Friday, 12 June 2009


Zoe Believer: How, God, how? When God, when?
God: Don't expect something that began with the strength of faith to finish on the basis of sight!

Now FAITH is being SURE of what we HOPE for, being CONFIDENT of what we do not SEE (Hebrews 11:1)


Remi, United Kingdom said...


Yes oh, faith is the super belief, without a shadow of a doubt that God is not a liar! That every single word He has uttered, spoken and written about all that concerns us, will be accomplished. That not one word will fall to the ground without manifesting its purposeful declaration.

Faith is the very essence of the believe we have in Jesus... But not forgetting Expectation oh! Ah, for this will ferry forth that very manifestation of the hope of our faith, making it our reality, so we will be like those that dreamed!!! Woohoo!

Ok, this just fired me up! Lol! How are u doing luv? Have an awesome weekend oh. Lots of love x

Believer said...

Yes, you are first, I owe you a mocha or hot drink of your choice from Starbucks or cafe of your choice!

Thanks so much, the fire from you has ignited something in my spirit...woohoo. Just keep me in your prayers my sis! God is working.

Uzo said...

I love this....Faith is the very essence of all i believe and how i live my life

Kafo said...

soo short yet so potent

too true
i have to come back and read this

Believer said...

@Uzo: I like that, someone said faith is our profession, thanks for your comment

@Kafo: Sometimes we need less words for more impact. God bless you, your posts are such a blessing

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