Wednesday, 14 February 2007



Honestly, the title of the blog just totally explains how i feel inside. I just needed something to allow me release some steam and relax before getting on with what I have to do today. Anyway, Happy Valentines' day to everyone, for the other 'roastos' out there, remember there is someone, somewhere who loves you and it doesn't matter if they don't send chocolates, perfume or flowers.. just know that you are loved all the same.
I am battling a cold and i think the medication is leaving me slightly disoriented which is TOTALLY GREAT since i have to concentrate on the experiment i am about to do and the pack said non-drowsy. Anyway, i have always been like this, when i have a cough, even children's cough syrup sends me to sleep.
I think i am beginning to relax now so i should be getting back to work. From the next blog i will tackle the questions that i put down a few days back. It is time to take this blog into my mind, or is it the other way around put my mind into my blog (whatever!!!).
This Valentine's day has been interesting, no i haven't received any chocolates or flowers either but i have received love and people reaching out to me to let me know that they care so i think this is the best Valentines ever. Anyway,all the best to all the folks out there. Remain blessed. I feel much better now so i need to get back to work.


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