Thursday, 8 March 2007

reasons to smile today


I forgot to remind y'all to smile today... i decided to write down the reasons i am smiling

1. All you excuse not to smile...that was really great weather we had this morning and afternoon..the sun was shining (Halleluyah!!!)
2. Manchester United defeated Lille yesterday to remain in the Champions League competition and we remain top of the Premiership (Go Red Devils)
3. I gave my presentation on Monte Carlo simulations today and even though to the poor dears I may have well been speaking in Igbo, at least that is over and done with!
4. I received the results for some gene sequencing in an experiment I did 2 weeks ago and they were GREAT, i'm sorry i hope i don't go over the top with all this but this is the 2nd time i had to do this experiment so i am really, really happy. My supervisor was so impressed, she keeps telling everyone about it. At least i can identify my bacteria now (what I am actually supposed to be doing instead of blogging!!)

What is making you smile now or what made you smile in the last 24 hours? Remember it and smile again!!!

Remain blessed



The Life of a Stranger called me said...

thats an interesting field u got going on. Could you tell me more about it.

Believer said...

@life of a stranger: I am in my first year of an MPhil/PhD. My field is food microbiology and my research interest is survival mechanisms of pathogens in foods; focusing on traditional fermented foods of African origin. I saw from your blog that you are a PhD so i know where to go for some advice and encouragement!!!! Have a blessed week

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@Believer - whenever Im here. You know what the first year tends to be the most difficult. I say this casue thats when you think you can do it YOURSELF - but the momen t you ask God come and do this - He takes over it that no one will believer you are the same person saying your Ph.D was once difficult.

I wish you the very best. And Food spoilage is a hot topic. Are you using bioinformatics tool to anayse your data. Just let me know how you intend to make best use of your data.

Take care luvie. And have a blessed week.

Daddy's Girl said...

Ok, some PhD love going on here... cool! Congrats believer on the results and the Monte Carlo thingy! I am still trying to think of something in the past 24 hours that made me smile... it has been a traumatic 24 hours, I guess surviving it is a reason to smile!

Truth said...

I have a lot of reasons to smile even when i dont feel like smiling. i can say, im alive today, not in the hospital, not being assisted in doing all the work that i have to do,having people around that understand me for who i am,also having the ability to smileand the greatest of all the reasons being that it shows appreciation that He promised and He has never fail

Believer said...

@life of a stranger:Thanks again for your concern. As the days go by i realise that working towards a PhD is more than getting a degree. It tests you in different areas of your life as well. As for my sequences I am using BLAST to compare my sequences to those in Genbank. Is bioinformatics your research area??

@daddy's girl: Thanks for the kudos.. my dear, surviving is a very BIIIIG reason to smile. At least, you are still here and since you are here you know that things will get better.

@truth: I think you summarised it all. Even when it is difficult to smile, lean on His promises and don't lose hope.

lamide desalu said...

It is quite amazing how focusing on things to smile about actually pales worries and anxieties into insignificance.
I've just looked bck on the whole day & sort out things worth smiling about; I can confidently say I feel much better about myself today.
Thanks 4 the thought. I shall try to remember it all the time. (hopefully).

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@believer - bioinformatics is not really my field but I use it as a tool to analyse my data. So I'm more of a mathematical modeller plus data analysis per se - not the programming per se person. So if you ever need someone to help with statistical analysis, Im of some use..but Gene sequence BLAST data..sorry..I can just about handle microarray data..LOL.They are on some next level.. so what do you intend to do with the data u've generated, and how will you go about getting meanings from it.

well send me an email and we can go from there. Have a blessed week.