Friday, 8 June 2007

The Authority of the Believer

authority: a power or right delegated or given (

Yesterday when I got home from school, i overheard my sister saying something about my dad not really feeling well but my brain was like mush from the overnight so I didn't really pay much mind. This morning, I decided to call him.. I tried all his lines (it seems Nigerians cannot do without at least 3 mobile phones these days!) to no avail. Immediately, something or rather someone (now I know it was the evil one) just spoke into my mind that something terrible had happened. I must confess, fear gripped my heart immediately and I just called my mum. The devil is a liar o, at first my mum didn't pick confirming my fears even more. On the 2nd try, she picked up the phone and was asking me if I was OK because I never make international calls direct from my mobile! As I was about to speak to her, I could feel the Holy Spirit saying..oh ye of little faith, i just told her that I would call her back later and allowed God to speak to me.

Making the call was not a problem, my response to the enemy's attack to my mind was. Joyce Meyer said the mind is a battlefield as that is where the devil attacks us the most. God told me that my first response to any attack from now on must be the word of God.

I just felt a kind of holy 'anger', there on the train I just began to make confessions that 'no weapon that has been fashioned against me or my family will prosper' and 'we shall live and not die to declare the goodness of the Lord'. I just heard some words in my spirit that 'Yes, you are now walking in your authority as a believer'.

As children of God, we have been given authority which is power that has been delegated to us by God. Jesus told us that..he has given us authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and to overcome ALL the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19) so next time the enemy tries to show his hand be it in your mind or a negative report remember to stand in your authority and speak the word to the situation first.

We have great power but the enemy tries to make us focus on the issue; how big it is, how difficult the mountain is to overcome.. and this makes us lose strength. Our focus should be on God and His word. We need to read it and meditate on it until it becomes such a part of us that whenever something happens it just begins to come forth.

When Jesus came to the earth and preached, people just had to listen because He spoke as one having authority not like the teachers of the law (Mark 1:21-23), a few verses later we see Him casting out demons which had no choice but to obey as He was walking in authority-power delegated to Him by His father (John 17:2).

I don't know what problems you may be facing sometimes life may seem like a battle. Indeed it is but remember that our weapons are not ordinary. We don't fight with sticks or bullets (though sometimes I feel like doing it with my fists!!!) but we have divine power to demolish strongholds and arguments, even when the enemy attacks our minds we have the power to take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ (2nd Corinthians 10:4-5). How do we make it obedient? By telling ourselves, what God has said about us in His word.

Apart from the weapons we posses, we also have an armour (see God knew there would be challenges that is why He kept reminding us). Ephesians 6:10-17 gives us a full description, it's interesting that the sword of the spirit is the word of God. A very effective weapon.

It is well with you. Even when you feel weak, know that you are strong. Some days, prayer is difficult, some days we may not remember even John 3:16 but know that God is with you. Remember that Jesus and the Holy Spirit intercede on our behalf before the Father (Hebrews 7:25, Romans 8:26).

So, walk in your authority and we shall surely overcome.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.


N.B Daddy is ok, he was sick but I know by His stripes, he is healed by Jehovah Rappha so I pray my desire. It is indeed well.


DiAmOnD hawk said...

you Dad is already healed! I soooooooooo needed to read this... so needed it... will right down all passages so that I can meditate on them at work

Lady A said...

I'm glad you yielded to the holy spirit. Next time when fear tries to grip you like that just say aloud, "PEACE BE STILL IN JESUS NAME!" Man, that always does it! God's word is like a 2 edge sword. Yes indeed, let us take our authority that we have.

Allied said...

Ur Dad is well in Jesus name. And i Loose the spirit of negative minset in our lives in Jesus name. (AMEN)

Allied said...

Ur Dad is well in Jesus name. And i Loose the spirit of negative minset in our lives in Jesus name. (AMEN)

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Your post is so timely, and right now, I feel a revival in my spirit. Like none other. Gos really is good, and by simply acknowleging Him and walking in the authority He has given us, we can never be defeated. Praise God.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Oh and Your dad really is well indeed. Because You love Him - All the promises of Psalm 91 is yours, that includes all members of your family. Stay well.

Believer said...

@all:Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement, Daddy is indeed well, the devil is a liar.

@DH: Thank God for that, hope you are doing ok?

@lady a:Where would I be without the Holy spirit o, the word of God is powerful that I can testify

@allied: My sis,amen amen.

@LOASCM: We are victorious in Jesus name. How you doing?

Daddy's Girl said...

Walking in our authority is so important... your dad is healed in Jesus' name.