Monday, 8 February 2010

iPray: Day 8

A Prayer for the United Kingdom

To the King, we sing Hosanna, those who belong to Jesus Christ, King of all Kings. Let’s lift him up, those who belong to Jesus. Those who belong to Jesus Christ, King of all Kings (It sounds so much better in an African language believe me).

The children of a king must give him honour before strangers for they know first hand of His power and His might. Because they know Him, they can praise Him and tell of his wondrous works to those who come from afar. Alas, the children of a king due to their familiarity to the throne sometimes forget to do this and the strangers from afar surpass them in praise therefore the king is more inclined to bestow His blessings on them and the children lose out on the inheritance that should have been theirs. Such is not my portion today because I count myself among the children who come and kneel at Abba’s feet to say He is magnificent, sweeter than the honey on the honeycomb, the One who has merciful to me. The One who has wiped away my tears, the One who knew my story but still shared His glory. The One who knows all, hears all and sees all. Other may not praise because they were born in the palace but He picked me up from the slums of sin and accorded me a place in His Kingdom, I now share an inheritance because He signed my adoption papers long ago. Daddy I’m grateful and will never get tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

Father I thank you for the United Kingdom, I thank you for the freedom in this land, for infrastructure that works, still coming to grips with thanking you for this weather but thank you all the same. Thank you for a people though small in number when compared to other places on earth but mighty. Except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain that build it so your Word tells me and the same goes for a nation as well. Father, from the United Kingdom, missionaries came to Africa and other parts of the world, preaching the word, doing good works in your name. Lord, we know that we have deviated from the path, each one has gone his own way, and we have not sought the Lord. We have chosen the paths of men; in our search for ‘wisdom’ we have invited folly into our midst.

It is not for nothing that when we chose to become a ‘secular’ society we also chose to have high rates of teenage pregnancy, overflowing prisons and no sense of family structure. Father, we ask for your forgiveness in Jesus name. In particular, I ask for forgiveness for it is now the duty of those who have known the way to proclaim your word and let the world know that there is a better way, His name is Jesus. For you are the way, the truth and the life and no one cometh to the Father except by You.

I commit 2010 into your hands, election year. A year where we are promised change, where we are promised hope, where we are promised a new beginning. I pray for peace concerning this election, that your will be done, that your man move into number 10, for it is only you that knows the hearts of men, we see in part but you see the big picture. For the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord and like a watercourse, you direct it where it pleases you. Father we need a leader who will make right choices even when it goes against popular opinion.Your word says to pray for the peace of Jerusalem that we may prosper, this is our Jerusalem and we pray for her prosperity in Jesus name.

Father today, we ask that you raise up the 21st Century William Wilberforce, those who take a stand against laws and decrees that stand contrary to the Word of God, those who you have imparted with courage to buy the truth and not sell it. Thank you for Christians in Parliament and similar organisations and we ask that your Spirit fall upon them anew that they continue to hunger and thirst after you.Father I pray for our men in the military both home and abroad that You be with them, that You keep them, that they come to know you, Father protect them, Father bring them home alive in Jesus name. There are always casualties in war and I don’t even know how to pray for them but help them Lord in Jesus name.

Lord, I also ask that a godly respect for our leaders be borne in our hearts, we may not agree with them, we may not like them but we are commanded to respect the authority of the office they possess, its hard sometimes but give us that grace.
Let your light shine in the Kingdom, it is a Kingdom united by you.

God save the United Kingdom

God save the Queen

In Jesus name Amen

Scripture reference: Proverbs 21:1, 2nd Chronicles 7:14


Patrina said...

Lord, I love the part in Believer's prayer about the children of the King forgetting to praise the King - because of their familarity with the Kingdom. I believe you would call this complacency. May we never get so comfortable in our position in Christ that we forget what He - You - have done for us. Forgive us, Lord, when we fall asleep on the wall. Cause us to sense the urgency of the moment. The fields are ripe for harvest butmany labours are sleeping. Wake us us, Lord. Call us to prayer for our conutries. I pray a special blessing over the United Kingdom today. Believer's heart song for the nation is being sung. Hear the music of her soul - Raise up Godly leaders! And usher in a Peace in the name of Jesus! Transform their nation for your Glory. Make them strong in spiritual strength. Fight the battles that are unseen - battles of principalities that are hovering over their land - crating bondage for the peoples. Release the peoples of the United Kingdom - that they might choose to walk in your chosen paths for them and their country.

We give you praise for Believer - for her heart - her stnd - her witness - her salvation - her testimony. Use her testimony to save lives, Lord. Hear her prayer and meet her there -let her see your manifested Glory in the United Kingom.

In the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen <")>><

Rita said...

Amen. Thank You Lord for Believer who remembers to pray about everything.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Amen and Amen. God save it us. If He used us "United Kingdom" to spread His word once, He is able to revive us again. Therefore My Lord and King, we ask for a Revival, Revive UK we pray, Revive every dead, stagnant deprived, depreciated, unmoveable, removed part of us O Lord. Send Your Revival O Lord, and restore us Lord back to our former glory In Jesus Name Amen.

Myne Whitman said...


Believer said...

Dear Lord, I thank you for today. Thank you for divine protection, for keeping us and guiding us and giving us the opportunity to come before you to offer up praises, to thank you and also to make petitions. I still declare that this country shall bend the knee to the King who reigns over this Kingdom.
Thank you for my sisters and brothers that come here daily, continually offering up prayer, Lord I ask that you remember them in their own needs, touch them O lord. Strenghten them in Jesus name. I love you Lord

Jaycee said...

Father, thank you for the rising of mighty men for the United Kingdom, 21st century William Wilberforces.

I thank You Lord, because of who You are...and because there is nothing You cannot do and no prayer You cannot answer. I praise Your Holy Name.