Monday, 2 April 2007

The Terminal

I just watched 'The Terminal' over the weekend. I know it's an old movie but for some reason I never got the opportunity to watch it when it came out. My sister recommended it and honestly it looked a tad bit boring BUT she said to give it a try so I did.

I was so blessed.

In summary, Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski from Krakozhia, who arrives in the United States at JFK airport. Unknown to him, while in the air there is a coup in his country which leads to his country being at war and 'dissolved' therefore his passport is no longer valid including the visa inside. This means he cannot enter the US as he has no visa, neither can he return home until the war is over.

Interestingly, he only speaks a few words of English but as he tries to converse with the airport officials he understands that he must wait.."For how long?"..but nobody really has an answer to that question.

...hmm isn't that how life is sometimes. We seem to be 'stuck' in a certain place or position, desiring to move. We want to move forward but there seem to be some limitations we have not been able to overcome but we are also unable to go back for one reason or the other, especially when going back means embracing the system of the world.

Sometimes like Viktor, we try to explain our predicament to those around us but it seems we are speaking a different language and even those who try to understand tell us to wait .."For how long?".. but again no one really has an answer to that question.

So what does Viktor do? Ahh, he is indeed a man to be admired. He presses and pushes past his limitations. He learns a new language, 'creates' a job for himself (he even soon starts earning more money than some of the airport staff!!), he becomes a mediator between a secret admirer and his one true love. He helps and begins to influence those around him until everyone knows and loves him.

Back to me and question is aren't we all waiting for something? Some people are waiting for a job, a partner, a baby. To wait, seems is part of life so we need to look beyond the waiting to how we should wait.

The word wait is defined as; to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens

This is what we do sometimes until we get bored, lose our faith or get depressed. But as I look into the Word (I'm sure you know the word just had to link in somehow!!) it shows me that the word wait is usually stuck to the word on.

One of the definitions of wait on is "to perform the duties of an attendant or servant for". Therefore, waiting is also a time of doing. Even though I am waiting for something, I still need to be doing something. I need to wait on the Lord, asking Him how best to serve Him. I need to wait on others by giving of myself, reaching out in love and being a blessing. Why? Because I am God's child and because I am God's servant. I must wait on the Lord and i must wait on others.

How does it all end? Well Viktor does finally make it into New York and is also able to go back home. Was it easy to get to this point? No, he remained in the terminal for over 9 months but the lives that he touched remain blessed. Indeed, i think that might have been the reason for his wait all along.

There are much more lessons to be learnt from the movie..if you haven't watched it, I recommend that you do but your wait is not in vain. You are blessing someone somewhere even though you do not know it. You are going through this season for a reason and even if you don't know why now..the One who loves you most knows and has promised to equip you with the strength to hold on and hold out until your change comes.

Isiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint (KJV)

Job 14:14 ....All the days of my struggle I will wait Until my change comes (NASB)

Psalm 27:14 Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD (NASB)

Remain blessed.



The Life of a Stranger called me said...

The waiting is always the hardest and sometimes even know we know that God WILL come through for us, we cant help but misbehave with worry; and then when God comes through for us, we start scolding ourselves for being anxious in the first place. Like a vicious cycle.

Even though I have tasted and know that the LOrd is good, I ask HIm to help me hold myself together for as long as possible, becasue worrying for 1 week out of 4months is still disobedience.LOL.

Great post by the way, may need to go and see the film terminal, havnt done so.

Have a super week.

Believer said...

@LOASCM: Thanks for your comment. Waiting must be one of the hardest things to do but we've just gotta do it. I'm learning more as I am waiting on Him in different areas of my life. Remain blessed and have a great week.

Daddy's Girl said...

This is one movie I really love... like you said there are so many lessons to learn from it. I love the Scriptures you shared at the end... thank you.

Believer said...

@DG: I loove this movie so much. Thanks for your comment.