Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Hello people

Thanks for your prayers. I've dragged my beautiful sista to come and spend the night with me..she's got some reading to do for her exams so hopefully it's a symbiotic association! I just realised that my computer at work for some wierd reason doesn't play DVDs so I think it will be naija films for me tonight and I also need to finish my count of Monte Cristo (i've been reading it off and on for about six months now) fairness to me it's quite long (about 650 pages) and i have only been able to read it at the weekends. Hopefully, should be done tonight.

That's all for now folks, meanwhile I'm really excited about Blogville idol, more info on Pink-satin's blog. Hope, everyone will be involved. I'll let you know how everything is going.

Remain blessed and highly favoured


Ugo Daniels said...

Hi 'sup. This is Ugo Daniels cuming thru. Your blog's nice. SO, where have you been hiding eh.

Anyways, this is to inform yu i've taken a permanent seat here. I'll be back ASAP!!!


Allied said...

Believer - please go sign up for the voice comment thing abeg. i think its cool to leave comment.

Believer said...

@ugo:Thanks for your comment. I'm one of the silent readers on your blog, thanks for coming this way.

@allied: Will try and do it ASAP.

Nyemoni said...

You just kept posting last night, didn't you?

Believer said...

@nyemoni:Yes, I was i think it really helped to keep me awake. Still feel a bit tired today because I finally got to bed at about 7pm the next day! Remain blessed.