Tuesday, 5 April 2011

On...'Forgetting yesterday'

Forgetting yesterday and reaching for tomorrow was the message I got from my devotional this morning. Receiving strength for a new day, strength for a New Year. A New Year is lived one day at a time, one decision at a time. I spent yesterday angry, depressed....almost allowing resentment to take root. I woke up this morning remembering that 'Today' was a day the Lord had made for me to rejoice and be glad in. The decision is mine. God has already made the day....it is up to me to rejoice and be glad in it because I'm not God's puppet. Right now I'm smiling....my day is starting right. I don't know what's ahead but I'm going into it with God. He is my King and my lord. I bless and magnify His name. 2011 will definitely be my year of greater achievement in Jesus name. 


Jaycee said...

It's up to us to live in "this day" which the Lord has created. It's up to us to live the past behind and embrace the future.

Lovely reflection, Zoe. Missed ya! :)

Blessing said...


You're joy is contagious! I'm smiling right now...yes 2011 will indeed be a GREAT year by God's grace!!

Anonymous said...

And each day is God's blessings.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


jhazmyn said...

"I don't know what's ahead but I'm going into it with God"

True words...they carry strength in them