Saturday, 9 April 2011

Forgive me.....

that I still love them. That I'm asking God to teach me about condemning sin and not the sinner. Because sometimes I don't know where one ends and the other starts or when one starts and the other ends. Forgive me for praying for restoration of the wronged for it takes strength and courage to speak against what is wrong, despite what others may think of you. Forgive me for praying for restoration of the guilty and for thinking that they may need God even more. Forgive me for not discussing issues when I don't have the facts. Forgive me for not believing that not everything available on the Internet is true. Forgive me for thinking you should know better. Also for being 'biased' but are we not always biased with respect to those we love? Hmmm? Forgive me for not choosing sides for I wonder which side God is on? For I believe that the same God who is working on healing in one is also working on healing in the other. Forgive me for thinking He has the ability to do so.

Forgive me for believing that when people fall, they fall into the arms of a loving Father who will punish their wrongdoing and yet still have the capacity to have mercy on them. Forgive me because I don't understand how He does this...I'm still working on my own salvation, with fear and trembling, now more than ever. Forgive me for not having the capacity to fully empathise with a situation, true if it had been me..I would shoot first and maybe ask for forgiveness later...Forgive me for accepting the apology of people who looked into my eyes, admitting their error as they told me they had made a mistake. Forgive me for thinking you were not entitled to your opinion about issues and matters for you are. God doesn't love us less or more wherever we stand.

Forgive me for being confused about what to say or do because my Christianity 101 manual didn't prepare me for some things. I am a believer working towards maturity, and some days are harder than others. Sin remains sin, regardless of who commits it. Grace remains grace, regardless of who requires it. In all, God remains God, despite of what people want Him to be. Forgive me for having more questions than answers. Forgive me for not making sense but then who says we should make sense of everything?

Forgive me for believing that despite everything that happened God has the power to work good through it all. 

Please forgive me...

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