Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Trust me

u came to see me the other day
as you always do
i asked how you were doing
and you said fine
but there was pain in your eyes
and I couldn't help but notice
as you turned to leave
that you carried a bag so heavy
it slowed your step

why won't you trust me?
when I say that I love you
that I am always here
that I will never leave
that I have got your back
that I will keep my word
that I will always protect and fight for you
that this too shall pass
that the end of a matter is always greater than the beginning

so please come back
talk to me
give me your baggage
i can handle it
talk to me
it's ok to cry
i am listening
but know this
that I am working
and you will come through this
winning, victorious, shining and triumphant

TRUST in Him at all times, O people, POUR out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge Psalm 63:9 (NIV) capitals mine


Rinsola said...

Hmn........... This is for me, but sure could be hard. Your response on my post was just the "IT" if u know what i mean. Girl we have to discuss some sturvs. Would send u a mail before the end of the day. Take care and have a great end of the month.

disgodkidd said...

i just discovered that the true test of trust is when you have everything to lose.

Allied said...

WHAT!!!!This is so good!

I know this, blessed is he that trust in him. Sometimes, i just get impatient that i start to run my own life then i end up in a bigger mess.

God please give me the strength to continue to trust you.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I really loved this post. This is indeed for me.

Rinsola said...

hey luv, sent the mail already. send me a mail to and i'ld forward it to u.

Aijay said...

Love this post. Thanks for reminding us to trust Him.

Believer said...

@rinsola: Yes it is hard but when we realise who He is to us, we can get to a place where we let go.

@disgodkidd:True word. How are you doing?

@allied:Amen and amen.

@LOASCM:I've got my eyes on you!! Trust you are doing well.

@rinsola:i've received it, hope u got my reply.

@aijay:You are welcome, sweety how are u doing??Hope no Mr Mickey Mouse this week!

The Enigma said...

Nice one. Trust can be hard. But we've got 2 trust. Really loved it.

Prettylyf said...

Very beautiful. Oh how I love my tower of refuge so...

Kafo said...

i guess it is hard because sometimes you can't see Him
hear Him or feel Him

and then you wonder
if you ever really did

so it is not like we doubt the promises
but the presence of the Promiser

Jaycee said...

Beauriful...the more we carry these burdens, the heavier they get anyways!!! I'll just hand it over...

Believer said...

@the enigma:Thanks for stopping by. It's difficult to trust isn't it but I'm learning to and believe me it really is worth it!

@prettylyf:Happy birthday in advance! How awesome it is to be loved by God.

@kafo:True, it is difficult sometimes but I think that is where faith comes in. We believe He is with us even if we don't feel or see Him because He has told us that He is with us always! Remain blessed.

@jaycee:He said we should cast our burdens upon Him and He will sustain us. How r u doing?

Allied said...

sis, i have heard the echo so i updated.

expect my call this evening