Friday, 6 January 2012



I woke up this morning singing 'I have seen the Lord's goodness, His mercy and compassion. I have seen the Lord's goodness, hallelujah, praise the Lord!'

I claim the words of this song to be my reality in Jesus name. Indeed You have been good to me and my family in the past. I know You will continue to do the same in my future. Dear God, I thought what I needed was a job, fit into that dress, and all the x things on my imaginary 'I will be happy when this happens' list and yet what this week has taught me is that when you choose to 'detox' be warned because all sorts of stuff is just going to start coming out of you....literally! The sugar shaking, the crankiness, the headaches on the physical side and now on the emotional end I am just realising how much resentment has been in my heart towards a, b and c.

Yesterday, I allowed a seed of mistrust lie in my heart and I know its because of the things I have refused to deal with from the past. Daddy, help me not to allow that seed germinate. Great thing about this process is not just the giving up of things you don't want in your system but taking in things that you do want. The fruit of the Spirit is love and Your word says we should love one another, deeply and sincerely to fulfil the call of Christ on our lives. Dear God, please be my guide and shield. This heart was not created to hold on to resentment and anger but to give love. My life was created to be a reflection of You. Help me Daddy to always say what needs to be said but to speak all truth in love.

Help me weed out bitterness and envy from my life. Tired of my 'woe is me' song lately. Please help me. My heart cries out to You. I believe in the transforming power of your love. You took Simon the flake and make him Peter the rock. At the cross we can drop our sin clad lives and receive righteousness, peace and joy. I want my life to be a true reflection of You. Lord it isn't about accumulating silver and gold but living and fulfilling purpose.

God thank You for being 'honesty' in our relationship. For showing me things about myself that You do not like. Not to condemn me but that I might be saved. Thank you for this season in my life, for the grace for this season. Thank You for strength in this season, thank you for joy in this season. Do what You alone can and may your awesome name always be glorified. May I always find rest in You. Now and always.

In Jesus name. So be it.

Much love



Truth said...

Praise God, we all need a new leave and turnaround if we will continue to live under His grace.

dosh said...

"it isn't about accumulating silver and gold but living and fulfilling purpose" i'm taking this and running with it

Zoe Believer said...

@Truth: Thank you ma. Amen

@dosh: Thanks!