Wednesday, 3 June 2009

'B' Thankful

So Aloted issued us a challenge, to look for 10 things that we're grateful and thankful for that start with the first letter of our names..I guess for me that's a B for Believer.

Lord, I'm grateful for,

Brains: Thank you Heavenly Father, I know I usually grossly underestimate the importance of the different parts of my body as I have grown so used to having them. Thank you for the complexity that is my brain, that my amyglada, cortex, limbic system and all the bits that make up my brain are functioning as they should. I can think, speak, walk, run and do all that I do because of my brain. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for my brain which I use daily and yet never think about, thank you because through this brain even more complex questions will be answered in Jesus name.

Blogville family: I don't know if Blogville is an actual word that can be found in the dictionary but I'm grateful for my blogville family. You guys are the best, I've got to know some people outside of Blogville and they've all been amazing, even though some relationships were for a season, I'm still grateful because my life has been enriched. I've met beautiful people, people who have been so open and trusting that they have challenged me to become open and trusting to. When I'm down, I know there's a 30+ who always has a prayer, word of encouragement or something that makes me laugh out loud. I can't even begin to put all your names in this space but I thank God for you, you never know the impact your blogs make on the world. From politics to weddings, education to weight loss, every topic is covered on blogville. You are blessed and I thank God for the opportunity of knowing you all through your words. These days when I mention the word friend, my family always asks 'real' friend or 'blog' friend! Lol!

Babies: I'm sure almost every minute, the world is blessed with a miracle called a baby. I'm grateful to God that we don't come to this world as adults knowing everything, being able to do everything. Thank God for babies, their softness, their total dependence on us which is a model to teach us that we ought to be totally dependent on God. His word says like newborn babes we should always desire the sincere milk of His word. I know babies are a lot of hard work but a parent would never exchange their child for anything, I'm thankful for all babies, those born in good health and those who we are still believing God for healing. I thank God for babies that are yet to show up to mums that have been waiting for them for so long, I know that in the season of time, there shall be a testimony in Jesus name.

Books: How could I forget this? I am because I read and I read because I am. Readers are leaders and don't let anyone tell you different! I'm always flogging (promoting..sorry I'm picking up a lot of slangs these days!) the idea of reading and not just reading anything but reading books that add value, that add wisdom. Successful people read. I thank God for books, that I can have an insight into other people's knowledge without even having a conversation with them. I can pick up a book and step into another world of mystery, cracking my brain to find out Whodunit? I can read about anything, how to read, how to write, proper etiquette for a lady, I can learn about the lives of people who died before I was born. Books are wonderful, they are my biggest investment! Thank you Father for good books and for the greatest of all that has stood the test of time the Bible.

Bible: Well, this deserves a whole post on it's own. Thank you Father for the Bible, the irrefutable word of God. Thank you for the logos which reveals to us the rhema which comes with great dunamis. Thank you for the different versions that the Bible comes in, some may argue about it but I'm grateful to have comparisons on different versions, thank you for inspiring people to prepare study notes to add to some of them, giving us novices more insight into what a passage means and the historical background associated with it. Thank you that the Bible speaks to every need in my life be it physical, emotional, financial, relational, there is always a word in the Bible that can calm my fears. Thank you that the Bible is more than just a book, it is the living, breathing Word of God, changing lives on a daily basis. Thank you Father for leaving us this mine of wisdom that we can draw strength from on a daily basis.

Bacteria: Well, well, well, an unusual point to be grateful for. Thank you Father for bacteria, for the bad publicity they always get as being these bad things that make people sick which I know some of them are (the baddies) but thank you that less than 5% of all bacteria are pathogenic (able to cause disease). Thank you for the goodies, those in our gut ensuring the baddies don't stay there, those involved in food/antibiotic production, those in the environment, ensuring that nitrogen keeps getting recycled. Thank you that although they don't get appreciated they still keep working because they have to and truly we couldn't live without them even though we don't know!

'B' family: Thank you Lord for this family that I'd prayed about for such a long time, at first with apprehension but now with gratefulness. Thank you for the testimonies you have done so far, indeed I know that your hand has been involved every step of the way and I'm grateful for what you will still do in the future. Thank you for the love and peace that exists and thank you for acceptance.

Believer: Thank you for Believer, I'm grateful for my life, I'm thankful for God's mercy and grace, his hand of favour upon it. God has been good, even when life goes up and down, He remains faithful. Thank you for everything that makes me me, thank you for those things that I complain about, thank you in everything both good and bad you remain a good God who has great thoughts and plans towards me to give me a future and a hope. Thank you Father in Jesus name.

Wow, well gratitude, always makes for a great attitude. I feel so much better having done this. The hymn writer encourages us to count our blessings and it will surprise us what the Lord has done. There are so many things I take for granted, so thank you Aloted for inspiring this. I am truly blessed and passing it on.


Debbie said...

I am thankful for the Deliverance christ gave us by dying on the cross for us.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that Beleiver is a Vessel God uses to speak to me.

simeone said...

hmm...i thankful to god for the people i've met here and the way he speaks to me thru them..

justdoyin said...

nice...the Bible, books, brains, babies! oh, thank u Lord...

Believer said...

@all: There are so many reasons we can be thankful to God. He really is a good God.