Wednesday, 5 January 2011

iWorship Wednesday: And that my soul knows very well..

God bless Hillsong for the worship songs they have blessed the Body of Christ. In 2011, I want to draw closer and know Him that I love well. Not what people think about Him, not even what others have said about Him. But to know Him...To know Him.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.



In the midst of her said...

Hi Zoe... Nice blog.

Did you say Hillsong!!!

I am the BIGGEST FAN! Their songs are just "the truth" plain and simple! I LOVE THEM.

PS..Will be going to their concert this March.

Zoe Believer said...

Thank you for your comment. God bless you real good. I'm sure you'll be blessed at the concert.

2cute4u said...

Hmmmm.. Good to be here once again..
Happy New Year....

In the midst of her said...

I am awarding you the stylish and versatile Blog award...Check my blog out for details! Congrats!!!