Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Life: A-Z; C is for Character

Dictionary.com defines character as;

1. the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.
2.qualities of honesty, courage, integrity

There are so many C words to choose from. Commitment, courtesy, compliments and some others reigned at the top of my list but when I think about it those words and most of the stuff in our lives are linked to character one way or the other.

The best definition of character I have read is "Character is who I am in the dark". The real me, when I am on my own , when no-one else is there and I can finally drop my mask, stop acting and face reality. The question then becomes who am I in the dark?

On my journey, I am beginning to learn so many things about myself, some good and some bad. For the good, I compliment myself. For the bad, I've got the greatest Life Coach of all walking this journey with me so I know it's all going to work out.

I like the first definition.."the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person". Think about it today, in your life what is the aggregate of features and traits that makes you, you? Do we stand for what we believe in or what the crowd believes in? There are so many things that make for good character but character is like a foundation (SIMILE!!) it's like a bedrock on which we build our lives, if it isn't very good we might deceive people for a while but eventually the weight of the pressures of life or even the storms of life will expose us for what we truly are cos in this life I've learned that..we can only pretend for so long.

So I choose (another C word, Choice..for another day) to walk towards good character. I want to give you my word and you can take it to the bank. I want to be compassionate (yes..c again I'm on a roll!) not judgemental. I want to love unconditionally, not based on behaviour. I want to be diligent in all that I do so that I can excel in all areas.

How do I get good character? I listen to the voice of my life coach cum best friend cum lover cum Father (yes He is the all in one) because it is only through and with Him I can make it. He also gave me a manual (known to some as Bibeli mimo) and through it's pages I see a reflection of who I can and should be and I strive towards that every single day.

That's all folks, seems a bit scattered to me but I hope you find a little something something that is a blessing to you.

Remain blessed


N.B: C is also for compliments. We can never give to many as long as they are genuine. I am sensing that some people are being a tad bit miserly with theirs so please this week try and put a smile on as many faces as possible. I'll start.

Although I don't know you, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. You are looking great today so keep stepping ans shining cos you are a STAR! Pass the compliment on to those at home, work e.t.c.

Remain blessed.



The Life of a Stranger called me said...

there was something you said about the fact that we rarely give compliments, something I find that I do only on occasions, so on that note, I'll try and be more nicer to people that I meet (not that Im not nice to them to begin with).

my character - something that still need a whole work out on, but Im trusting God that He will continue ti work He has started in refining me.

Great piece as always. Have a blessed week.

Believer said...

@ LOASCM: Thanks for your comment. It is a continuous process as we try to be more like the One who loves us most.

Truth said...

Character, i find is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, so i go back to the Maker's manual and He is always there to finetune my character. Obedience to Him also assist in the fruit of the Spirit to help us mold our character.thanks and God bless