Sunday, 11 November 2007


i tried to warn you
perhaps too strongly
that the path you wanted to travel
would bring you pain
but i couldn't stop you
as the decision was yours to make
and i sensed that you felt
my rejection of your plan
equated to a rejection of you
now the deed has been done
the die has been cast
and you have been hurt
and the storms are raging
so we hold on to each other
as we cry
and forgive
and learn
what unconditional love means
as we pray
that the one who calms the storm
takes us through this
and in time
heals our hurts
and brings


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Thank God for still staying put even after we make the worst decisions of our lives.

Believer said...

Hi darling, I asked God to teach me to love like He does, it is painful but it is truly the only way. Like Ruth, where ever they go I will go.

Allied said...

This is so true.. ahh, if i only listened

Kafo said...

it's funny how people view dissent of a plan as a personal attack

Believer said...

@allied:It is well, He can turn all mistakes into miracles

@Kafo:I'm learning to confront issues and not people. It is well.