Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Oh oh...

My blog is suffering from serious neglect. I made a decision last week to stay off blogville for 7 days. Not because blogging is bad or anything like that but I just wanted to find out if I owned the blog or the blog owned me. I was surprised by how difficult it was at first. I'm not sure if it was because I had made a mental decision about it or just that reading other people's blogs had become such an essential part of my day. I'm pleased to say I passed the test..I didn't even cheat once although I must confess it was a really busy week as well!

It's been really busy at work but I'm looking forward to the last week of May where hopefully I can take a break and not come into the lab for a whole 5 days..hallelujah! So what's been happening?

On a personal note, I'm happy to see small changes in the way I think and behave as I move towards my total transformation.

Spiritually, I feel like I am closer to God now than ever before and it can only get better. I'm learning to trust that He does actually know what is best for me and that it doesn't matter that things are not moving according to my agenda..I am willing to wait until my change comes because His wisdom shall be my guidance.

Physically, I'm trying to push myself a bit more in the gym though I haven't been going as regularly as I should but something is better than nothing. And someone is volunteering to help me take up running..(The Lord is my strength!)

Relationally, I find myself going into my loner zone again, closing up, not allowing people in, unable to share. I have tried to shake it off..maybe it's a season of being alone with God but in this area I really need His help because it's not somewhere I am really strong. I find myself unable (or unwilling?) to have really strong ties with people. This could develop into a post of its own so I better stop here.

Ahh soccer, go ManU winning the Premiership and hopefully the F.A cup at Wembley on Saturday. Hip, hip hurrah. Very disappointing loss to AC Milan in the UEFA cup but I'll like to say that we didn't want the other teams to be too jealous so we gave that up for Liverpool (Ha, ha!)

Anyways, too much work to do and too little time to do it. It is well with you and no matter the obstacle, you and God are already a majority as there are no impossibilities with Him.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.



Nyemoni said...

Hey Girl... long time no hear from you! Nice to know you're doing good!! Yeah, we won the premiership.... lets hope for the best on the 19th... Nice to have you back....God bless....

Allied said...

The Lord is your strength. Continue ot put it into prayer about your behaviour with People and The Lord that you serve will see you throught it.

Believer said...

@nyemoni:Thanks! FA cup here we come! Remain blessed.

@allied: Thanks for visiting my blog, i'm just commiting everything to God in prayer. I know it shall be well.