Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Welcome to a beautiful new week that is taking you closer achieving the dreams and destiny that God has designed for you. Actually i am not supposed to be blogging right now but i think i deserve a break (without the Kitkat of course!!). So how is everyone doing?? Hope good.

I love kids, people always ask me why..and i really don't know. I love their innocence, honesty, warmth and their ability to stand up when they fall down. I love the fact that they are flexible, ready to say their minds and the fact that no one has told them yet that they need to be afraid of anything and anyone. Yes, its sometimes kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids!!! instead of kids but i love them all the same.

Having said that, they bring some work along with the fun. One day (i must have been crazy!!!!) i decided to join the Children's Department in my church. I don't think my life has ever been the same since.. losing my voice every Sunday and feeling my blood pressure rise have become quite regular events but i wouldn't exchange my 7 year old class for the world and i always feel a bit sad when they celebrate their birthdays and have to go to the 8 year old class but well......life is all about change.

Last Sunday, while moi was trying to teach the children the difference between knowing stuff ABOUT GOD and knowing GOD, decided to use myself as an example. As I haven't been teaching them very long, they don't know a lot about me as compared to their best friend, mom, dad e.t.c. Therefore they know ABOUT ME but they don't really KNOW ME. Little did I know that I would be the one doing the learning...

The dialogue was something like this....

Aunty (me) : Who can tell me something about me?
Whole class: Me, me, me!!!
Aunty: Please remember the rules, raise up your hands first if you have something to say
Most of the class raises their hands
Aunty: Ok Chad
Chad: You are tall
Aunty: Ok, Oreva
Oreva: You are pretty
Aunty: (smiling) Thank you... Daniel
Daniel: You are calm
Aunty: Ok..Mayowa
Mayowa: Aunty, you use a LOT OF MAKEUP!!!
Aunty is lost for words as the whole class erupts into laughter!!!!

Who said being a Sunday School teacher was difficult, time consuming even exasperating sometimes..they are right but i think it is worth it for some Sundays like these!!

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it (NASB)

N.B: Actually i do not use a lot of makeup..just in case you were wondering. Have a blessed week.


Daddy's Girl said...

That is such a cute story! Yes, kids are so precious, we adults have a lot to learn from them. Thanks for this post, it made me smile. Love this line: "it's sometimes kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids!!! instead of kids" LOL

Truth said...

is it not wortht studying children behaviou a most for all the christian adult?No wonder the good Book said ecept we are the children we can not enter into the Big Palace.you are blessed for having them now and i know the relationship with them will go far beyond your imagination

lamide desalu said...

I couldn't help laughing when I read the post. They are so innocent they say exactly wht they've got on their minds unlike adults who play hide and seek games.

Anonymous said...

yes my dear you are right... the bible said if we want to enter in2 d kingdom, we have to have the hearts of children or something in that respect. they are worth emulating sometimes... besides you lose weight

Believer said...

@anon: It is true..to enter the kingdom you must have the faith, belief and trust of a child. I will take the comment on losing weight in good faith!!!Remain blessed.

Believer said...

@daddy's girl: Thanks for your comment..pls what is happening to your blog? It keeps this labrat SANE so please UPDATE!!

@truth: Welcome back to blogville, i know that the work i do with them is a calling and even though it is stressful at times i am filled with joy every sunday and really miss them when i am not around. Thanks for the prayer.

@lamide:Hi sis, where have u been??? we need to meet up soon. It's amazing that as we grow older we suddenly lose that ability to say what is on our mind so that we can CONFORM to popular opinion. I'll bear that point in mind. Take care

chioma said...

ps..are you sure you don't use a lot of makeup? lol just kidding..enjoy..kids are great to be around!

Lady A said...

Lol, that is too cute. That sounds just like the classes that I subsitute for. It's like you can't get a statement in. They are filled with loads of comments and questions. One child asked me, "ooo, ooo, Mrs. G, is that a weave or a wig?" My face expression was so bland. I couldn't get mad, you know. Or, "Is that your real hair?" "My mom wear weaves too." You know, it's all good.