Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A season of prayer: Day 15

A prayer to 'kulu temper'

Lord, I am grateful to you for the gift of today. Like Take that sang...today could really be the greatest day of my life so far. I am that expectant for a good change. As I reflect on your goodness in my life this year, I give you glory. I magnify your name. Thank you O Lord for you are good and your mercies endureth forever. Thank you escpecially at this season. I commit those who have lost loved ones before your throne of grace, be a father, a mother and a friend because at this time we feel the loss even more sharply. Be our balm in Gilead O Lord.

Daddy thank you for your word says the joy of the Lord is my strength. Your word says I should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. You said anger rests in the bosom of fools and even when I get angry, I should not sin. I should not let the sun go down with me still being angry. Daddy, you know we have not yet sorted that part out to take into account summer/winter variations of the sun going down! Lol!. Daddy, I wish I could say I always obey that scripture but I don't. Even when I don't say anything in anger, my eyes flash, my blood begins to boil and within me I know what I say even if it doesn't pass through my lips. You've seen how I can lose it BIG TIME! Forgive me Lord.

Father, give me the strength to be amongst the wise who can overlook an offence, to give a gentle answer that turns away wrath. Teach me when to speak and when to keep quiet. Give me the grace O lord to always do the right thing. You said my speech should be with grace as seasoned with salt. Help me O lord. Help me 'simmer, simmer'. Help me to present my case before you because I know you are a God of justice and a defender of those who put their trust in you. Teach me how love covers a multitude of sins. I give you glory. Thank you for what you are doing in this season. Be magnified O Lord. Thank you because you are teaching me to become mature in you. Thank you Father.

Thank you because 2008 remains a year of UNCOMMON TESTIMONIES as I strive to BE THE BEST you have created me to be in Jesus name.

A man's wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense Proverbs 19:11


Truth said...

Wao first again. I thank God for this time of prayer. Bless you love.

ebony said...

Father, give me the grace to kulu temper on a constant basis as well. Not cool today, hot tomorrow. Believer how now?

Believer said...

@truth: Yes, you are 1st, what shall your prize be...merry christmas o, mo pe yin pada (is that correct?)

@ebony: Amen, I am fine, how are my darlings?? Merry Christmas

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Thank you father for helping me to be a better me, each and every day. Thank you that this year, I have grown in and with you in ways I could never have imagine. Daddy its true there is awesome peace and immense joy in your very presence. There is nothing like walking in your will, the confidence and assurance, protection - nothing compares to it.

Thank you for believer encourging us to fast and pray this season, even as we count down to the end of the year! Thank u Papa