Wednesday, 6 June 2007

7even things Me-me

So I got tagged by Nyemoni, i need to put down seven things about me you don't know. This will be difficult as I think I've put down a lot of information about myself on this blog. Anyways, here goes....

1. I am the second child in a family of 5 beautiful girls, so alas I do not have a brother. Growing up, people always asked me how I felt not having a brother but since I've never had one I can't really say how it feels like. Suffice it to say, I have the greatest sisters in the world. It's amazing how people can grow up in the same family and turn out so different, we have our crazy days but I wouldn't exchange them for the world. When we were younger, we were called the Chis' cos we all have chi in our name. It means God in Igbo. So babes, if you're reading muah, muah I know I get on y'alls nerves sometimes but I love you, love you, love you. I kind of love my position in the family because both of my parents are the second in their families as well.

2. I have an uncle who is 5 years older than me. This is what happens when grandma has an 'Isaac' and mummy gets married early!

3. I have a seven year old son, his name is Daniel and he lives in ALBANIA (Did I see some wide eyes at the first sentence!!). Ok, ok Daniel is my sponsored child and like i said he lives in Albania. He loves football and he's got the most beautiful eyes. Sponsoring a child is something I've always wanted to do because it's sad to think that some children don't have access to some of the things I took for granted as a child. Also, it may be a small gesture but it makes a BIG difference. I plan to adopt a child when I'm a bit older because I am of the firm belief that every little child needs a mummy.

4.The longest I have ever walked in one go is 10 miles. Last year my church was raising funds for 2 children charities and I decided to get involved. I didn't raise as much as I wanted to but it was a pleasant experience. It took me about 3 hours..i couldn't feel my feet the next day. This year by the grace of God I hope to walk longer and raise more money.

5. I've already had my 30 seconds of fame. Last year I was on the BBC morning news for approximately a minute! My uni was launching the new Science building and they needed some students to talk to some journalists about it. I was like ok, whatever but no one told me it was going to be live on the 7:30 and 8:30 news! I was a bit nervous but people said I was really calm compared to the lecturers. I didn't really realise that a lot of people watch the news in the morning before going to work cos I don't..I just check the weather so for the next 2 weeks I couldn't hear the end of it. Anyways, that's over and done with now.

6. I have this thing about bags. The bigger the better, the bigger the more things I find to fill it. My sister has given up on getting me a bag that is just the right size! As at now, I use 2, one small one for my wallet, travel card e.t.c and another for my books, lunch, papers and STUFF. As I travel on the train, I see a million women like me! It seems to be a woman thing because men know how to travel light! Don't even get me started about how I pack when I'm travelling..enough said!

7. yay i'm at the end. My favourite colour is brown. Everyday I wear something brown..whenever I shop at least 1 item must be brown. I doesn't matter the shade there must be brown in it! Today, a brown top, 2 brown bags and light brown trainers..oh well I guess it's a phase!

Update: I have finished the 2nd batch of experiments, next batch 11pm (in 2 hours time)..still awake. I will be reading other blogs.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.



Diva-sta said...

U no bout the bags lolz..i love bags but my numba 1 love is SHOES ...cant get enuff of em hehe

Nyemoni said...

You have 5 sisters!! No kidding... I envy you cos I have only 1!!! I feel you on the uncle thingy... I have aunts and uncles I'm older than! Yeah, my eyes opened wide when you said 7 year old! It's good to know you have a sponsored child! You like brown? I do too but not like you o!!!

Believer said...

@diva-sta:Thanks for coming this way. Don't let me get started on shoes..still saving my pennies for a Manolo..some shoes are works of art..they seem almost too good to wear. Remain blessed.

@nyemoni: 4 sisters actually! My house can be a crazy place sometimes when we all get together. Don't mind me and my brown craziness! Remain blessed.