Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Hello people,

Please do not even ask me what the title is about, i don't know either. I just need to use this to pace my brain cos it is flying at a speed of about a million things i need to be thinking about/doing right now. Anyway (this word again!!!), i am finally able to breathe normally and i think my heart rate is returning to normal. When this is all over, please noone should ever refer to me as Miss/Mrs anything, call me by my taitul!!!
Oh men, if noone is there to make you laugh, u better crack jokes to yourself even at the expense of being thought silly!!!
As for my darling friends who are supposed to be doing the puzzle (see 19/02), you need to leave the answer as a comment. I have done the first one for you

24 hours in a day

I need to hear from someone!!! My Salmonella is calling me, i have to go back to my bench now and do counts for the next two hours (Groan, complain, grumble!!!). Ha ha, don't even know why i am laughing anyway will tune the radio to Heart (kaycee, you know how it is now .... it's all about you and the things you do !!!) and hopefully leave here in the next 3 hours.

Remain blessed and take care


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Truth said...

you are indeed fun to be, read and chat with. one thing is certain about those who know their God shall indeed do exploit. it is for us to continue to trust and believe in Him. have a pleasant day