Friday, 22 May 2009


Believer: Why me, God? Why me?
God: Why not you?



O'Dee said...

Something to think on.

Hope you are good love?

Remi, United Kingdom said...

**sigh** yup something to think about for real, for sure.

I actually stopped asking the "why me" a while ago, when I learnt about the reasons for purification and that nothing happens without His permission.
So now I scream "yeeeeooooh,Papa this heat eh? Odikwa too much oh! This chaos or madness and growing is a lot oh"! And then at the same time, declare "norrin do me". "I can or I fit pass this test too"... And then whimp, scream cry, praise all the way through!

But it is NOT easy oh. This thing called life is not easy.... Hmm need to put up a post on this :-)

God is your strength... Have an awesome weekend. MuchLove

Kafo said...

i needed to read this right now cuz i am feeling like crap

have a blessed weekend

i hope all is well

Telekinesys said...

Hmmmm.Know that feeling.What i do is ask'What are you trying to teach me Lord?'. Like Remi said, nothing happens without His permission.

Believer said...

@Oluwadee: Mummy-to-be, I'm fine to God be the glory, it was just a conversation I was having with God. How are you doing? From your posts, I can see strong, your lot is like that of the Hebrew women

@Remi: By His grace, I'm actually confessing why not me, nothing do us jare we are chosen vessels and gold must go through the fire for all the impurities to come out. It is well

@Kafo: Please don't feel like crap, this might sound cliche but God sees you as special, not based on performance just based on Himself

@telekinesys: Thanks, I find great comfort in those words. God bless you