Friday, 4 February 2011

iPray Fridays: I never expected

"I never expected to see your face and God has allowed me to see your children"

Genesis 48:11

'For surely there is an end, and thine expectation shall not be cut off' 

Proverbs 23:18

/ek-spek-tey-shuhn/ : a thing looked forward to, a prospect of future good or profit

Jacob was shown his son's robe with blood on it. He was told his son must be dead. It was true that it was his son's robe, the blood on it was as real as blood goes. No CSI in those days to test if the blood was human or not...but yet despite his 'good' evidence, his son was not dead. He never expected to see his son's face again...and yet God allowed him not only to see his son but his son's sons. 

Surely, there is an end and our expectation shall not be cut off in Jesus name. We all have expectations. We expect a salary from the boss at the end of the month, we expect service from the utility company when our bills are paid, most single people expect to get married, couples trying for a baby expect to get pregnant, pregnant couples expect to have a baby within a period of time. Its something that hasn't happened yet but we look forward to it happening. 

Jacob expected to see Joseph grow from a boy to a man and yet all he got was a blood stained robe, evidence to him that his expectation had been cut off and short. What is the evidence that you have before you today? The evidence that tells you that your expectation will be or has been cut short? Bring it before the altar in prayer today. Let those dreams live again, God always has a purpose and a plan. Joseph may be 'lost' in a strange man's land for 13 long years but your expectation shall not be cut short in Jesus name. Don't give up, stay praying! This just encouraged me.

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Oreofe said...

Good morning daddy. Thank you for blessing me with the grace to see a new day. Thank you for your word that declares that my expectations shall not be cut short, that if I delight myself in you, You will give me the desires of my heart.

All evidence points to me not being able to get the job I desire. I hear of downsizing, restructuring, closing of departments and yet I know that you are Jehovah Jireh. The One who supplies my needs. Today I go beyond the temporary facts that I see and stand upon your word which is permanent.

Thank you for this word. Even though I never expected to see a divine turn around in my life, I am changing my expectations according to your word. Give me strength today to hold on till I see my good change in Jesus name. I pray for the finishers anointing. Thank you for Zoe, I pray that you meet her at the point of her need and give her grace to function in the unction You alone have placed upon her life.

Help me Lord to discover and walk in the purpose that you have designed for me. I bless and magnify your holy name in Jesus name. Amen.


LORD! let not my expectations be cut off career - wise in Jesus name. Bless the messenger of your word and cause her to increase and give her the fortitude to be her recent loss. AMEN.

Rita said...

Amen oh! May we see that which You, My Perfecter, My Father, have purposed for us even before the foundations of the earth...

Truth said...

Father l thank you for making it possible for me to see my expectation come to pass,

Truth said...

Father l thank you for making it possible for me to see my expectation come to pass,

Simon said...

It is wonderful to know our expectations will be met, because of our love,faith and hope in Jesus Christ!