible twos' means that you are a parent
'hmmm... that man' means that you are married
'i feel like killing my boss' means that you have a job
'the roof is leaking' means that you have a home
... and so on, do you get my drift. So like i said smile and remember that Jesus loves you.

Take care


Monday, 19 February 2007

IQ test

Hello people

I am supposed to be teaching in the next 30 minutes, but what i am about to put up is quite interesting. Anyway, my friend gave it to me yesterday and i must admit i didn't really do that well, so give it a go!!!

Anyways here it is and i am looking forward to hearing about it from you...

Try to answer these questions... Scoring:1 to 5 is Average, 6 - 11 Somewhat Intelligent, 12 to 18 Intelligent, 19 + Genius

24 H in a D
26 L of the A
7 D of the W
7 W of the W
12 S of the Z
66 B of the B
52 C in a P (WJs)
13 S in the USF
18 H on a G C
39 B of the O T
5 T on a F
90 D in a R A
3 B M (S H T R)
32 is the T in D F at which W F
15 P in a R T
3 W on a T
100 C in a R
11 P in a F (S) T
12 M in a Y
8 T on a O
29 D in F in a L Y
27 B in the N T
365 D in a Y
13 L in a B D
52 W in a Y
9 L of a C
60 M in a H
23 P of C in the H B
64 S on a C B
9 P in S A
6 B to an O in C
1000 Y in a M
15 M on a D M C

Please do not cheat, i have all the answers now so please let me know when you have had a go.
Will do some real blogging later. Have a great day and please smile.


Wednesday, 14 February 2007



Honestly, the title of the blog just totally explains how i feel inside. I just needed something to allow me release some steam and relax before getting on with what I have to do today. Anyway, Happy Valentines' day to everyone, for the other 'roastos' out there, remember there is someone, somewhere who loves you and it doesn't matter if they don't send chocolates, perfume or flowers.. just know that you are loved all the same.
I am battling a cold and i think the medication is leaving me slightly disoriented which is TOTALLY GREAT since i have to concentrate on the experiment i am about to do and the pack said non-drowsy. Anyway, i have always been like this, when i have a cough, even children's cough syrup sends me to sleep.
I think i am beginning to relax now so i should be getting back to work. From the next blog i will tackle the questions that i put down a few days back. It is time to take this blog into my mind, or is it the other way around put my mind into my blog (whatever!!!).
This Valentine's day has been interesting, no i haven't received any chocolates or flowers either but i have received love and people reaching out to me to let me know that they care so i think this is the best Valentines ever. Anyway,all the best to all the folks out there. Remain blessed. I feel much better now so i need to get back to work.


Friday, 9 February 2007

...what a day

Hello people,

What a day it has been, i have been at work for almost 12 hours! and i still have to be here tomorrow, no wonder i don't have a man!!! Ha ha but i am so tired and wound up so i am just blogging until i get the courage to go into the cold and catch my train home. In fact, i think i am ready just remembered that i have not had a meal.

In all it was a nice day, just busy. I feel that my work is finally getting on track and i am becoming more proactive in my actions day by day. Next time, i will answer those questions, look forward to hearing from anyone who might happen to stumble unto this blog.

Remain blessed and have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, 8 February 2007

.....Other Blogs


It appears my addiction to wedding websites has now been replaced with an addiction to blogs. Anyway there is a lot of stuff happening on Diamondhawk a.ka Blogger Bachelorette and i also discovered a new one- Truth, today's inspiration. Anyway, keep blogging and have fun.

Random thoughts

Hello people

I am just in the mood to blog right now. To my people in London, are you enjoying the snow? I must admit, i am not much of a snow person because in my mind snow equates to 'problems with the trains', slippery sidewalks... and dirty sidewalks when the snow begins to melt. However, some people absolutely adore the snow, they say they love the whiteness, the feel of the snow on their eyelashes (that last one sounds crazy i know). Anyway just goes to show that in life, it is not really what happens to us that matters but how we choose to respond to it. We all get our daily dose of trials and tribulations but i urge you as i urge myself to respond with grace and receive strength from above to face all challenges.
Ohh.. what a good weekend i had as well. Man U still on top of the Premiership after an astounding win at Whiteheart Lane, sorry uncle s you know i love the Spurs but the Red devils come first. Also, i had a nice dinner with my uncle and we were discussing random stuff about life and i came to realise that there are a lot of questions i need to ask myself and answer on this road to self-discovery so if you are reading this, let us take this journey together by answering the following questions?
  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What are your weaknesses?
  3. What do you want out of life?
  4. If you are single, what are the essential things/attitudes that a potential mate must have? You will need to be specific, no words like 'good attitude' or 'compatibility', what does this mean to you because we all have different definitions.

I am really eager to hear from you all about this but in my next post i will try and answer these questions for myself.

I am totally amazed at how i can start conversations with random people i meet on the train. I think it is a gift and you never know.... the silverlink might actually be useful for something!! Ha ha. Have to get back to my experiments now, i mean i think i understand how the lab rats feel.

Have a blessed day and take care. Remember to smile just because God loves you.


Thursday, 1 February 2007

... a few lines

Hello people,

Welcome to a new day... a new start... a fresh opportunity to make the most of life. I thank God now for new days. It is my chance to fight for everything that has been promised to me in God's word to manifest. Everyday i am slowly but surely getting back on track, i have seen that in difficult times i should run, run towards not away from God. Yesterday, i was having a conversation with God (prayer!!) and i was like "Lord i am ashamed for you to call me a daughter pls forgive me". I felt these words in my heart " Come, lay your weary head on my breast and hear how my heart beats with love for you, if you only knew how much I love you, whenever times get tough you would run into my arms". Yes, I know He is a God of justice, a jealous God, the Lion of the tribe of Judah but i saw Him yesterday as Love, Mercy and Grace. I remembered the poem 'Footprints in the sand' and how true it is that in the difficult moments of our lives, it is then He loves us most and carries us.
People, no matter what it is, run to Him, even when the circumstances are so tight, cry, scream, He can handle it and He will be there that is just the truth, He is always there. Remain blessed.