Friday, 6 November 2009

The Wilderness Chronicles: Day 3

Understanding the Wilderness

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said No, No, No (Amy Winehouse, Rehab, Back to Black)

The lyrics of that song reminds me that although something may be good for me, I don't always accept it willingly. The wilderness is an uninhabited place. It is neither comfortable nor luxurious but where you get alone with God to face your deepest fears, a rehab centre where physical, mental, spiritual and emotional crutches are taken away and God asks you to start walking.

In the wilderness, tears may be shed but then a lot of flabiness is lost as we exercise our faith. The Word of God ceases just to be something we read as something we live out. Apart from exercise, the diet in the wilderness is different, 100% organic, pure everliving Word of God, we feel it's sharpness as it divides between soul and spirit. We are stretched beyond our comfort zones, way beyond. However, the most important fact about the wilderness is that you must go in with God. Although on the surface, the wilderness might seem like a punishment but it isn't, it's a necessary pain for our development. Don't lose sight of God in the wilderness, if not we become like Cain, lost, bitter and disillusioned.

The wilderness is a place where patience is learned, there are no microwaves and no quick fixes, no rush. It's a place where new skills which are necessary for survival are learnt as we see that what we thought we had and knew don't count for much in our new environment. Here, I am learning that my all comes from God, what it means to be 100% reliant on God. My 'idols' will be toppled and God reign as King.

This wilderness has been a place where my longing for things and people become converted to a longing for God. I have chosen to lay Isaac and try to walk away. I say try because I'm not sure i've walked away yet. I have to believe that God's word is true when He says that He has plans for me and the plans are good. In the wilderness I receive instructions for the next phase, the next step, the next level.

The wilderness has it's own set of rules. Your diet is different, the language is different, values shift; the Blackberry you can't live without is of no use here. The wardrobe is different therefore your behaviour is different. In coming days, we will have an opportunity to talk to some of their wilderness experiences to enable us understand better. The wilderness is also for a season, so be encouraged, it's not going to be forever, hang in there and hold on. My prayer, "Father let your work be perfected in me."

So don't be like Ms. Winehouse, don't say no to Him when He calls and the journey continues...


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

oh what a wilderness. But you know what, I wouldn't give up my experiences in the wilderness for any other. Indeed, I have what it is like to be a woman of purpose.

How have you been munchkins :)

Anonymous said...

this sounds all to familiar to me. the wilderness is not a fun place but maturity and growth is birthed from it. i dont like the things i have had to go through to be the person i am today and the person he is making me to be tomorrow, but when i open my eyes i see that God has worked it out for good. like joseph what was intended to destroy me has only made be stronger!

Phil 1vs6 is my new love right now.

Hope ur doing well boo? i miss u o!!! but it is well

Remi, United Kingdom said...

I recognise the very characteristics of this wilderness you have described... this phase its about understanding the season that is called wilderness - what to do or not do. What to learn or unlearn. What to pick up or drop back right down... but when you come through, you come out gold for God would have refined you through it all..

much love x

Believer said...

@LOASCM: Nne, how are you doing? I am well o, how far now? I'm waiting for your good news o...

@ChiChi: Thanks you sweetness, truly we are a composite of not just what we have been through but what we have learnt from it

@Remi: What can I say, except that through it all I have learnt to trust in Jesus in a way that I never have before. Remain blessed

Tisha said...

I am in the wilderness
not of my own will

God knows if he asks me to go to the wilderness, i'll refuse to go.

so he puts me in the wilderness and every good thing inside me starts coming out...

i am ready!

Believer said...

@tisha: Word! In the wilderness we begin to see everything through God's eyes and we work out our faith. Remain blessed and highly favoured.