Friday, 22 April 2011

On 'Christianity'

A good man may not be a Christian but a Christian must always strive to be a good man. Of what point is our 'religion' if it does not lead us to be more be more like Christ. Dear Lord in this day I ask not for courage to change the world but courage required to change me. Let prudence, charity, justice and love be my watchwords today dear Lord/ Give me the strength not to take the 'bios' pathway but the Zoe. It is not just the abundant life but a higher form of living. Dear Lord be my strength and guide. Help me to see the place of prayer as a divine appointment between I and my Heavenly Father. It's ok to be nervous when you've been a bad child because a good Father chastises the one He loves. But I'll step into that place remembering that I'm meeting the One who sent His one and only son to die for me while I was still a sinner. I'm just imagining how much more You would receive me into your arms now as a child. A naughty child...but a child nonetheless... : )

N.B. Not everyone who goes to church is a Christian. Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian is one either. However Christians do lie, steal and do bad things. Because salvation is instantaneous but maturity is a lifelong process. Jesus Christ lived his life as a model for us and being a Christian is daily depending on His grace to live like that. We should be getting better. I love the way C.S Lewis puts it. "It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird; it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while inside an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad."


Jaycee said...

This post is just so beautiful and simply written.

I love this, "Dear Lord in this day I ask not for courage to change the world but courage required to change me."


I really love this. It says a lot. Lord! I just wanna be a Christian

Kafo said...

i think the problem is that a head knowledge of God is mistaken for a heart understanding.

It is one thing to know
it is another thing to live

happy easter

Patrina's Pencil said...

We must be hatched....haha got that right. "When I was a child..." I got hatched and now I'm growing and growing. it is a process but we must be moving forward - or as you said - we go bad.

Knowledge can do nothing on it's own. We need Wisdom and Power to get to where God needs us to be. :)

miss you girl. Hope things are good with you.

Patrina <")>><

Dew Logun said...

Well written sista sista, keep writing now u have just given me the inspiratn to finish my nxt story

dosh said...

i saw this and laughed to myself cos the last paragraph in my latest post is about not being a Christian simply because one goes to church and quotes bible verses.

Being a 'true' christian is a little simpler than we make it seem especially because we have been saved by grace.

Really deep and surprisingly simple. Great post!

BIGshot said...

awesome thought.Thanks for sharing. I caught; "Dear Lord in this day I ask not for courage to change the world but courage required to change me".

Adejoh Momoh said...

Very direct... Simple but profound...

Tisha said...

to be more like Christ.

I heard 'love is the higher way'
and i never forgot.

Now everyday, i choose love over hatred.
This is the only way for metamorphosis to continue.

Bianchii said...

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The Disciple said...

We must be hatched !!! If we refuse to hatch or be hatched, Is staying stagnant or going round in circle the same as going bad ? or does going bad become inevitable while we're taking forever to be hatched

Zoe Believer said...

I think going bad is inevitable if one refuses to be hatched. We are either drawing closer to God or drawing away from Him. There is no middle ground.

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