Thursday, 8 March 2007

Why I love Jack!!

I love the series 24, honestly i LOVE the series 24 so much that sometimes it seems i am being paid to broadcast the fact. I am ashamed to admit that whilst I was on holiday last year, I watched 18 hours of a series in one go!!!! I really have it bad. Another thing is that this love is quite contagious so now my family has caught the 24 bug as well. I just finished watching season 5 on Sunday ( i know the world is in season 6 but I have been very, very busy).
I was trying to explain to someone about my devotion to the show and then I realised that it really all starts and ends with Jack Bauer. So why do I love Jack? simply because of 4 words that he asks in every season.. 'Do you trust me'?

And yes, everyone does trust Jack because they know that his word is more important to him than life itself. I know that it is just a show and it is difficult to get that level of integrity from any human being but there are 2 ways to look at this.

1) It can be my personal goal to work towards being a woman of my word so that when i ask the question 'Do you trust me?', people would not have to think twice before giving a resounding Yes.

2) It reminds me of my Heavenly Father, who asks me everyday to trust Him. It is easy to trust the Lord and sing 'Trust and obey' when everything is working well, the bills are paid, i have a job, my health, my stocks and bonds but it is only now I am truly learning to trust Him.

I am in a place where everything has been turned upside down in my life. It's amazing how a single event can occur and make you wonder and question what you truly believe. Faith is different from trust, faith says I know my God can do it, trust says 'Even if He doesn't deliver me from the fiery furnace, I know that my Redeemer liveth'. I am learning to trust God every single day.. trust that He knows what is best for me, trust that even though bad things have happened, something good and great is coming out of this, trust that even though sometimes He is silent, He is there because He has promised never to leave me nor forsake me.

So why do I love Jack?... because I see in him as a shadow, the reality of the One in whom when I trust can never disappoint me. The One who has promised to uphold His Word that He has promised to me as He said it can never return to Him void until it has accomplished its purpose in my life. So today, I choose to look beyond the events that are happening and trust in His Word. If it is powerful to create the earth out of nothing, it shouldn't take that much to make a TESTIMONY out of my test.

Remain blessed


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Daddy's Girl said...

I am a 24 nut like you, it actually got me into serious trouble on my last trip home. But I have never done an 18 hour marathon o! That's really hardcore.
I like the show because it's so intelligently scripted, and the characters are so well cast, and I love the acting... and in short, it's just a great show.
I also agree with the themes you identified - trust, integrity, consistency, loyalty.
These are the same reasons I love Jack too - he is definitely not perfect (I like that I can learn from his mistakes too) but he has a strong sense of wrong and right. He does what he believes to be right, regardless of the cost. He makes sacrifices for the country he loves. I see a lot in him that I would like to see in myself.
There are a lot of interesting themes to explore in the show.