Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Wilderness Chronicles: Day 1

Loving the product, hating the process...

Come away with me my love, you know how many times I have made this call to you but you have ignored me and run away so many times. At the end of your road, with your worn trainers and out of breath, you realise that this is what you need and this is what you need right now! Before the glory comes the trial and temptation, before the trial and temptation comes the wilderness experience. The wilderness is not a tourist attraction, no one books tickets there at the travel agent's, there's no queue at the airport. Yet the wilderness is beyond what it looks like on the surface, it is a place of preparation, a place of refining, a place where it's just me and you. No distractions, I need to wean you off those things and people that gve you your temporary fix without hitting the spot. I need you to need me, I need you to commit to going through this process even though you don't like it. I know you realise you need it and are afraid of what this season is bringing but I need you to trust me. I need you to remember all the words I have spoken to you, all the words you have shared as well and trust that I know what is best. So it's time to get to the next level, are you ready? I'm a demanding lover, I need your all. I need to be your everything.

Dear Daddy,

I know I need to do it but I don't want to. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength but... I see beyond the process to the product to the woman I can be, that I can be free of the limitations holding me back so I say yes and like you asked I commit to the process and to chronicling it. Help me Lord, never to run back, never to look back but to learn how to seek solitude and draw strength from you. To know that this season of being alone with you is a blessing and as I sow in tears, I will reap with rejoicing.

I love you
but I now realise
I must love you
as you desire
With all my heart
Soul and strength
All not some
Nothing else
Before you
Everything else
After you
I love you
I choose to love you
Help me Lord

The Wilderness Chronicles begin here, it's a journey I'm taking and I have no idea where it's going but by His grace I'll chronicle as I can. God is good, never forget that, irrespective of whatever it is you are going through.

Remain blessed and highly favoured.


Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing, I will follow and wish you the best.

jhazmyn said...

Hmmm, Like the footprints in the sand poem...those times when there's just one footprint in the sand....that's when He's carrying you in His arms...

Meet you at the finish line dear, cos you will get there