Thursday, 17 May 2007


Warning! Very silly questions shall follow. I know the answers but still feel the need to ask the questions. This is a true indication of my frame of mind now. I think my brain needs to reboot!

Why is it that when I ask the Lord for patience, He sends annoying people my way?
Why is being a daddy's girl a good thing but being a mama's boy isn't? (DG, no pun intended!)
Why has Melinda Doolittle been voted off American Idol?
Why is statistics so confusing to me and why must there be a null hypothesis?
Why is my bed so narrow that I cannot even give the excuse of waking up on the wrong side...cos there's only one side?
Why do the healthy things seem unappealing to my appetite but the danger foods taste so great..ha ha Haagen Das?
Why am I writing on this blog when there are so many other things to do?
Why do I run after people who push me away and why do I push away those that run after me?

Hope I'm not losing it..maybe i should call it a day, some scripts to mark and a sunday school lesson to prepare for. Help me Lord Jesus.

Remain blessed



SET said...

I LIKE YOU BLOG, I AM SURE Daddy's Girl will not take anything personal, lol. There are a lot of WHYS and the answers are still hanging out in space.

Allied said...

Why can't i answer your questions?
Why do i also feel like asking the same questions?
Why do i forget that Jesus said "do not worry about anything"
Why do i suddenly feel he is in control?
Why do i feel if i read my bible now, i won't want to know the answers to my why questions?

Have a blessed day!

Believer said...

@set: Thanks for your comment. I love your blog as well. I'm an undercover reader. Anyways if we knew the answers to all the whys of life maybe we would depend on God less and on ourselves more!

@allied: Lovely comment. The Bible has the answers but sometimes not what we are expecting! Remain blessed.

Nyemoni said...

Girlfriens... you ain't losin it...It's natural to ask question sometimes... God will lead you to the answers...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

well Melinda got voted cuz she didnt get enuff votes!!! :-) and we'd (ME) would like see Blake in the finale and wouldnt think of voting Jordin out (cuz she's going to win)

Believer said...

@nyemoni:Thank u, He is the source of all answers. remain blessed.

@diamondhawk:I am honoured to have a blog 'celebrity' such as yourself visit my blog! Thanks for your comment. I am edging towards Blake cos he is very UNIQUE! We'll see how it goes. Remain blessed

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL!! Great post.

Believer said...

@ DG:Thanks. I was thinking of making a petition to be signed by members of blogville 'demanding' that you update but I'm sure you are really busy. Anyways take care and have a blessed week.