Sunday, 22 January 2012

Finding our voice..

I am not what you would call a bold person, not really what you would call a courageous person. However, I am beginning to realise how important it is for one to find their voice. There is a difference between voice and sound. A voice can express itself in a whisper or a scream. I wouldn't whisper if I realised my best friend was crossing the road without looking and a lorry was about to hit them. I wouldn't scream while having a conversation with her about some personal choices she had made.

We all have a voice, some people are more vocal than others. Some voices are oral, some are written. A voice that stands out to me is the hazy image I have of an Indian man in a white robe who felt it was right for his people to be independent of British rule. We all have a voice. God gave it to us. Our voice is our purpose, what we are here for. Whatever it is, find your voice and use it.

God bless.



miss.fab said...

I love this. As an introvert living in a mostly extrovert-dominated culture, I've often struggled with the sense that I need to vocalize more and speak more so that I can be heard at all, and I've felt immensely inadequate on those ocassions I fell short. It was such a huge relief to realize that it was okay for me to express myself in the ways that felt more natural and comfortable, huge audience or not.

Zoe Believer said...

@miss.fab: I'm exactly the same. I have learnt to 'do me' but always rise to what occasion demands. He has given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Thanks for your lovely comment. God bless.

Jennifer Abayowa said...

"Our voice is our purpose." This line really inspired me.

Jennifer Abayowa said...

I love this. I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written! Thanks

CFAgbata said...

Intricately beautiful, your opinion is delightfully expressed. A heartfelt confidence booster if there ever was one. It's definitely important to have a voice of our own especially in times like these when it is easily drowned by the noise of the world. And when that happens we risk losing sight of our voice and what we really stand for.