Friday, 23 February 2007

Thank God it's Friday!!!

Hello people,

Another working week is ending, thanks be to God for seeing us through till today although for people like me, the Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm structure does not really exist. In the world of research, your experiments define your time and i am in a place where that means 8am-8pm some days and Saturdays/Sundays and this is just the first year (like i said after all this, refer to me by my proper taitul.. not title!).
Therefore, I am committing myself to blog daily to keep my sanity although now that people are beginning to know about my blog I am sometimes tempted to 'doctor' it but i will resist that temptation because the whole aim of this for me is to be able to get to a place where i can let others in (more on that later!!!).
So what am I doing this weekend? Travelling, coming to Uni on a Sunday again ( i think the security guards here will soon be my best buddies because they see me more often than my friends do), working on a presentation for some postgraduate students (which i may/may not give as it is on Monte Carlo simulations (something horrible that you really do not want to mess with, i mean who invented statistics and probability??? Why did you do this to me!!!!!!!) which i know a bit about but not that much but i am doing it as a favour to a friend and it was something Alan taught me so kinda like for him as well). I'm really sorry about the brackets, it must make reading difficult.
Also my season 5 box set of 24 is there on my table, Jack Bauer is there tempting me and i feel myself about to give in (uncle s, thanks o for this addiction). Break... in case you don't know, i am hopelessly addicted to the TV series 24, right now i am in season 5 though the world is in season 6 because i can't watch that until i know how season 5 ends. I mean i can be angry, upset or tired but just mention the names CTU, Michelle Dessler, President Palmer, Audrey Raines and most importantly Jack Bauer and then a smile just comes on my face. Right now i am smiling even.
So, i see myself watching maybe (2-3 hours ..... maybe more!!!). No outings for me, except doing some shopping with Ma.
That is my weekend, not horribly exciting but then i am not an exciting person.. hopefully it will become more interesting. What are your plans? Please let me know. Right now... i am sure you guessed.. (the bacteria are calling). That's right, so i have gotta go.
Anyway smile, why? Because when you look at where you are right now, you might not be in the greatest of places when compared to where you want to be but if you look back, you can see that you are no longer where you used to be and where there is life, there is hope for a better tomorrow. So smile, because you will definitely make it to your destination in the end.
Have a great weekend and remain blessed and highly favoured.



Daddy's Girl said...

Hi Amara, from one 24 fan to another. Jack Bauer and the others make me smile too! I love your blog - blog on!

Believer said...

@ daddy's girl: Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog. You are now officially a friend!! I am on a mission to spread the 'message' of 24, 1 person at a time. I am about to start on season 6. It is the best on television. Thanks

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