Sunday, 28 February 2010

iPray: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving and Praise

Praise the LORD.Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. Praise him for his acts of power;praise him for his surpassing greatness. Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, praise him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the strings and flute, praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD. Psalm 150

Praising you
with every breath that I breathe
with every song that I sing
with every fibre of my being
with everything that is me
This is my prayer Lord

Thanking you
for who you are
for all that you do
for being OmniPotent
for your mercy and grace
I'm grateful Lord

Honouring you
because you are God
because you are above all
because there is none like you
because you deserve it
This is my prayer Lord

Adoring you
in the beauty of your holiness
in the splendour of your majesty
in the light of your glory
in the magnificence of your strength
It's an awesome privilege

Dear Daddy,

It's us again, saying a very big THANK YOU. Thank you Lord for 28 days where we were able to come before your throne of grace and pray. Thank you Lord for the gifts of prayer and intercession that we do not serve a god made of wood and stone but a LIVING God who reigns, rules and is interested in the affairs of His people. Thank you because you are a God who is both willing and able to do of His good pleasure. Thank you for being a source of every good and perfect gift.

Thank you for my brothers and sisters who were a part of this journey, who made it possible to happen, Father thank you because I know you have answered their prayers. Father, as they have prayed and interceded for others I thank you because you are meeting them at the point of their need.

Thank you for everything, Lord I ask for one more thing. I ask that in coming days, we remember that our God answers prayer, no matter what events come our way that we never forget the prayers we have made and we live in a sense of expectation. Thank you for the words you have spoken to us for they are spirit and they are life. We have breathe so we sing praises to you.

Please join me in giving thanks to the Lord today and ask God for the grace to live a thankful life.

I want to say a very BIG thank you to all the bloggers who joined me, guys this would not have happened without you. Thanks for responding to the call, thanks for everything. Your prayers sure have reached heaven and I know the answers are coming. We pray and He answers.

So thank you,

Favoured Girl
Life of a stranger

Also, thank you to everyone who joined us in prayer. God bless you. iPray doesn't end here, it's a lifestyle we all need to adopt. Pray, pray and pray even more.

So iPray, do you?

Saturday, 27 February 2010

iPray: Confessions

Positive Confession II offered by Simeon

Then the LORD reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, "Now, I have put my words in your mouth. See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant." Jeremiah 1:9-10

Confessions are important for every believer. And as simple as it is for us to open our mouths and spew the words we need to know that the words need to come from within our spirit. When the mouth speaks from the contents of our hearts we cause change to start in the spirit realm. The Lord is your strength in Jesus' name.

In the name of Jesus, I declare that God is my Father and I have a right to fellowship with Him intimately. Fellowship with my maker is the distinguishing mark of my life. His Word strengthens and leads me to prosperity. I abide, rest in and trust the promises outlined in God's Word, and He manifests His goodness in my life. I am connected to my Father's power and I can do all things through the Anointed One and His Anointing that strengthens me.

Heavenly Father, I thank you that I have been granted a spirit of wisdom and revelation, and I have insight into your ways of doing things. I yield to the direction of the Holy Spirit for every decision I must make. My spiritual eyes are flooded with light. I know what to do in every situation I face; I am never lost when it comes to making the right decisions. Thank You that I am filled with the knowledge of Your will for my life and I make wise choices. I recognize your position before making any decisions, and I am willing to stop if You tell me to stop or go when You tell me to go. Because I acknowledge You, You direct my footsteps, and I remain in the perfect will of God for my life. Your Word is my final authority, and every choice I make lines up with it. I will not disregard the peace of God in helping me to make decisions. I align my life with your Word, and therefore, I will remain connected to Your best for my life.

Jesus is the Apostle and High Priest over my profession, and what I profess is the Word of God concerning favor over my life (Hebrews 3:1). The Lord helps me to guard the door of my mouth and trains me not to speak against His favor at work in my life (Psalm 141:3, AMP).I will not allow any corrupt communication to proceed out of my mouth. Instead, I will speak only that which is good, full of grace and edifying to others (Ephesians 4:29).As the righteousness of God, I declare that I am favorable in God's sight (AMP; Psalm 5:12; Proverbs 14:9).Like Joseph, I prosper wherever I go and in every situation I am in because the Lord is always with me, and preferential treatment is my portion. I am blessed and highly favored (Luke 1:28).I associate with those who are blessed and highly favored so that I may increase in every area of my life. I operate in integrity; as a result, I obtain favor from God (Proverbs 11:27; 12:2).I actively seek and live by God's wisdom; therefore, I am highly favored and esteemed in the sight of God and men (Proverbs 3:1-4; 8:33-35).I declare that God's favor promotes and causes me to increase daily (Esther 2:17; Psalm 75:6-7).The Lord takes pleasure in my total life prosperity (Psalm 35:27).Because I am God's "favorite," I prosper in every area of my life-spiritually, physically, financially, socially and mentally (3 John 2). Because the favor of God shields me, no sickness or disease has a right to live in my body (Deuteronomy 7:15; Psalm 5:12).Wealth and riches are in my house because I am empowered with His anointing and favor to draw wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18; Psalm 112:3).

Father, we thank You in advance for all You have done on our behalves. Like You, we have declared what will be and am committed to calling those things that be not as though they are. Right now we rejoice, and we are exceedingly glad that you have granted all we requested, while we yet speak. We will continuously speak faith-filled words, and allow every word and thought to confirm what we believe we have received, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Friday, 26 February 2010

iPray: Day 26

A Prayer for Academics offered by Reverence

Dear heavenly father,

I Thank and praise you for the gift of education and academics. It’s a privilege and blessing to be able to learn and increase knowledge. We do not take that for granted.

I lift up those who are currently in an institution of learning. Grant us the strength and grace to carry on when things get tough, give us the wisdom to study smart and effectively. Bless us with motivation to be diligent in our academics. We confess that we cannot do this on our own and need Your help. Father, make us shining examples to our peers, let our light so shine that there will be no mistaking the fact that Your hand is upon us.

Father, I also lift up people who are facing financial hardship in school. Lord we know that education is not cheap but You are the source that never dries up. We pray that you meet every financial need according to Your riches in glory. We decree that scholarships and bonuses and tuition rebates will be our portion in the name of Jesus.

I especially come to you for those who are having a hard time right now and are considering giving up on their educational dreams. Your word says that you have not given us the spirit of fear, so Father we cast out every spirit of fear and anxiety, I speak boldness and peace into the lives of every one of us. We shall not be quitters, we will accomplish the dreams that you have placed in our hearts in the name of Jesus.

Finally Lord, even as you grant us all these desires, give us a spirit of humility and meekness and help us to always remember that every blessing comes from You and You alone. In Jesus Name amen!


Thursday, 25 February 2010

iPray: Day 25

A Prayer for Relationships offered by Favoured Girl

Prayer for Relationships

Thank You Father for we have the privilege of prayer. Thank You because we can come boldly to Your throne, and bring our requests to You without fear. Thank You because we can come directly to You, we don’t have to perform any special ceremonies. Thank You because we are confident that You hear us and You answer our prayers.

Our Heavenly Father, we thank You because you are the source of all we have and all we are. We praise You, dear loving Father because You are a God of Love. And You have poured Your love into our hearts by Your Holy Spirit. We thank You because You are our example of perfect love. We look up to You because You are a God of harmony, peace and love.

We praise you for the relationships that we can enjoy with each other. We thank you for marriages, courtships, friendships, sisterhood, brotherhood and all the various bonds that tie us together as Your children. We are grateful because You have given us family and friends and we are all a part of a whole. We praise you, in Jesus name.

'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh'

Father, I thank you for the miracle of marriage. Indeed, it is a wonder, a gift, a privilege and a truly amazing part of your plan for us on earth. It is a miracle for two strangers to meet and feel a connection to each other that culminates in love and a goal of a lifetime spent together. Thank you because You are the architect of this idea and it is Your desire that our relationships and marriages prosper. It is Your desire that our marriages mirror the relationship that Christ has with His bride, the church.

Father, I pray for every married person. I pray that You will help us in showing Your love to our spouses. I pray that You will be the rock and the foundation in our homes. I pray that Your presence in our homes will be a guide for both husbands and wives. I ask that Your spirit will teach us to be humble in serving one another, loving one another and looking out for each other’s best interests. Teach us, Lord, to practice Your kind of love. Love that is patient and kind. Love that does not envy, does not boast and not proud. Help us to have the kind of love that is not rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, that keeps no record of wrongs. Teach us to express the love that does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Empower us to show love that always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. Help us to be wholly committed to one another, leaving no cracks for the enemy to come in. Help us to truly discover the joys of togetherness, and to enjoy every moment we live with our spouses. Help us to be strong in the face of challenges, to stick together through thick and thin. Help us to build solid homes and leave long-lasting legacies of faithfulness to our marriage vows. Let our homes and our marriages be havens of peace, in Jesus name.

I pray for those who are struggling, who are disillusioned, who are disappointed with their current experience of marriage. I pray for peace, Your peace to come into their hearts and into their situations. Lord, You know where it hurts. I pray for healing for the hearts of men and women who are hurting and wounded. I pray for reconciliation and restoration of joy, peace and love to into homes. I pray for a renewal of the love that seems to be lost, in Jesus name. I pray for homes that have been torn apart by infidelity, abuse and other issues. I pray for Your grace and Your peace to come into such situation and turn things around for the parties involved, in Jesus name.

Father, I lift up those who are not yet married, but are seeking their partners. Help us to be wise in our relationships and who we choose to share our lives with. I pray for the grace to be patient, and wait for Your perfect choice. Help us to keep close to You so that we know what Your perfect will for us is. For we know that You our heavenly Father, knows how to give good gifts to Your children. I pray that you bless those of us who are waiting, with the man/woman You have chosen for them. I pray that You will bring to us, the bone of our bone, and flesh of our flesh. I pray for you to help us to keep ourselves pure while we wait. Help us to guard our hearts and our minds, so that we do not allow external pressures to push us into making wrong choices. Let us always keep in mind, that it is better to remain in Your will, than rush into things that we may later regret. Give us ears that are sensitive to Your Spirit so we would know if we step out of Your will for our lives. Let us always, align our desires with what Your word says. And let us have reasons to rejoice soon, when we receive Your best for us. Let us have testimonies of Your goodness in our lives, when we obey You.

I pray for those who are not married, but currently involved in wrong relationships. I pray that You will open their eyes to see that You are not a God of second-best. You desire what is best for Your children. Give my sisters and brothers caught up in wrong relationships the grace and the strength to leave. To choose Your will over their flesh. Give them the grace to love themselves enough to stop lowering their standards. It is not easy, Lord, that’s why we need Your grace to overcome all kinds of temptations. Help us in our weaknesses, Lord, in Jesus name.

Thank You Father, because I know You always hear the prayers of Your children. As we offer up these prayers to You Lord, I’m grateful for the answers. May we see more and more relationships manifesting Your true love.

In Jesus Name, I pray.


Bible references: Matthew 19 v 5, 1 Corinthians 13 v 4 – 7

Favoured Girl

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

iPray: Day 24

My Positive Confession

So is my word that goes out from my mouth. It will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it (Isaiah 55:11)

From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the works of his hands rewards him. (Psalm 12:14)

I am blessed and highly favoured. I repeat that I am blessed and highly favoured. I am blessed, that is my identity. I have been empowered to prosper, I am blessed because Jesus came and hung on a tree, becoming a curse that I might be blessed. The blessing of the Lord is upon me. I am blessed beyond my current circumstances, beyond my job, above my postcode, my job, my financial status. The blessing of Abraham rests upon my life because I am obedient to my God and I fulfill my part of the covenant and I know the God that I serve is a Covenant keeping God.

I obey His Words, I keep His commands therefore I speak to my hands, the works of my hands are blessed, the works of my hands will be sought at the city gates, my hands will build up great things, I will use these hands to write the word of the Lord. My basket is blessed, my barns and storehouses are blessed. My family is blessed because of me. I am blessed in my going out and coming in. I am blessed because God said so and it simply means I have been empowered from on High to prosper.

I decree and declare that from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, every cell, every organ works in the way it was created to work. I speak against illness and disease. The Word of God says the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in his wings, that by the Stripes of Jesus I am healed, that none of the diseases of the Egyptians shall be my portion, Lord I declare I am healed. I know the enemy tries to toy with my health but Lord I declare that I am healed. I am healed because your word says so. I am joyful and fluorishing, I wear the garments of praise and throw off the cloak of heaviness in Jesus name.

Greater are you in me than he that is in the world, therefore no weapon fashioned against me, my loved ones, my posessions or my property shall prosper. I refute the words of every tongue that has risen up against me and mine in Jesus and declare that only the word of the Lord concerning me shall stand in Jesus name. Lord, there is no divination, no curse that can succeed for I am the seed of Abraham. I will arise and I will shine because the glory of the Lord rises upon me. It doesn't matter that darkness has covered the face of the earth, I am the light of the world, the salt of the earth and the nations shall be drawn by my light in Jesus name.

I declare that I am free from lack as I take godly steps towards financial freedom, I declare myself free from debt and the spirit of consumerism. My God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory, the cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him so I know I need not fear. I pay my tithe, therefore the devourer in any form is rebuked for my sake. I sow, sometimes in tears and therefore I am expectant of a harvest.

I confess therefore I posess all that the word of God has said concerning my life. Lord I declare springs where there has been dryness, I declare that a manifestation of your power will be at work in my life. I decree that I walk in wisdom and diligence in my daily activities, that I prioritise and am diligent with the work you have given me. Father Lord God, your word says you will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go, that you will counsel me and watch over me. I receive these in Jesus name and ask for courage to go with your counsel.

Father I am happy being me because you created me fearfully and wonderfully. I choose not to walk in the way of fear because that is not the Spirit you have given me but one of love, power and a sound mind. I choose to exercise my faith in you to take you at your word and not take circumstances at their word. I choose to speak your words back to you because you watch over them to perform them. I am excited because I am free. I believe and confess, I am a blessed child of God.

I decree and declare that in 2010 I shall walk in love, I am not ignorant of the devices of the enemy and I know that love, the higher way is often a path difficult to tread but Father you supply the grace so I declare again that I will walk in love with you, with me and with the people you have placed along the path. Father this year, I will manifest all that you have placed within me, that I will run with the vision that has been written down. This is a year of Focus, a year of purpose. Thank you lord.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. With the heart man believes but with our mouth confession is made unto salvation and I thank you Lord for being an All-powerful God capable of turning ANY situation around. I give you praise. Yes God you're able to do what you said you would do. Thank you.

Remain blessed and highly favoured. 2010 remains our year of 'The Lord has done this' and He is doing it.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

iPray: Day 23

A Prayer for the Anointing offered by Mimi

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has ANOINTED me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners Isaiah 61:1

Father I thank you for the anointing to pray on the anointing.Thank You Lord because I know that as I pray and people read they will be refreshed in their Spirit-man and soul according to Psalm 116 v 7. Lord I thank You for the Authority Jesus gave to us when He left earth, thank You for the Holy Spirit that is here on earth to finish the work that Jesus started.

Thank You Lord for the greatest work that is the renewal of our man to become more like Jesus and I pray that according to Romans 12 v 2 we will renew our minds rather than conform to the world and it’s patterns. Father, I thank You for the anointing for change, the anointing for renewal, renewal of our minds to take on the form of Christ. I pray right now that for every person reading this that they will experience this change, and start to become more like Jesus Christ, and for us to be anointed in Power, Might and the ability to love and have compassion.

Father I pray for that we start to understand the relevance of actually being more like Jesus Christ and that according to Ephesians 1 v 18, I pray also that may the eyes of our hearts be enlightened in order that we may know the hope to which we have been called; the riches of Your glorious inheritance in the saints.

I pray for the understanding of the importance of being one as a body as Jesus Christ is One with You, not just in word, but in deed, in the Name of Jesus.
Father I pray right now for those whom You have deposited a calling in their lives, I pray that as I am praying and they are reading, an anointing will come upon us, touch our hearts and ignite the fire of our calling in the Name of Jesus. Father I pray that You start to quicken things in our environment and awaken our minds to the things that You are calling out to us in the Name of Jesus. I pray that this Year will not pass before those who do not know their calling start to realize their calling and for those who know continue to obey Your Will according to Your Ways in the Name of Jesus, and that this Year will not pass before we all start to see the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in and around us in the Name of Jesus. Whatever the calling may be, whether in ministry, business, education, entertainment or governing, they will get on the right track and start to manifest Kingdom characteristics in the Name of Jesus.

Lord I pray that if anyone is walking in strife, that You touch their hearts and start to forgive or seek forgiveness so as to allow the Holy Spirit to work in them through the anointing in the Name of Jesus. I pray for Your Love to overflow in our hearts so as to overcome strife in the Name of Jesus. Lord I pray that the healing anointing start to heal every relationship that may be hurting so that Your Love can flow more through us in the Name of Jesus. I pray for every broken heart and every scar to start to heal in the Name of Jesus. Thank You for the Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding and Revelation will start to come upon us, for those who are seeking Your Face, that we may find Your Glory and that we may be empowered in Your Presence in the Name of Jesus. I pray that an anointing to break forth will rest upon us especially those who are asking you for the next steps to take in the Name of Jesus. I pray for Toyin as she is seeking Your face, for the revelation of who You are. I pray for Dupe, I pray for Kemi, I pray for David, I do not know these people but You know them, I pray for an anointing for them to break them loose from whatever is holding them back in the Name of Jesus.

Lord I commit all of us into Your Hands for a fresh anointing to go through this Year victoriously in the Name of Jesus as we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Words of Our Testimony according to Revelations 12 v 11.
I thank You for the owner of this blog that as she has obeyed You, she will receive a refreshing in her life and she will see the signs around her and she will follow You harder in the Name of Jesus. We receive with thanksgiving in the Name of Jesus.


Monday, 22 February 2010

iPray: Day 22

A Prayer for those waiting on God for the fruit of the womb

Worship the Lord your God, and His blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span Exodus 23:25-26

Then the Lord said, "I will surely return to you about THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, and Sarah your wife will have a son...Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return to you at the APPOINTED TIME next year and Sarah will have a son Genesis 18:10,16

Now the Lord was gracious to Sarah as he had said, AND THE LORD DID for Sarah what he had promised. Sarah became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the VERY TIME God had promised him Genesis 21:1-2

Our God is an Awesome God who reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love. Our God is an awesome God (Rich Mullins). Dear God, our Father who is our Friend, a Warrior who is a Lover, a Lion who is a Lamb, a King who is a Healer, a Rose who is mighty in Battle, you are Jehovah. Almighty, Elohim, Ancient of Days, Before the beginning and after the end, the Alpha and Omega. Daddy I give you the praise. You said if your people pray, you will answer them. That the prayer of the righteous man makes tremendous power available, I know I have the righteousness of Christ and my prayers rise and fall back on me as answers. Halleluyah! Thank you for this season of prayer, I'm so excited about the wonderful things you have done and are doing. Awaken the intercessors in each and everyone of us in Jesus name.

Is anything too hard for the Lord? Daddy, you asked this question. Is anything too hard for the Lord? Who can answer your questions? Can dry bones live again? Can you make a path in the sea? Can Goliath be killed without a sword? Can 5,000 be fed with 5 loaves and 2 fish? Can the dead be raised, blind eyes opened, the sick healed? Can a 90 year old woman give birth to a child for her 100 year old husband? Father, through your word we know the answer to these questions is a big resounding YES. Your word says that there is nothing impossible with you, you decree a thing and it must come to pass. You watch over your word to perform it.

Your word says that when we worship you, your blessing will be upon us and none shall be barren in the land. Your word also says that the fruit of the womb is a heritage from the Lord and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of children for they are like arrows in the hand of a warrior. You told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. Children are a fruit of marriage. Today Lord, I lift up couples who are trusting and believing in you for children, expectant parents as I call them for none shall be barren in the land. Father, only you knows the pain, the longing, the tears that are shed month after month as they realise that just not now, Father touch their hearts, give them the grace to trust you, give them the power to continue to believe, let their faith be in your word and not in the doctor's report and not in what their physical bodies say. Nothing is impossible with you.

Daddy you did it for Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Samson's parents, Elkanah and Hannah, you not only blessed them with the fruit of the womb, you blessed them with children of distinction, children of destiny with a unique purpose to fulfill. You are the unchanging changer, do what you alone can do, just as you have done before please do it again. You are a Sovereign God, only you knows why it takes some couples a longer time to conceive but in your infinite wisdom teach them how to wait on you. To wait until their change comes.

Father, the desire for children has caused a strain in some marriages and seeks to threaten the relationship, I ask that your love bind them together. Let a strong love that reminds of the vows they have taken to stick together through thick and thin. I know in the culture I am from, this period of waiting is associated with 'advice' from extended family members that cause hurt and pain. I ask that you garrison the hearts of your children, especially your daughters, that even though like Hannah they may cry, that their tears lead them to the temple and they cry unto you without ceasing. Lord I ask that they live, that they realise that although children are important, like any desire we have there is nothing we desire more than you. Awaken them to pursue their passion, purpose and calling in life for their children will meet them on the way. Just as the angel met Zechariah as he was serving in the temple, teach them to wait on you with the right attitude and spirit. Dear lord, I pray against the spirit of Ishmael, the spirit of compromise that makes us want to short circuit our blessings by making us think we know better than you how to get what we want.
I also pray that when the babies do come, you give the grace to realise that parents are stewards of your jewels that like Hannah presented Samuel back to you to serve in your house that they realise parenting is a responsibility to train a child in the way they should go.

I rebuke the spirit of barrenness, we were created to be fruitful. Physically and spiritually. Father, whatever the cause of infertility is, you are Elohim the God who creates. I remember the prophecy you gave your son, that whatever cannot be fixed, You will replace. You have done it before, there are so many testimonies of your goodness in this area. I pray for everyone who is reading this prayer today that faces this challenge, Lord I know at the appointed time, they shall hold their miracle babies in their hands in Jesus name. Lord, fill their hearts with a peace that passes understanding, a joy that knows no bounds. We rejoice not in circumstances but through them because we know that our God is working. We ask all these in the name that guarantees an answer. The precious, beautiful name of Jesus. Thank you Lord.

If you are in this situation, please don't give up. Keep confessing the word, keep getting yourself ready for your baby's arrival. The Bible says that Abraham's faith prevented him from giving up, from considering God's promise too late to come to pass, to hold out for the impossible. It is sometimes hard to rejoice with those who are rejoicing in this area but ask God to give you the grace and be parents to the children God brings your way for what you make happen in the lives of others, God will make happen for you. Your miracle baby is on the way in Jesus name. Have a physical checkup, go to the doctors, hear what they have to say, follow advice as required but go home and pray. Have a spiritual checkup, join and agree with others in your homechurch. There is power when we touch and agree concerning a matter. I believe you will testify in your appointed time.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

iPray:Day 21


By His Stripes, We Are Healed, offered by Patrina

Your Mercy O Lord is awesome. Your Grace is beyond understanding. You chose to heal a blind man, that didn’t even know who you were, to display the power of God. How much more will you do for those who fear your name and walk upright in your ways. At the name of Jesus, miracles happen. The sick are healed and the dead are raised. It is not by any power of our own, but by your spirit Lord – that we are restored to wholeness with you.

You are the wounded Healer. You sweat drops of blood for our woundedness. Forgive us when we are fearful. For you did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of Love and a sound mind. Remind us that you are the same yesterday, today and forever.

Your Holy Word says that the prayer of faith will save the sick. I ask for your healing touch to fall upon all those reading this today. Open their heart, mind and spirit to receive your good measure. Nothing is impossible with you, O Lord. Cause us to cast all of our cares upon you. Lift us up and make us stronger than before. Inhabit our weakness. Strengthen our voice to ask with confidence anything according to your will. It is not your will that any be sick or diseased. Come close Lord Jesus, as we draw nearer to you. Hear our prayers and heal our body, mind, and spirit. Touch your people once again

We @ iPray - pray that the power of the Holy Spirit come to you wherever you are. That His healing virtue will flow – that sickness will go and miracles will happen, in Jesus name. Father, remove all sickness according to your will. Cause the pain and affliction to go, and let health come to all who are in need.

Where there is Fear, give them faith; Depression, give them the oil of gladness; Disease, bring their bodies into harmony with your design; Anxiety, give them your peace; Sickness, divine intervention and harmony within the body, mind and spirit; Scared Memories, a healing balm to cover the trauma; Bitterness, replaced with a new seed; Sorrow, a heart to hold them; Loneliness, warmth of relationship with you; Addictions, release them - to overcome; Lord, we ask for healing from the inside out – completely whole. We lift up our families Lord. Restore our brokenness. May there be a mighty healing wave that touches individual lives all over blogville because we prayed.

Arise, O Lord, with healing in your wings. May we seek the Savior and not the healing; the Deliverer - not the deliverance; the Healer - not the miracle. May we truly seek the face of Jesus, for life with Christ is the ultimate healing – restored to God the Father. We @ iPray - raise our voices to give you glory and praise your name, for your name is higher than any other name. Thank you, Jesus for the privilege to come to you with our heart cries. May your blessings be upon us as we offer up to you our daily prayers, for your divine intervention in and over our lives.

We humbly ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

“But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.” Isaiah 53:5 NLT

1 “As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth. 2 “Rabbi,” his disciples asked him, “why was this man born blind? Was it because of his own sins or his parents’ sins?” 3 “It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him.” John 9:1-3 NLT


Saturday, 20 February 2010

iPray: Day 20

A Prayer for the Body of Christ offered by Jaycee

King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, I worship you today. The Uncreated Creator, the One who was, who is, and who is to come. I have searched within my heart as far as I can go, and I can feel your omnipotence all around me. Your power goes beyond gods that are created by wood, stone, or metal. They cannot speak or change the world, but by Your mighty right hand the whole earth was formed. Just by Your word, the universe came into existence. Because of that Father, I praise and glorify Your Name and lift You high above all the earth and above every living creature, so that all men may be drawn towards You.

Thank You for one more day and one more breathe of life. For the unmistakable opportunity to pray to You today. When Your Son died on the cross, the curtain of the temple was torn into two all the way from the top to the bottom (Mark 15:38) to symbolize direct access to You rather than through a sacrificial lamb. Thank You for this access Father. You said that we should call upon the Name of the Lord, and we will be saved (Romans 10:13). You said we should ask, and we will be given what we ask for. That we should knock, and the door will be open unto us. And that we should seek, and we shall find (Matthew 7:7). This is exactly what I am going to do today Father. So Papa, I will ask of You today, and I receive my answers already. I will knock on heaven’s door, and I expect a down-pour, and I will seek Your face amidst the chaos, and I will find You.

Today, I come boldly to You to pray for the Body of Christ. For those who pledge their allegiance to You, and dedicate their lives to Your purpose. Father, not for the walls of buildings that people call churches, but for the children therein who truly are Your own. I pray that the virtue of patience be imparted into the body of Christ. Many have lost their focus and their hope. They wonder if Your word still stands, or whether they are lost. They ask, “why do bad things happen to good people?” Father, they are becoming like the 12 disciples were after the death of Your son, wondering if what they had seen or experienced when He was still alive was real. They doubted. They gave up hope, until He rose up from the dead and showed them the holes in His hands due to the nails that pierced them. Father, my prayer is that the Body of Christ will be soldiers without needing any proof. Soldiers of faith and of a powerful God. That they will not need to see before believing. But for this Father, we need Your patience. Patience for the hardships and persecutions as a result of Your Name. Patience to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that You will never leave us nor forsake us. Help us to give You glory, praise, and worship even in tribulation. Because tribulation produces perseverance (patience), and patience produces good character, and character leads to hope. And hope will never disappoint (Romans 5: 1-4). It is hope that will keep the Body united, and also keep it strong and unrelenting, till the very last day.

Father, I also want to pray for the existence of those greater things You said we will do more than Jesus did. Oh Lord, didn’t You say we will do greater works? (John 14:12) Most of what I can see today in the Body of Christ is “lesser works.” Where are the Elijahs of our times? Where are the Daniels who will do only what God says rather than kings of the earth?; the Davids who will kill giants with unheard-of tools or what the world considers to be mediocre, the daughters of Zelophehad who will boldly claim what is due them, the Peters who will walk past the sick and heal them with their shadows, the Pauls and Silases who risked their lives by preaching to the custodian of the jail even when they broke bail, the Jesus who will raise the dead everywhere he goes. Where are they Father? I am almost in tears when I think about how the Body of Christ does not think miracles are possible anymore. Father, there are only a few here and there who still do. Please I pray for the strength to do greater works than Jesus did. I pray that You will not use the stones in our place.

Father, I also want to pray against LUKEWARMNESS in the body of Christ. These days, the church has been reduced to four walls or merely buildings. Buildings where swarms and swarms of people pour in and sit on pews ready for the message on Sunday mornings. But what do they do with the message? Nothing Father, nothing. Oh Lord, my heart cries out for the body of Christ, that they will go back to You. That they will see through the pews and the stained windows on cathedrals. That they will see past the statue of the virgin mary and the confessions of the saints. That they will not just leave the buildings without zeal or fire. Lord, I pray for strength to be HOT for You. I pray that the body of Christ will RISE UP and do your will. That we will not just be hearers, but doers. Father, Your word says in Revelation Chapter 3: 15-17, “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked—.” Father, I rebuke the spirit of lukewarmness that the enemy wants to infiltrate into the church. I pray that Your spirit will revive the church, and that mighty men will begin to wake up and do exactly what You sent them to do. The church will no longer have bench-warmers, but team players.

Lastly, I commit the leaders (pastors, evangelists, prophets, missionaries, teachers e.t.c) into Your hands, oh Lord. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the people do? If the head is bad, what can the rest of the body do? So Father, I seize this moment to ask that you guide our leaders. That the word will be a lamp unto their feet. That they will not move unless you tell them to move. That they will not lie to those who are under them, and that they will not be under the influence of anything other than You, Oh Lord. I come against the spirit of homosexuality both in our leaders and in the Body. I rebuke the will of pastors to rape young women and little boys, and to lie to them that that is what God wants. I come against the sins that are passed on from the leaders to the people. I pray today that when the enemy comes to them like a flood, You, Oh Father, will lift up a mighty standard against the enemy. No, these acts will no longer be found inside the body of Christ. I refuse them today. Affliction will not rise up in the lives of our leaders a second time. They will be men and women after your own heart. They will lead people to your heart, Father…and many lives will be restored because of them. I also pray that You teach each and every one of us to walk according to our callings. We are the body of Christ, different parts (talents) make up a whole, and we thank You for our unity.
All these I have asked and receive by faith in Jesus’ Name. Amen (so be it).


Friday, 19 February 2010

iPray: Day 19

Because He speaks to us too

Sometimes we search high and low, far and wide, seeking a word from the Lord. We get upset because He is 'silent' and we forget that He has spoken so importantly through His word. Get your Bible out and embrace it, tell God thank you for the words of power it contains. Ask God for the grace and strength to live by it, that it be not a book but our life's treasure.

This chapter has been coming back again and again, prayerfully meditate on the words and hear your Father's voice

But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel:"Fear not, for I have redeemed you;I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt for your ransom, Cush and Seba in your stead. Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life. Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.

I will say to the north, 'Give them up!'and to the south, 'Do not hold them back.' Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made." Lead out those who have eyes but are blind, who have ears but are deaf. All the nations gather together and the peoples assemble. Which of them foretold this and proclaimed to us the former things? Let them bring in their witnesses to prove they were right, so that others may hear and say, "It is true."

"You are my witnesses," declares the LORD,"and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, nor will there be one after me. I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from me there is no savior. I have revealed and saved and proclaimed— I, and not some foreign god among you. You are my witnesses," declares the LORD, "that I am God.

Yes, and from ancient days I am he. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act, who can reverse it?" your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "For your sake I will send to Babylon and bring down as fugitives all the Babylonians, in the ships in which they took pride. I am the LORD, your Holy One, Israel's Creator, your King."

This is what the LORD says—
he who made a way through the sea,
a path through the mighty waters,

who drew out the chariots and horses,
the army and reinforcements together,
and they lay there, never to rise again,
extinguished, snuffed out like a wick:

"Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.

See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland.

"Yet you have not called upon me, O Jacob, you have not wearied yourselves for me, O Israel. You have not brought me sheep for burnt offerings, nor honored me with your sacrifices. I have not burdened you with grain offerings nor wearied you with demands for incense. You have not bought any fragrant calamus for me, or lavished on me the fat of your sacrifices. But you have burdened me with your sins and wearied me with your offenses. . "I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more. Review the past for me, let us argue the matter together; and state the case for your innocence. Your first father sinned; your spokesmen rebelled against me. So I will disgrace the dignitaries of your temple, and I will consign Jacob to destruction and Israel to scorn.

Isaiah 43

The most important thing God has ever said to me is "I will never leave you", for an insecure, awkward girl, that meant a lot. It still means a lot. Lord, I love you! I pray to obtain the promises at the early part of the chapter and learn from Judah's mistakes at the end. I will not rebel against your plan O Lord, be thou my help.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

iPray: Day 18

A Prayer for Marriages offered by Writefreak

Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman, for she was taken out of man." For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. Genesis 2:22-25

Dear father, we thank you because marriage is an institution ordained by you. You created man and decided it was not good for him to be alone and then you made him a help meet; a woman. We thank you for this beautiful union called marriage. It is indeed a beautiful thing.

Father we pray for our marriages today that they will be strong and that husbands and wives will grow more in love and in judgement. We pray for our marriages that love, affection, faithfulness will abound. We ask that our marriages will not be loveless or boring but that we will always seek ways to make our unions interesting and full of life. We ask that your joy, peace and harmony may abound in our homes in Jesus name.

We pray against strange men and women in our marriages and we ask that fidelity will abound in our marriages. We come against adultery, lust of any kind and every immoral act. We ask that our marriage beds will stay undefiled in Jesus name. We come against addiction of any kind, we come against pornography in our marriages in the name of Jesus.

Father your word makes us realise that you hate putting away. You hate divorce Lord and we come against divorce and everthing that might precipitate it in our marriages in the name of Jesus. We ask that we will be committed to our marriages. We pray for open and honest communication in our marriages. We ask that we will not keep secrets but be totally open, naked and not ashamed. We also ask that you will help us to place each other's needs first, loving each other the way Christ loves the church. We ask that husbands will love their wives genuinely and totally and that wives will submit to their husbands without any hinderance.

Dear father, we pray that our marriages will produce godly seed who will seek the Lord and will be mighty in the land. May our children be taught of you and may their peace be great.

For any marriage experiencing turbulence and tough times, father I speak your peace into such homes now in the name of Jesus. As Jesus calmed the storm, I declare that every storm in our marriages be calm and may there be peace. I come against division, envy, anger, jealousy and malice in the name of Jesus and I speak life into our marriages. Father we commit struggling marriages before your throne of grace, those scarred by loss or the break of trust through infidelity, those who ask the question 'Why did I get married?', Lord, you are the God who heals, heal these marriages O Lord in Jesus name. There is nothing that you cannot do.

Father Lord God we pray for the spirit of unity, that as your Word says one flesh. I pray for the grace, the God given ability that enables husbands to love their wives, I pray for the humility and strength that enables wives to submit to their husbands that as children of the Kingdom we model to the world your original intention for marriage. Christ loving the church to the point of death of the cross, the Church submitting to Christ, obeying His leading and His counsel. Father lord God, let your love be in the hearts of husbands and wives to enable them to the right thing even when it is not the easiest thing.

We know that if our families know you and seek you and the home front is in sync with you, our societies will be a better place so we ask that we may know you more and more. We ask that you alone be glorified totaly in our marriages and in our homes in Jesus mighty name (Amen)


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

iPray: Day 17

A Prayer for Singles by Tisha Smith

We are single and we rock (you need to believe this)

We are single and we pray (This is purely choice)

My dream marriage is a marriage where i can trust my hubby and where he can trust me. where he can say to me "There is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you" (this is what God said to me). My getting saved was a battle between me and God because i was not sure I could trust him, i wanted to trust myself but finally i needed the help of the Holy Ghost to finally trust God and then one great day, i yielded and received Christ.


When i pray to God, i am actually communicating with my first love, God almighty, friend, father, deliverer, healer, provider, lover of my soul, refuge, fortress, my kinsman-redeemer, He loves me (no strings attached).

1. That i would trust the one i marry

Growing up, i got advice from mom and many female that 'men are wicked' so deep inside me when i was operating with a man, i expect cunningness and callousness and this is sometimes true of men, but not so for the believer, the kind of man i will marry so i choose to to trust in the one the holy ghost will lead me to.

2. That i may love, honor and respect him (not to be his slave but be submissive).

Experiences with my dad and some other fellow damaged my emotions but never could break my will. so as much as i have learnt to walk with instituted authority because that is God's will and way, i always instinctively subconsciously rebel, because i believe they will not do me good. (authority are meant to do good to the people under them, it is not always so but this is the way God designed it) when authority do you wrong, God fights for you; which is why you must not fight authority or your husband.Many people don't understand submission, let me put it this way. Isaac willingly went with Abraham to be sacrificed at the altar, God eventually provided a ram but Isaac was ready to do God's will. Jesus fought at the garden of Gethsemane to obey God and eventually defeated his fears and willingly went to the cross in submission to God's will even though the nails going through his arms hurt.

3. That i may choose right with all God's wisdom and revelation

I have met all kinds of guys, the ones with habits they won't give up, the straight and the narrow, the weak minded and the weak kneed, the prince charming with all the wealth, the seemingly perfect, all have the same thing in common, they are humans with flaws.I pray that i choose the man who would willingly submit himself to the leadership of the holy spirit everyday to break him and mold him and recreate his character and be willing to walk with the holy ghost all the days of his life. so lord, i am asking for a man with a teachable spirit, not who has arrived so that when the storms of life come, we can together find security in you and in your word. (I sure don't want to be the pastor in the home).

4. That i may be willing to grow and have the patience to prevail

I have learnt that millionaires are not made in a day; that they are made by revelation from God's spirit. so even though i have dated guys with money, i understand that money is not everything because we never ever get to meet the real them. money is not the criteria by which i choose a husband. If a man is not rich in his mind and God is not his source, all the money he ever receives is bound to fly away. I pray that i will have the patience to grow and watch my husband grow into all that God has called him to be.

5. That i may glorify God and express unspeakable joy and enjoy my singleness

That i may glorify God always no matter the circumstances. that i may trust God fully and of course learn to yield more and get closer to the Holy spirit.

Tisha Smith

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

iPray: Day 16

A Prayer for finances offered by Tiera

But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today. Deut 8:18

The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it. Proverbs 10:22

Glory to your name God! Hallelujah! Father we exalt you today, above everything in our lives. We declare that you are everything and we honor you mighty God. You are worthy of the praise. Thank you for your love that never fails and we thank you for your concern for us. We thank you for hearing our prayers. We thank you for your faithfulness and pray that you will help us to be as faithful to you as you are to us.

Lord we pray that you will give us wisdom when it comes to our finances. We pray that everytime we give, that it will bear a return in the name of Jesus. Lord we pray that a harvest will come from the seeds that we sow. Lord, before we come to you asking for an increase in our income, we pray that you will teach us how to manage the seed that you have given us. Lord, help us each to be a good steward and help us not to waste our money on the things that are not in your will, in the name of Jesus. We pray that you will guide us so that we will sow into your kingdom and the other things that you want us to sow into, in the name of Jesus. Show us your will for our money Lord. We thank you for the seed that you have given us, whether it is big or small because we realize that we do not have to have it Lord. We acknowledge you as our source and our jobs as resources. Help us to trust that you will supply all of our needs Lord, in the name of Jesus.

Lord we pray that not only will you give us insight on how to manage our seed, but Lord we pray that you will enlarge our territory, in the name of Jesus. Not for our greed Lord, but for your glory and for your Kingdome Awesome God. We pray that you will send us an increase and a harvest like only you can in the name of Jesus. And we declare that we will not waste the seed that you have given us. We rebuke the devourer in the name of Jesus and declare that He will not put a hand on our blessing, In the name of Jesus.

Finally Lord, we come to you with humble hearts asking that you will supply not only our needs, but some of our wants. Of course Lord, only you in your divine wisdom know what we need, and what we don't need, and we trust that you will help us to be content with what you put in our hands Lord. Lord continue to give us revelation, and correct us only like a Father can. We pray that your will be done in our lives, and that you recieve all the glory in everything we do, including how we spend our money.

In Jesus' wonderful name we pray, Amen


Monday, 15 February 2010

iPray: Day 15

A Prayer for Dreams, Purpose and vision offered by ChiChi


O Lord, You are my God

I will exalt you

I will praise your name

For thou has done wonderful things

Thy counsel of old they are faithfulness and true.

Put it into writing for it is not yet time for it to come true. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it, it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed. Habakkuk 2:3

Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for your word; your word is true, You are true. You are not the son of man that you should lie neither are you the son of man that you should repent, what you have promised you will do.

Jehovah your word says in Psalms that you will lead us your children in the best path way for our lives. Lord thank you because you are after our well-being, you want us to prosper even as our souls prosper. According to your word in Habakkuk, your promises to us will be fulfilled; it shall surely come to pass. Thank you in the name of Jesus, the devil cannot frustrate our destinies; he cannot frustrate our ministries in the name of Jesus. I raise the blood of Jesus and the word of God against every alter that speaks evil and un-fulfilment to our destiny and purpose in the name of Jesus. I declare in the name of Jesus that the plans of the enemy concerning our destinies and purpose shall not prevail over us in Jesus name.

What you have spoken about us in the secret place o Lord, let there be a manifestation of it in Jesus name. What you have revealed to us through visions, Lord Almighty, the God that does mighty things on heaven and on earth let these visions and promises become our realities and testimonies In Jesus name.

Lord I cry out to you for fulfilment, Lord let us your children be fulfilled in the name of Jesus, cause us to work into our destinies and divine purposes in Jesus name. The word of God said that He that has began a good work in us will complete it, Lord you have began a good work in our lives, You have spoken about this good work through your word, through dreams, and through your spirit, Lord God do what you have said in Jesus name. Have mercy Lord, Hannah cried out to you for mercy and you answered her and gave her a son. We are pregnant with dreams, pregnant with vision, pregnant with purpose; have mercy on us O God and let us deliver what you have placed inside of us in Jesus name.

God some of us have been waiting on you for a long time, you have spoken about our greatness and prosperity, spoken about our increase and honour and we are still struggling, battling. The enemy wants to convince us that you have lied, but I praise you because you are holy, there is no shadow of turning with thee. You are true; you said to your disciples that if there was not a place in heaven for them you would not have told them you were going to prepare a place for them. Jehovah, if it is not true you will never say it. Though the manifestation of these visions and dreams tarry, it will come to pass because you have spoken it and everything in heaven and on earth is subject to your command and decree, therefore everything in the spiritual realm and physical realm aligns itself with your word concerning us in Jesus name. When Abraham was without a child you called him the father of many nations and changed his name, lord as what you spoke concerning Abraham came to pass, ALL, ALL, daddy that you have spoken concerning us shall come to pass in Jesus name. God I ask for the grace the hold on, Lord it is not easy, it is not easy to smile when inside of you is sad, but you are the God of seasons and I thank you because you will bring an end to the season of waiting and cause our season of Joy and dancing to surely come.

I pray that all your children will experience a personal encounter with you. I pray Lord that we will hear you speak concerning our tomorrows, that you will make that which creates uncertainty to be settled in our lives in Jesus name. Daddy move us to the next level you have for us, Daddy cause our dreams and visions that our God given to become our realities in Jesus name. Daddies align our will with your will, our wants with your wants in Jesus name. Daddy we are not perfect people, based on our works we don’t qualify for your goodness, but for grace, thank you because of grace that is unending towards us in Jesus name.

Psalm 65:4b says ‘we shall be satisfied with the good things of your house.’ Yes we will Lord, people will see us and call us blessed, people will hear about us and call us blessed. We will fulfil our purposes here in the land of the living, not one of us will live empty or die empty in the name of Jesus Christ. Blessed be your name father. In Jesus name I have prayed. AMEN.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

iPray: Day 14

A Prayer for Love

.."Teacher," he asked, "what must I do to inherit eternal life?"....He answered: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" and love your neighbour as yourself Luke 10:25-27

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God 1st John 3:1

Yes Lord, today I lift up my hands to say that I love you. Lord, I love you, I would like to say with all my being but I know it's only by your grace. Lord, I love you not because I know how to but because you demonstrated your love, you gave me your best so that I could be your best. I'm so grateful unto you for who would I have been, where would I be, what would I be doing if not for you. If I run to the highest heavens, your love is there, in the valley your love is with me. Thank you for your unconditional love towards me, thank you Father. There is nothing, there is noone that compares with you. No use searching.

Father today I pray that you rekindle a spirit of love in the hearts of your children. The greatest commandment you left for us is that we love you, with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all our mind, therefore with everything that we are, with everything that we have. How do we love you Lord? By obeying your commandments. Forgive us Lord for allowing the love we have for you to grow cold. Teach us how to love you, how to fall in love with you, how to cultivate a relationship with you. Lord, ignite a passion within me, that as the deer panteth for the water so my soul shall pant for you. Father, you are love and I have been regenerated into your likeness therefore I choose to love.

Daddy your word says that we are able to love our neighbours to the level we have loved ourselves. Not a narcissitic self-love that results in pride but a godly love that reinforces our worth. Father, enable us to realise that we were worth the Ultimate price, the blood of your precious and only son and therefore we are precious in your sight. We were created in your image, we are citizens of the Kingdom that has no beginning and knows no end and we carry ourselves like the royalty that we are. Teach us to forgive ourselves of the mistakes of the past, to cast our burdens upon you because you care for us.

Daddy, your word says that anyone that does not do what is right is not a child of God, neither is anyone that does not love his brother and that the message we have heard from the beginning is that we love one another. Paul reminds us in 1st Corinthians 13 about love being much more than what we do and he tells us what love is. Father, love can be hard work sometimes because it calls upon us to walk from our spirits and not our flesh. We can't choose who we love for even Jesus said to love our enemies, this is impossible without your grace. Teach us how to love O Lord.

Teach us to be patient, teach us to be kind, teach us not to envy or boast or exalt ourselves. Help us to love by not being rude, not looking out for ourselves first, not easily angered, help us (especially me!) to forgive and throw away our records of the wrong done to us. Let us love by rejoicing in the truth and turning our backs from evil. Let the love that we share always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere. Father, your words says that by their fruit you shall know them, it doesn't matter how much we use the word love, our love shows through our actions. The evidence that your Spirit abides in us is shown by the fruit we exhibit and the fruit of the Spirit is love.

I come against the spirit of Cain, where the seed of jealousy pervets brotherly love and the fruit of hatred becomes a killer of destiny. Dear lord, we don't always have to agree on every point but we can love each other because what binds us together is the love of Christ. This is a prayer because no one can truly love without your help. Through Scriptures you have modelled for us what love is, help us to grow in love for each other in Jesus name for a threefold cord is not easily broken. Let our love be pure and without hypocrisy, let us love the people you have brought into our lives not by always saying yes but also saying no when necessary. Let our love enable us to speak the truth even when it isn't always the easiest thing to hear. Let love be the foundation for our actions because your word says we love because you first loved us and if we love you we must also love our brothers.

Today, all over the world people celebrate 'love' in its different forms. I pray especially for those who feel unloved, that no one loves them, that no one is there for them. Daddy, help them realise that there is a Love that knows no bounds, there is a Love that holds them in an embrace so tight, there is a Love that takes away the pain of the past, there is a Love that cannot be reproduced in any human relationship. Also open their eyes to see someone who they can love as well because the truth is the world is full of people who we can love, we are never alone.

Daddy, I love you, teach me how to love even more, with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my mind. Thank you Father in Jesus name I ask, Amen.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

iPray: Day 13

A Prayer for children offered by Cherub

Eternal Rock of Ages, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Brightest morning star, the Lion of Judah, the Rose of Sharon, the great I AM, my Alpha, my Omega. You spoke and the earth was created and everything within, I adore you daddy; I bless your holy name. For indeed, there is none like you. If all the hair on my head was to be turned into tongues right this second, they will never be enough to worship you.

I lift your name up on high, among all gods you reign supreme, in my life you reign supreme. You are highly exalted Lord, because none compares to you. I reverence your name, and I give you all the glory, the honor and praises, because you deserve it all and more. I thank you Lord for the gift of life, the gift of seeing yet another brand new day because your word says that only the living can praise you. I thank you because I know you are a God that answers prayers, I thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to die on the cross of Calvary for me and that is the reason why I can come boldly before your throne of grace. Be thou exalted almighty God.

Today I come before you praying for our children, those that are born and even those yet unborn. Your word says in Psalm 127:3 that sons are a heritage from the Lord, and children are a reward from him. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them and they will not be put to shame. The devil is seriously waging a war against our children. They are constantly encountering all sorts from school, the media and their peers, I pray oh Lord that you give them the strength to be able to stand for what is right, and not to compromise your standard for the world’s standards and to be able to differentiate between your truth and the devil’s lies. Your word says that out of the mouth of babes and sucklings you have ordained praise; I pray that your praise will never depart from the mouth of our children. Whenever they are at a cross road in their life, help them to rely on you and know to call on you. As this is the season of love, whenever they feel unloved because they are not experiencing the world’s version of love, help them to recognize that there is one whose love is greater than all the love they can ever receive from man. Help them to know that you, oh God are love personified and that knowing you is having love.

For as many that desire children, I pray that you will grant unto us God fearing children and children that will grow in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man just as Jesus did. Your word says none shall be barren in the land, today I stand on your word, knowing that it will come to pass in my life I pray that you will grant unto us obedient children, and that you will teach us how to raise them up in a God fearing way. I pray that none of our children will become a prey in the hand of the enemy.

For those that are pregnant, on their day of delivery I pray that just as the Hebrew women had easy deliveries, I pray you grant unto these women simple and vigorous birth and that everything goes smoothly. We stand on your word, that none of these women will experience the death of a child. None of these women will experience miscarriages in Jesus name. You will bless their womb to carry the child to full term, and even bless the children they are carrying. Today, I come against every form of developmental disability and they will not be the portion of our children in Jesus name. They will do the right things at the right time. When it is time for them to get married, you will choose their own spouse for them, just as Abraham sent his servant to go find a wife for his son Isaac, the Holy Spirit will find a wife/ husband for my child at the appointed time. I declare that my children will be for signs and wonder in the land of the living. Just as God gave Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom, I pray that our children will be given the spirit of excellence that will cause them to be successful in whatever the lay their hands upon.

For the unsaved children, I pray that you will bring them to a position where they realize the knowledge of the love of God. I pray that every deception the devil has used to entice them will be broken today in Jesus name. I pray that you send people their way that will minister your word and the gift of salvation into their lives. Open up their eyes of understanding so that every blinder will be removed from their eyes. Let your word of salvation find a receptive place in their heart and let them come to recognize and accept you as their Lord and personal Savior.

Once again, I thank you Lord because I know you hear me whenever I call upon you and you said in your word that whatever I ask of you in prayer as long as I have believed in my heart that I have received, I have truly received. You are a God that specializes in doing the impossible. Nothing is too difficult for you to handle, and no situation is too hard for you to turn around. I thank you for everything and I bless your holy name for in Jesus name I pray- Amen.

Is. 8: 18- I declare that I and the children you have given unto me are for signs and wonders
Is. 49: 25- I declare that the Lord will contend with those who contend with me and he will save my children.
Is. 54:13- All my children shall be taught the way of the Lord and great shall be their peace
Jer. 1: 5- I declare that before my child/ren are formed and born they have been set apart and appointed as prophets to the nations


Friday, 12 February 2010

iPray: Day 12

A Prayer for those struggling with depression offered by Chichi


Here I am to worship

Here I am to bow down

Here I am to say that you’re my God,

You’re all together lovely

All together worthy

You’re all together wonderful to me.

I worship you halleluiah, halleluiah

I worship you for who you are (2x)

Father my lord, indeed I worship you for who you are, you are a father. Lord today I want to pray for the depressed, the bible says that I do not know how to pray on my own but that it is the holy spirit that helps me to pray and the word of God says that when I pray your will I can be confident that you have heard and you have answered. The word of God says that we have not because we ask not that we should ask that our joy will be full; that when we ask in your name that the father would answer that the Son be glorified. Lord I come before you asking in the name of Jesus.

I confess my sins and ask that you forgive me Lord, even as I come before you now as an intercessor may the blood of Jesus cleanse me of sin and may the accuser of brethren be silent. I thank you Lord because your word says that when we draw near to you will draw near to us, even as I draw near to you in prayer thank you because you have made yourself available to me, thank you because you are listening to me as your word says that you have not called the house of Jacob to seek you in vain.

Jeremiah 29:11 says that your plans for us are for good and not evil, to give us a future and a hope. The word of God has said that your plans for us are for good and not evil, depression is not your plan for us and it is not good for us. So in the name of Jesus Christ I resist that spirit of depression, as it is not of you, we do not receive it. Thank you for your word is Psalm 112:4 that says that when darkness overtakes the Godly, light will come bursting forth. Lord I speak this word over your children who feel overwhelmed and hopeless, that where darkness has overtaken them, your light will come bursting in, in Jesus name. Thank you Lord, because there is no negative or unpleasant situation that is permanent in the life of your child, for your word says many are the afflictions of the righteous but that the Lord delivers him from them all. That not a bone on his body will be crushed or broken, so I say in the name of Jesus Christ that you who is a deliverer will come and deliver your children from every helplessness and hopelessness, I thank you Lord because these situations that have lead to a feeling of heaviness and depression shall be altered into their favour, and shall become testimonies of your greatness in Jesus name. As Lazarus story did not end in death, their stories shall not end in death, in Jesus name. Lord let your light of deliverance come bursting in for your children in Jesus name. Set your children loose from the spirit of depression Lord in the name of Jesus, set them loose by the blood of Jesus and by your word in Jesus name. Thank you for your word in Isaiah 61, I speak over your children now that in the name of Jesus: you have given beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning and praise instead of heaviness.

Lord you know what each child is dealing with, you know the struggles, the pain, the loss, the challenge, Jehovah you said in Isaiah 61 that instead of shame and dishonour, you will give a double portion of prosperity and everlasting joy, do this that you have said in Jesus name. Give unto the broken-hearted comfort and everlasting joy, in Jesus name. Lift the heaviness from their hearts and give unto them songs of praise in Jesus name. Cause people to look upon them and declare that they are a people blessed of the Lord. Make their lives enviable, cause those who weep now to laugh in the name of Jesus, those that mourn now you shall cause them to testify in the name of Jesus, you shall change their names from desolate to blessed and highly favoured in Jesus name. Cause these one’s to celebrate for your word says that though weeping endures for the night that joy comes in the morning, let their morning of joy materialize in Jesus name.

Lord I come into agreement with you concerning these children; I come into agreement with your plans for them in Jesus name. Thank you because it is not over; thank you because there is a miracle and a testimony with their names on it in Jesus name. Set them loose to your joy in the name of Jesus Christ, David said he will be filled with joy because of you, fill them up with divine joy.

The word of God says you will lead us in the best pathway for our lives, so Lord I pray that in anyway these feelings of depression have come because of wrong turns and decisions I pray that you will get your children back on the path you have pre-ordained for them to work in.

Lord I want to lift before you those who don’t know you and are dealing with depression, Lord, depression is real, it steals faith and steals lives. I pray for these ones who don’t know you, that they will find their way to you the Balm of Gilead and that in finding you they will find wholeness and healing for their hearts, souls and minds in Jesus name.

Thank you because there is an end in sight, the pain will not go on forever because you are faithful and merciful. Thank you for the good plans you have for your children, thank you for your word in Proverbs 4:18, thank you because things are getting better in Jesus name. I declare that things are getting better in Jesus name. Let our hearts be filled with your joy o God, in Jesus name. AMEN.


If you or someone you care about is dealing with depression, here are some things that you can do:

Do not spend too much time alone; spend time with people who love and care about you. Spend time with people who make you laugh and smile.

Think forward, do not look back, Paul said forgetting the things behind me I press on. PRESS ON, leave the past!

Talk more with God; get personal with him as you would a friend. Don’t edit yourself with him.

Study God’s word or join a bible study group, your circumstance is a fact but God’s word is the truth. Like Abraham consider not the fact, but consider God and his word concerning you. Let his truth get inside you.

Talk to someone you trust about what you are feeling and facing, a pastor, family member, friend; Someone who can support you emotionally and in prayer.

And I am here to listen and pray with you if you want. God bless.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

iPray: Day 11

A prayer for believers in positions of leadership offered by Simeon

I urge then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone, for kings and all those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness 1st Timothy 2:1-2

Father in heaven I want to say thank you and appreciate you for the gift of life, for loving us and giving your son for us…for giving us your spirit also to guide and minister to us lord we say thank you.

I want to use this moment to thank you for your children that have labored and are currently in top management, government offices and handling their own personal businesses, for those of them that have lived and conducted their businesses by your principles lord I say thank you for the grace that brought them to the various positions they now occupy.

You alone know those that truly live by and work by your principles, for these ones, lord we ask for more strength for them and for more wisdom .That you help them to operate in integrity so that they can obtain favour from you as they go about their dealings with other people.

Lord, it seems like the environment gets harsher everyday for those who seek you and walk by your principles, we want to ask that you continue to be with your children in all stages of their career and in all levels of the economy. We ask for an indwelling of your spirit so that they will be over-comers in every sense of the word. We ask that whenever they face decisions, you will help them to see beyond themselves and the next moment but consider the end of the matter and decide rightly. We declare that in moments of turbulence and uncertainties your peace will reign in their hearts. Lord we also ask that you help them also to please you in every other aspect of their lives outside the office.

We ask all these in Jesus’ name.

Lord we bless you, and say thank you thank you thank you for granting all we have asked for.

All the glory to you Lord.

Scripture references

Proverbs 11:27

Proverbs 12:2

John 14:26

John 17:15

Colossians 3:14- 16

By Simeon

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

iPray: Day 10

A Prayer For Nigeria offered by Rita

Heavenly, Awesome Father, I praise and exalt you today. I lift your up Your Holy Name. Your mercy endures forever, Loving Father. Your love is new every morning, as it is today, and great is Your faithfulness. Thank you Lord that Your arm is not too short to save nor Your ears too dull to hear us. Thank you for this privilege to pray for my country Nigeria.

Lord, when Believer delegated praying for Nigeria on me, I planned to refuse. I wondered if there was any hope for Nigeria seeing that things seem to get worse with each passing day. But Lord you showed me what you did for the Israelites who were on exile. After 70 years you brought them out of captivity. And just before the seventy years were expired, You poured out a spirit of prayer. You also said that “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land". Lord, You who nothing is too difficult for, I know that no matter what has happened in 50 years, it is not too much for You to bring a change.

Daddy, I hold the hands of my fellow bloggers, readers and supporters of iPray, and today we pray for Nigeria.Our Father and Our God, I praise You for Your goodness to our nation, giving us blessings far beyond what we deserve. You alone are sovereign and that you rule over all. I come before you with people who acknowledge our constant need for your provision, wisdom, and protection.

Prayer for the people of Nigeria

Lord, you have created each of us uniquely and with a purpose. Indeed you are God over all peoples. Lord it is my prayer that each and every individual who is a Nigerian will come to the full understanding of how unique and powerful he is. It is my prayer that they reverence and fear You. I pray that they understand that the change they desire can only come if each and every one of them makes a commitment to change for better and affect positively their circle of influence. I pray that with the help of Your Spirit, brotherly love will continue and manifest in the lives of each Nigerian. For if we love each other, we shall only think, plan and do good for each other.

It is my prayer, Sweet Gracious Father, that each individual realizes the power in his words and speak positively concerning the future of Nigeria, rather than tearing it down with their words. This country is a blessed country, and by Your grace, each Nigerian shall eat the good of the land. I pray, Father, that they shall tap into the great skills and talents You have deposited in them. May they use their skills and talents for the good of Nigeria.

Prayer For Leaders and People in Authority

Father, when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. I thank you Father for giving us leaders and placed people in authority to help move this country forward. I thank You for all the people we have in the different arms of government. Lord, help our leaders and those in authority and bless them today. Give them Your wisdom, guidance and direction. Give them the courage to do what is right in Your sight. I pray that they humbly submit themselves to you. Bless and protect their families oh Lord. I pray that they will come to the knowledge of You and walk according to Your ways. Having prayed for them, oh Father, I claim a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

Prayer For Ministries In Nigeria

Lord, I bring before You all the Federal Ministries in Nigeria. May they flourish and yield fruit like a tree planted by streams of Your living water. I pray that these ministries shall achieve the purposes for which they were formed to the development of Nigeria and to Your glory.

Prayer for Peace

Lord God of compassion, I pray for peace in Nigeria. I pray that there will be an end to the enmity, strife and hostilities between the people. I also pray for comfort and help for all who suffered as a result, and for complete reconciliation between any opposing groups.

Prayer for Salvation and Repentance

Heavenly Father, if we have turned from your ways, help us reverse our ways and repent. Give us your light and your truth to guide us, by the help of your spirit. Show us your mercy and grant us your salvation.

It is my prayer, Father, that Nigeria shall progress and not experience stagnation among the people or the Ministries and sectors. May we have testimonies concerning Nigeria, and may the negative things associated with Nigeria become history. May Your unfailing love and mercy continue to touch the lives of all Nigerians.

Thank You Lord for answered prayers. Above all, let Your will be done. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Sword of the Spirit [1 Timothy 2:1-2, Proverbs 21:1, Isaiah 59:1, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Luke 1:37, Hebrews 13:1 ]


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

iPray: Day 9


A Prayer for America…Land of the Free offered by Patrina

Lord, I lift my voice in praise for who you are. Your Mercy and Grace endures forever. Your provision in such a time as this is still ample for our needs. We have not been a nation of “lack”. I am painfully aware of the many desolate peoples all over the earth that truly are in need. Why you have chosen to bless America with such abundance is your story. I come before you in humble adoration and with a thankful heart for lifting us above slavery and restoring freedom from shore to shore. But I fear we are losing our way, as we enslave ourselves to the subtlety of “other things”. We the People of America have been given so much, yet we desire more. My prayer today is for a time of surrender – to your will, O Lord?

America was founded as “One Nation Under God”. Our money purports “In God We Trust”. But it has begun a decent of these truths. Without you, as our ultimate leader, we are like chaff in the wind. Bring us to our knees, Lord. Cause us to humbly seek your face and turn from our wicked ways, that you might hear from heaven and heal our land. The richness of our soil has created poverty of the soul. Strongholds have enslaved our minds to things that keep us from fellowship with you, Lord. “One Nation Under God” has been thrown out as politically incorrect. Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.

Bring us back to community and family, O Lord. Open our eyes that we might see the needs of those around us. And give us desire to intervene where it is within our capacity and capability to do so. When we lack strength and resources, enlarge our territory for your Glory. Help us to see this great Nation from your perspective. Empower us as believers to turn this country around for your Glory. Bestow upon us Believing Bloggers the extraordinary faith of Deborah, who, because of her simple faith, was used to turn the nation of Israel back to you, O Lord. Her simple faith facilitated your hand in bringing peace to the land for 40 years. May we be a generation of Faithful Believing Bloggers – allowing Peace to reign in our hearts - praying for Peace from sea to shinning sea.

The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Prayer is a privilege, a tool to communicate our hearts desire. Because you have given us the freedom of choice, prayer invites you into our circumstance to intervene. So today, I ask your intervention in the diseased heartbeat of America. Do by-pass surgery and restore our hearts to receive your life flowing blood, that we may walk renewed with hopeful hearts and transformed minds – to do the will of the Lord. In Jesus Name Amen.

Cause Us O Lord –

To TURN from our wicked ways
To SEEK your truth
To PRAISE you O Lord
To GLORIFY your Name
To SING our song again
To REMEMBER our pledge to thee
To STAND on your promises
To PRAY your will
To ASK for your direction
To OPEN our eyes, our hearts, our hands
To WALK in straight paths
To FOLLOW your wisdom
To HOPE for a new day
To WATCH expectantly

In Jesus name we ask

Amen and Amen


Monday, 8 February 2010

iPray: Day 8

A Prayer for the United Kingdom

To the King, we sing Hosanna, those who belong to Jesus Christ, King of all Kings. Let’s lift him up, those who belong to Jesus. Those who belong to Jesus Christ, King of all Kings (It sounds so much better in an African language believe me).

The children of a king must give him honour before strangers for they know first hand of His power and His might. Because they know Him, they can praise Him and tell of his wondrous works to those who come from afar. Alas, the children of a king due to their familiarity to the throne sometimes forget to do this and the strangers from afar surpass them in praise therefore the king is more inclined to bestow His blessings on them and the children lose out on the inheritance that should have been theirs. Such is not my portion today because I count myself among the children who come and kneel at Abba’s feet to say He is magnificent, sweeter than the honey on the honeycomb, the One who has merciful to me. The One who has wiped away my tears, the One who knew my story but still shared His glory. The One who knows all, hears all and sees all. Other may not praise because they were born in the palace but He picked me up from the slums of sin and accorded me a place in His Kingdom, I now share an inheritance because He signed my adoption papers long ago. Daddy I’m grateful and will never get tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

Father I thank you for the United Kingdom, I thank you for the freedom in this land, for infrastructure that works, still coming to grips with thanking you for this weather but thank you all the same. Thank you for a people though small in number when compared to other places on earth but mighty. Except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain that build it so your Word tells me and the same goes for a nation as well. Father, from the United Kingdom, missionaries came to Africa and other parts of the world, preaching the word, doing good works in your name. Lord, we know that we have deviated from the path, each one has gone his own way, and we have not sought the Lord. We have chosen the paths of men; in our search for ‘wisdom’ we have invited folly into our midst.

It is not for nothing that when we chose to become a ‘secular’ society we also chose to have high rates of teenage pregnancy, overflowing prisons and no sense of family structure. Father, we ask for your forgiveness in Jesus name. In particular, I ask for forgiveness for it is now the duty of those who have known the way to proclaim your word and let the world know that there is a better way, His name is Jesus. For you are the way, the truth and the life and no one cometh to the Father except by You.

I commit 2010 into your hands, election year. A year where we are promised change, where we are promised hope, where we are promised a new beginning. I pray for peace concerning this election, that your will be done, that your man move into number 10, for it is only you that knows the hearts of men, we see in part but you see the big picture. For the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord and like a watercourse, you direct it where it pleases you. Father we need a leader who will make right choices even when it goes against popular opinion.Your word says to pray for the peace of Jerusalem that we may prosper, this is our Jerusalem and we pray for her prosperity in Jesus name.

Father today, we ask that you raise up the 21st Century William Wilberforce, those who take a stand against laws and decrees that stand contrary to the Word of God, those who you have imparted with courage to buy the truth and not sell it. Thank you for Christians in Parliament and similar organisations and we ask that your Spirit fall upon them anew that they continue to hunger and thirst after you.Father I pray for our men in the military both home and abroad that You be with them, that You keep them, that they come to know you, Father protect them, Father bring them home alive in Jesus name. There are always casualties in war and I don’t even know how to pray for them but help them Lord in Jesus name.

Lord, I also ask that a godly respect for our leaders be borne in our hearts, we may not agree with them, we may not like them but we are commanded to respect the authority of the office they possess, its hard sometimes but give us that grace.
Let your light shine in the Kingdom, it is a Kingdom united by you.

God save the United Kingdom

God save the Queen

In Jesus name Amen

Scripture reference: Proverbs 21:1, 2nd Chronicles 7:14

Sunday, 7 February 2010

iPray: Day 7


A prayer regarding The Sanctity of Life offered by Patrina

Dear Lord, you know each heart. Even before it’s created in the womb, you’ve already written plans for each life. We are so fearfully and wonderfully made. Forgive us Lord, when we choose to disregard your plans.

Today, Lord Jesus, I want to lift up to you every Mother that has found themselves at the crossroads – of carrying the created life of their unborn child. I offer you praise for every life that was saved. I thank you Lord, that I was one of them. Everyone reading this today was saved. Many, only by the grace of God survived. May those of us who have lived – grow into the designed plan that you have created for us before the beginning of time.

For those little blessings that did not make it full term, I thank you Lord for receiving them into your family in Heaven. May they one day be joined together – Mother & child –as you designed.

I pray a special blessing over the Mothers who have lost a child through abortion – whether by their choice or the choice of another. It’s easy sometimes to take life for granted. But when the life of an unborn child is lost, whether by abortion or miscarriage, it becomes a matter of the soul - a connection left unfulfilled. Lord, I grieve with those who have lost a child this way. Every mother who has lost bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh knows the sanctity of life. The very blood within their veins spilled out and into the tiny life of their unborn child.

You, O Lord are the creator of life. You created the design for connection between Mother and child, before the beginning of time. The fact that these unborn babies aren’t here in the earth realm doesn’t change your plan. So, today, I pray divine connection between these lost little blessings – now within your care – and the mother’s who placed them there – willingly, thoughtlessly or through no choice of their own. They’re all the same in your scope of things. The sanctity of life and their unblemished innocence- placed them there.

My humble prayer is that every mother who has stood face to face at the window between life and loss of life – will come to know the heartbeat of their lost unborn child. Reach down from Heaven, O Lord, and heal their broken connection. May they not be separated for eternity.

Thank you , Lord, for your indescribable gift of life. For your infinite mercy and grace. I praise you, Lord for receiving these little blessings into your own family, that they might enjoy eternity with you. May we not forget how precious we are to you. How valuable life is in your hands – for we were created to love and be loved by God. Help us, O Lord, to see life from your perspective. We need so desperately to see. Open our eyes and our hearts. Surprise us with glimpses from Heaven. May we see in the spirit realm – the multitudes of tiny footprints that are now at home in the family of God. We give you Glory, Lord.

In the precious Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.