Monday, 15 February 2010

iPray: Day 15

A Prayer for Dreams, Purpose and vision offered by ChiChi


O Lord, You are my God

I will exalt you

I will praise your name

For thou has done wonderful things

Thy counsel of old they are faithfulness and true.

Put it into writing for it is not yet time for it to come true. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it, it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed. Habakkuk 2:3

Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for your word; your word is true, You are true. You are not the son of man that you should lie neither are you the son of man that you should repent, what you have promised you will do.

Jehovah your word says in Psalms that you will lead us your children in the best path way for our lives. Lord thank you because you are after our well-being, you want us to prosper even as our souls prosper. According to your word in Habakkuk, your promises to us will be fulfilled; it shall surely come to pass. Thank you in the name of Jesus, the devil cannot frustrate our destinies; he cannot frustrate our ministries in the name of Jesus. I raise the blood of Jesus and the word of God against every alter that speaks evil and un-fulfilment to our destiny and purpose in the name of Jesus. I declare in the name of Jesus that the plans of the enemy concerning our destinies and purpose shall not prevail over us in Jesus name.

What you have spoken about us in the secret place o Lord, let there be a manifestation of it in Jesus name. What you have revealed to us through visions, Lord Almighty, the God that does mighty things on heaven and on earth let these visions and promises become our realities and testimonies In Jesus name.

Lord I cry out to you for fulfilment, Lord let us your children be fulfilled in the name of Jesus, cause us to work into our destinies and divine purposes in Jesus name. The word of God said that He that has began a good work in us will complete it, Lord you have began a good work in our lives, You have spoken about this good work through your word, through dreams, and through your spirit, Lord God do what you have said in Jesus name. Have mercy Lord, Hannah cried out to you for mercy and you answered her and gave her a son. We are pregnant with dreams, pregnant with vision, pregnant with purpose; have mercy on us O God and let us deliver what you have placed inside of us in Jesus name.

God some of us have been waiting on you for a long time, you have spoken about our greatness and prosperity, spoken about our increase and honour and we are still struggling, battling. The enemy wants to convince us that you have lied, but I praise you because you are holy, there is no shadow of turning with thee. You are true; you said to your disciples that if there was not a place in heaven for them you would not have told them you were going to prepare a place for them. Jehovah, if it is not true you will never say it. Though the manifestation of these visions and dreams tarry, it will come to pass because you have spoken it and everything in heaven and on earth is subject to your command and decree, therefore everything in the spiritual realm and physical realm aligns itself with your word concerning us in Jesus name. When Abraham was without a child you called him the father of many nations and changed his name, lord as what you spoke concerning Abraham came to pass, ALL, ALL, daddy that you have spoken concerning us shall come to pass in Jesus name. God I ask for the grace the hold on, Lord it is not easy, it is not easy to smile when inside of you is sad, but you are the God of seasons and I thank you because you will bring an end to the season of waiting and cause our season of Joy and dancing to surely come.

I pray that all your children will experience a personal encounter with you. I pray Lord that we will hear you speak concerning our tomorrows, that you will make that which creates uncertainty to be settled in our lives in Jesus name. Daddy move us to the next level you have for us, Daddy cause our dreams and visions that our God given to become our realities in Jesus name. Daddies align our will with your will, our wants with your wants in Jesus name. Daddy we are not perfect people, based on our works we don’t qualify for your goodness, but for grace, thank you because of grace that is unending towards us in Jesus name.

Psalm 65:4b says ‘we shall be satisfied with the good things of your house.’ Yes we will Lord, people will see us and call us blessed, people will hear about us and call us blessed. We will fulfil our purposes here in the land of the living, not one of us will live empty or die empty in the name of Jesus Christ. Blessed be your name father. In Jesus name I have prayed. AMEN.



Remi, United Kingdom said...

Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst! yes, she's back, she's back, she's back.. go Remi, Go remi,... okay seriously, let me go and read.

Hope you doing good luv.. xx

Patrina said...

"We are pregnant with dreams, pregnant with vision, pregnant with purpose; have mercy on us O God and let us deliver what you have placed inside of us in Jesus name"

You know the dreams and visions that you have placed inside of me, LOrd. Give me divine revelation. I'm bursting to release your intended purpose in me. There's so much I do not understand. Give me revelation and guide me into your purpose for my life. Cause me to hear your small voice concerning my tomorrow. Use me for your Kingdom purposes. In Jesus Name Amen.

Believer said...

Daddy, these days I have allowed myself to sink in the how's and when's of life, I have allowed doubt to make my vision blurred concerning those things that you have promised me. But Daddy, no more, I arise like one from a deep sleep and submit myself unto your words, your plans, your purpose for my life. Like a preganant woman is expectant of the delivery of her baby, I remain expectant of the fulfillment of your word in my life for you have promised to perform it.
Father, make my vision brighter, reveal to me what I should be doing at this present time, I come against all forms of distraction in Jesus name. Let it not be me, me, me but Christ in me the hope of glory. I want to be used in your Kingdom, I'm taking up my cross and following you. Give me the strength to do this, to go down any road at any cost just because you have instructed thus. Amen and amen.

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Beautiful pray....AMEN...AMEN...AND AMEN!!!!

Patrina said...

Wow! Believer, Amen and Amen. I stand with you in your prayer. I feel much like you in your prayer here.

Lord bless Believer for her willing heart. Go before her and protect her from behind. Be the continual song in her heart. Open her eyes and her ears to your gentle whispers. Give her strength and give her vision to walk in the purposed path you have planned for her in Jesus name, Let it be so!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Help us all Lord in this waiting period. The period between the prophesy and it's fulfillment in Jesus mighty Name Amen.

Myne Whitman said...

Lord, thank you for giving me the vision, I pray you bless all my dreams and give me strength and knowledge to fulfill my purpose in life. Amen.

Jaycee said...

Lord, it is VERY hard to be patient after we've waited one, two, three, four or more years. But for some of us who get doubtful sometime, "plase help our unbelief."

Thank You for Your promises. Without them, we are nothing. Thank You for Your unfailing word, because You are not like man that You should tell lies.

I worship You Father.

God, thank You for using Chichi to pray this, bless her indeed for this. Please bless Zoe for being faithful with what You've called her to do, even as she's touching many lives through her obedience, please saturate her own life with Your goodness.

Mwajim Al said...

AMEN and AMEN! Your Word says that all who wait on the lord will rise up like eagles and shall not grow weary. Even as we continue to wait on you Lord, help us to be still and never be shaken over the truth that You are God.

NoLimit said...

I know I am entering into my purpose!
awesome prayer...thanks Chichi