Monday, 31 January 2011

iMeditate Mondays: A Father's Love

Our father
We love to call you
By your grace you have adopted
Now we're your children
You now receive us
Joint heirs with Jesus
Our father, our father

Your awesome love
You've shown to us
Goes beyond our wildest dreams
You saturate our lives with grace and mercy
and because you love
You chasten us
If we should go astray
like a Father
our Father

(Fred Hammond; Our Father)

A Father's love we rarely hear or think about. We understand so much about a mother's is unconditional, deep, the bonding experience that starts in her womb and doesn't cease. Society hasn't helped either, such a negative picture of what true fatherhood is all about.

Our Father, Daddy, Abba, Baba, Nna...

the one we should run to and not away from when we have problems
the one who protects us from danger
the one who provides for us
the one who gives us a sense of identity
the one who deals with issues
the one who disciplines us when we go wrong

How many of us have that deep relationship with our fathers? How many of us would use the word intimate? Does he know our secrets? Can we trust him with our secrets? Can we tell him anything and everything?

We should not blame our earthly fathers for they are men who even at their very best are unable to give love perfectly. For they are human and thus imperfect, one can only do their best. At their very best cannot equal the very least of God's love for us. I want to deepen my relationship with my earthly one and my Heavenly one. Telling them where it hurts, spending time with them, drawing closer and being a daddy's girl. Aint nothing wrong with that. Because Daddy loves his very much.

Meditations from ZoeB @ GH 30.1.11


Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing Zoe and I pray our Daddy grants you a blessed week.

jhazmyn said...

I've never been very close to my earthly father, but I always had fantasies of how I wanted to be with him, I guess that has helped me with God cos with Him, I can hope to receive and do receive my wildest imagination of a father/daughter relationship and more than I even imagine