Friday, 5 February 2010

iPray: Day 5

A prayer for 2010 offered by Life of a Stranger

Eternal Rock of Ages, King of Glory, Great I AM, Mighty Deliverer, Wonderful Saviour, Ancient of Days, Maker of Heaven and earth. Like Your Name O God, Your praise reaches to the ends of the earth. So Great is your power that Your enemies cringe before You. You are Our God who reigns forever, who is robbed in majesty and armed with strength. Our God who set the earth on its foundation, who makes winds His messenger, flames of fire His servant. Our God who rules over the surging sea, when the wave mounts up He stills them. Our God who is mightier than the thunder of the mighty waters. Our God who is so great that when he touches the mountain they smoke. Our God whose glory endures forever.

Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord, or fully declare His praise?

How awesome are Your deeds! Righteousness and splendour are the foundation of Your throne. Our God who turned the rock into a pool and the hard rock into springs of water. Our God who makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth and sends lightening with rain and brings out the wind from His store houses. He who made a way through the sea, and a path through the mighty waters. He who makes a way in the desert and streams in the waste land. Our God who is our rock and has no wickedness in Him; Our God who when He rises nations scatter.

What God is Great as You?

You are the God who performs Miracles. You are our God who restores. Among the gods, there is NONE like You. No deeds can ever be compared to Yours. For You are great and do Miraculous deeds. You alone are God and Great is Your Love towards Us. You are Faithful, Blameless, Pure, Trustworthy, Merciful, Powerful, Majestic, Marvellous, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Whose Words stand forever. Your ways O Lord are perfect. You are Our God who is enthroned for ever. Our Good Good God. Our comforter and Spirit of Justice. It is You who has delivered us from the depths of the grave and kept us safe in our dwelling. It is You O Lord who has made our Lot secure, and our boundary line to fall on pleasant places for us. He who watches over us that neither slumbers nor sleeps.

In You our heart rejoices.

Who have we in heaven but You? And earth has nothing we desire besides You. Apart from You O Lord, we have no good thing. You are God who is the strength of our heart when it fails, the stronghold of our life and our portion forever. Your ways O lord are Holy. Our God who grants us relief from days of trouble, and whose consolation brings Joy to our soul. O how blessed is he who trusts in You. Our God whose anger lasts for a moment, but who’s Favour lasts a lifetime. The Lover of our soul!

We just want to say Thank You.

Thank You Lord for allowing us to see 2010. The world is constantly changing and tomorrow is not guaranteed to any man, but still Lord You had enough mercy and grace bestowed upon us so that we are privileged to see your creation for yet another day and witness yet another year. For all this we want to say Thank you. For the lives of all our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, we say Thank You. For our comforts and protections we say Thank You. We say Thank you Lord for the wonderful Plans You have for us this 2010. Thank You Lord for the Kind words You’ve declared our directions. Thank You Lord for carrying us on eagle’s wings and bringing us to Yourself (Exo. 19:4b). Thank You Lord for restoring back to us and completing all the things which You have spoken concerning us (Joel 2:23-27) in this 2010. Thank You Lord for Your Love, and all the time You’ve lavished on us. Thank You Lord for Your directions and Your guidance.


Thank You Lord for making this 2010, the year we will arise and shine, for Your glory rises upon us (Isaiah 60:1-3). The year our lights will shine so brightly that nations, promotion and unstoppable miracles will locate us because of the brightness of our light. Thank You Lord for making this 2010 a time to rejoice because You Lord, King of glory, Lord of lords has exceeded our expectations and brought to pass the words You have spoke concerning us this 2010. Thank You Lord for making this 2010 a year of supernatural glory for us, for marking it a time to favour us (Psalm 102:13). Thank You Lord for making this 2010 another year filled with joy unspeakable and our best year so far. Thank You Lord for making this 2010 a year we will experience the reality (and not the religiosity) of our walk with You. And a year filled with unending testimonies of Your goodness to us. Thank You Lord for a year filled with the manifestation of Your promises. A year all eyes that sees us will see the presence of the Omnipotence in our lives. Father we just want to say Thank You Lord for all this in our individual lives.

We thank You too, that all around us, this 2010, Your creation will experience the warmth of Your embrace. A time they will know that God creator of the entire Universe is Love, and How much He loves them. Father we Thank You because in this 2010 that every family that has suffered any form of loss in a public or private setting, this will be their Year of Restoration. That they will experience You Lord in a new way, a fresh way, in a way that will bring them everlasting Peace.

We claim every member of earth including those who have sold their lives completely over to the devil for Christ Jesus, by the power of the Blood against the enemy. Father let Your name be glorified in our Lives and in the world. Let Your Spirit, the Spirit of Justice convict us of sin, righteousness and of Judgement.

Father we ask, if there be anything in us that will cause us not to experience You this 2010, Father search our hearts, have mercy on us and forgive us of our sins. If there be anything in us that grieves the Holy Spirit, King of Glory look upon us with pity and wash us clean with the blood of Jesus. We ask Lord that in anyway we have acted in ignorance against Your better Judgement, that may in anyway act as a stumbling block between us and You Lord, Father Forgive us, wipe us clean and we will remain clean.

Father we say Thank You for yet another opportunity to come together and call on Your beautiful Name. Thank You Lord for we know that our worship, praise and thanksgiving has been accepted in the mighty name of Jesus.


Life of a Stranger


Jaycee said...

"Thank You Lord for making this 2010 a year we will experience the reality (and not the religiosity) of our walk with You."

AMEN (thank you Life of a stranger).

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

AMEN!!!! What a powerful prayer....God bless u "Life of a stranger!"

Myne Whitman said...

I say a big AMEN! Oh my word, what a prayer. I'm blessed to be following this and thanks Zoe and LOASCM.

Patrina said...

Restoration, Lord, in 2010! Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you, Lord for all that you are. I praise you, my redeemer


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Father, I still want to say thank You. I lift Your name on high, for You alone are worthy of our praise and thanks giving. I have serached the entire world and found NONE like You. You alone God are GOD, and Your DIFFERENCE is STANDS OUT. Creator or the Universe, I bow before Your throne in revernce of You, for Your Mighty deeds. Great are You Lord, and so Great is Your Name.

Thank You Lord for Your Love, For Just being You. The Lover of my soul. He who makes my heart skip a beat.

....... I will praise the Lord, I will praise the Lord, I will praise the Lord with my whole heart. With my whole heart I will praise the Lord, precious people praise the Lord.................

simeone said...


thank you father for believing in us...for making us your children

Patrina said...

Life of a stranger,
I love to hear your heart sing praises to the KING. May your song never fade - even in the worst of times, keep singing. Your praises are being heard around the world. It's like an orchestra is playing your praises back down on earth. ohh the power aof PRAISE!! He inhaboits our praise! That must be the orchestra playing in my ear. Awww, we just continually praise you, Lord with our lips, our song, our heart and soul, and with our minds. Blessed be the nmae of the LOrd!

yes yes amen <")>><

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