Tuesday, 18 January 2011

iGot tagged: Stylish and Versatile

Thanks so much to Jhazmyn and Roseofsharon for nominating me for this award. I feel a bit of a fraud accepting is as I seem to have become a part time blogger these days but still it is very much appreciated. The rules of this award are as follows;

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 other bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and let them know that they have won.

7 things about ZoeBeliever

1. I drink one or two cups of coffee per annum. Maybe three but definitely not more than five. I don't hate it particularly just don't want to be one of those people who can't start the day without caffeine coursing through their blood.

2. I keep myself to myself. I'm learning that vulnerability is a strength and not weakness. I love other people but now I'm learning how to allow them love me too. To be open and trusting.

3. I would marry either Ben or Jerry for a lifetime supply of Cookie dough ice cream..lol

4. I'm transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I've learnt a number of lessons in the process. (a) That I tend to give up to easily, this is my second attempt at this. (b)That having a mentor is important (thanks FG! she always keeps me from doing something drastic) (c) that transition is never easy, you're not where you want to be but neither are you where you used to be but in everything give thanks (d) for my patient sister, I can be very trying when it comes to my hair! (e) there is more to life than hair!....can I hear someone say Amen!

5. My faith is the most important part of my life. There is no perfect Christian, our righteousness are like filthy rags before Him but He clothes us with His righteousness. God is such an amazing God. I've messed up so many times but somehow I always find His door open and His arms open. I don't know everything but I know He is my everything.

6. I immensely dislike a display of discourtesy. Say please and thank you. Teach your children to say please and thank you.  

7. My taste in music is so eclectic. I love all types of music. One of my favourite things is lying down listening to Andrea Bocelli or Il Divo in the background. I love jazz, the saxophone has got to be one of the most beautiful musical instruments created.

So that's it. I'm sorry I'm not tagging anyone because everyone I know has done this. So if you feel like doing this on your blog go ahead.

Remain blessed and highly favoured



Jaycee said...

We have a lot of things in common, like an eclectic taste in music, love for Ben & Jerry's, the importance of faith to us, and transitioning from relaxed to natural (been doing that for some years now sha). Nonetheless, I'm almost always in braids...that's not cool. Lol.

Have a blessed week, Amara :)

Zoe Believer said...

@Jaycee: I know...transitioning is hard. For now it's weaves and braids but by the summer I would like to experiment with my hair a bit more. Have a wonderful week. I should give you a surprise call soon...

Jude Ifeme said...

Now I know too much about you(smile).Music should have no boarders in great minds. How are you doing?

Zoe Believer said...

@Jude: I'm doing great...yes you do get quite a bit of information from these tags! Lol!

el bagucci said...

Yay to Bocelli.. Class act..

Blessing said...

Nice list you got there!

Lol @ marrying Ben or Jerry for a life supply of ice cream!!!

Yay@ natural hair...I've been natural for about 5 years...good stuff!

Take care

jhazmyn said...

For some reason, i just luv #2

As for transitioning, i doff my hat to those that do, I just dont think I'm up to the task, I would go natural in the future, but then i would carry a cut.

I also dislike a display of discourtesy, but I'm learning to ignore it, esp if its someone i don't know, like when a fellow motorist fails to wave in thanks when I give way for them