Sunday, 7 February 2010

iPray: Day 7


A prayer regarding The Sanctity of Life offered by Patrina

Dear Lord, you know each heart. Even before it’s created in the womb, you’ve already written plans for each life. We are so fearfully and wonderfully made. Forgive us Lord, when we choose to disregard your plans.

Today, Lord Jesus, I want to lift up to you every Mother that has found themselves at the crossroads – of carrying the created life of their unborn child. I offer you praise for every life that was saved. I thank you Lord, that I was one of them. Everyone reading this today was saved. Many, only by the grace of God survived. May those of us who have lived – grow into the designed plan that you have created for us before the beginning of time.

For those little blessings that did not make it full term, I thank you Lord for receiving them into your family in Heaven. May they one day be joined together – Mother & child –as you designed.

I pray a special blessing over the Mothers who have lost a child through abortion – whether by their choice or the choice of another. It’s easy sometimes to take life for granted. But when the life of an unborn child is lost, whether by abortion or miscarriage, it becomes a matter of the soul - a connection left unfulfilled. Lord, I grieve with those who have lost a child this way. Every mother who has lost bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh knows the sanctity of life. The very blood within their veins spilled out and into the tiny life of their unborn child.

You, O Lord are the creator of life. You created the design for connection between Mother and child, before the beginning of time. The fact that these unborn babies aren’t here in the earth realm doesn’t change your plan. So, today, I pray divine connection between these lost little blessings – now within your care – and the mother’s who placed them there – willingly, thoughtlessly or through no choice of their own. They’re all the same in your scope of things. The sanctity of life and their unblemished innocence- placed them there.

My humble prayer is that every mother who has stood face to face at the window between life and loss of life – will come to know the heartbeat of their lost unborn child. Reach down from Heaven, O Lord, and heal their broken connection. May they not be separated for eternity.

Thank you , Lord, for your indescribable gift of life. For your infinite mercy and grace. I praise you, Lord for receiving these little blessings into your own family, that they might enjoy eternity with you. May we not forget how precious we are to you. How valuable life is in your hands – for we were created to love and be loved by God. Help us, O Lord, to see life from your perspective. We need so desperately to see. Open our eyes and our hearts. Surprise us with glimpses from Heaven. May we see in the spirit realm – the multitudes of tiny footprints that are now at home in the family of God. We give you Glory, Lord.

In the precious Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



Remi, United Kingdom said...

Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssst! Yessssssss
I finally got my mojo back... about time too! chei!

How are you my lovely?

Jaycee said...

I grieve also with those women who have lost a child by abortion (intended or not), Father please give them the strength to forgive themselves and look towards the hills from whence Your help cometh, the strength to know that You're the Only one who saves and restores.

I continue to pray for the sanctity of life for myself, family, and anyone within any range of our influence.

(Thanks Patrina, please I shared this on my blog with a link back to Zoe's blog...thanks :))

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Father help everywoman who has undergone such a loss realise that inspite of it all, You still Love them. Help us Lord to appreciate the sanctity of Life, and to see that it You that have created them (and not they themselves). Have mercey on us o Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Rita said...

Thanks and God bless, Patrina.

Kafo said...

amen and amen

jhazmyn said...

hmmm.....AMEN...that's all i can say right now

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Amen...I pray for grace and restoration for women that have lost a child.

Thanks Patrina!