Wednesday, 8 September 2010

iWorship Wednesdays; Trouble aint..

Hi people

Sorry for the break in transmission. It's been real busy at my end but I felt very guilty for abandoning the blog. Wow..2010 has been a year but I thank God. This song really got me through some hard times this year. Thanks to Ministers Erica and Tina...I'm sure it will bless you as well.

Trouble aint

Can't promise you no pain no tears
Can't say you'll never be lonely again
My friend
But you see there's a remedy
There's someone who's got
Everything you need
And if you hear what I'm saying
I'm sure you'll agree that?-

Trouble ain't gon' be here everyday
Even though sometimes it seems like it won't go away
After you've done all that you know how
Just to keep from breaking down
Just believe it's gonna get much better
After awhile

Sometimes I sit back and I think about
Where I've been and where I am
Right now
See I wasn't quite sure you could
Hear me calling
But you were there to catch me
When I was falling
So I know

Oh sometimes we may just want to cry
Then you tell me it's gonna be alright
You can't go through life
Living problem free
But you got to keep the faith
And you got to believe

So the next time you're feeling
A little frustration
And you going through
A bad situation
Remind yourself that it won't last for long
'Cause soon it will be over and you'll be moving


Myne Whitman said...

Trouble sure ain't gonna last always. Thanks for sharing those lyrics. I hope your week is going well?

jhazmyn said...

True words indeed

Jaycee said...

Trouble won't last long. Joy always comes in the morning. iLike this song, before I moved to my current location, any time I'd drive my sister's car, this CD would come on.