Friday, 12 June 2009

Total praise

Ten thousand clashing cymbals
A dozen or so tambourines
Four score and ten sekeres
Let's not forget the
talking drums,
or the stringed instruments
the saxophone
or the oboe
and most importantly millions of hands greeting each other
all saying in their own tongues
Praise be to God Almighty
the whole earth is full of your glory
I am redeemed of the lord and I say so
I have breath so I'm counted amongst those
that are praising the Lord today
for indeed He has been good, His mercies endureth forever

I feel like shouting, I've been singing and dancing but now I have company! Yes, I am crazy, crazy about my God. No, nothing happened, well at least if I can call the fact that I'm still alive and well nothing, or that my blocked nose is clear nothing, or the fact that my lunch is waiting for me in the fridge nothing, that the fact that there's no cash in the bank at the same time there are no bills to pay nothing! If I can say that my family is alive and well nothing, If I can say that my education is nothing or that some sales were made nothing well then nothing has happened! But these things I take for granted are not nothing because my God has got my back real good.

I am rejoicing, I am singing, I am dancing, I am jumping (on the inside), please join me, I know Remi is breakdancing so I'll just give her some space and do my running man at the side! Lol! But join me, let's give Him total praise. He more than deserves it!


Remi, United Kingdom said...

I'm first again! I'm on a roll oh .. do the shuffle, do the shuffle.

When your soul lights up on praise and your very countenance is filled with the desire to sing praises to Almighty God, trust me,something has or is happening... God inhabits the praises of his children... and his presence.. always brings about change...

I follow u dance, shout, scream and praise... hehehe...

make sure you include the moonwalk oh.. and then the robot style sef.. en hen.. next u do the dusting of the shoulder bit, cus as a child of Almighty baba.... norrin do you jare.. praie awaaaaaaaaaaay! It s good to be alive and well and it is a very great and tremendous previledge to be able to praise and worship the almighty God in sincerity and in truth... father thank you.. :-))))

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


I feel a new kinda groove coming on!!

Believer said...

@remi: I trust you my sis! Oh my, oh my, so many steps! Norrin do me o! Have a great weekend our God is good

@LOASCM: Nne, I was thinking of you yesterday, sorry my thoughts did not culminate in me picking the phone to call. How you doing?