Monday, 26 February 2007

..welcome to this week

Here we are at the threshold of a new week,, as a rule i don't like Mondays. I wake up and realise that the 'real world' out there is waiting for me and i feel ill prepared to meet it. Especially these days when i feel like my weekend is too short and i am not properly rested to begin the week anyway. However, as I write this (even though i should be going over my tutorial notes since i will be teaching in less than half an hour's time!!!) i just think that the way we begin the week may influence how the rest of the week goes. And even though the week starts crappy, life is beautiful in this way... the ability to start over so while Monday may not have been the best, the earth will rotate on it's axis and voila there is Tuesday in which i can start over and make the most of the week.
Do you feel stuck in routine? Make the most of NOW as Vodafone says, do something different today, call someone, smile at someone, pray, sing, do a dance. Give yourself a break (without the Kitkats!!!!...awright just have one!). Take a different route home, send me an email.
I know today's blog seems to be here, there and everywhere but there have been so many things pouring through my mind and i have always found it easier to write the words that my lips cannot express. I hope that somewhere amidst these scattered lines, you can find something that makes you smile or just makes your day go easier.
As for me, this week i need to do a major reorganisation of my schedule. Trying to work out the example given by Stephen Covey in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people as i feel i have been scheduling the urgent and forgetting the IMPORTANT. I know i am busy (efficient) but i am not so sure if i am being effective, so i need some time to pull back, dust my goals for the year to assess where I am and how i need to get to where I need to be. Please do this as well because sometimes we kill ourselves trying to get to the top, just to realise that we have been climbing the wrong mountain.
....I had a lovely weekend though busy, don't let anyone deceive you, people are the most precious asset on earth, make the most of every relationship you are in right now whether family or otherwise. Do not take anyone for granted, sometimes we don't realise the value of what we have until it is too late. Like i said before, make the most of NOW!
Have a great week, hopefully i will be able to put entries every single day. A special one to all who love me... in case i don't tell you often enough. I LOVE U LOADS AND LOADS and i am grateful to have you all in my life. God bless you.
oh oh.. i gotta run, some first year Science students are waiting for me to decipher the mechanisms of TRANSLATION.. Ha ha i love teaching.

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