Tuesday, 12 August 2008

So you think you can....


I am just in one of those moods, when I just want to forget about everything else and lay on my face in the presence of my Master, the one and only God, the immortal, invincible and invisible....anyway Lord, this is from me to you.

There are kings
but you are the KING OF ALL KINGS
The are lords
but you are the LORD OF ALL LORDS
The God who created
the heavens and the earth
and all that is within them
God of wonders
An awesome God
Awesome in your majesty
Awesome in your beauty
Awesome in your splendour
Awesome in your holiness
I join everything and everyone that has breath to give you praise
Lover of my soul
My Husband
My song in the night
My strong tower
My great protector
My great provider
Who is there like you in all the earth?
I ask again...Who is there like you in all the earth?
Your knowledge knows no bounds
You know the number of hairs on my head
You know the thoughts in my heart
You know the tears that I cry
You know my yesterday, you know my tomorrow
Your power is limitless
You arise and your enemies are scattered
You decree a thing and it must come to pass
You watch over your word to perform
Who is there like you in all the earth
A great God, a God of justice
Yet also, a God of mercy
The One who has compassion on me
The One who sees me through the blood of His son
The One who clothes me with His own righteousness
The One who answers prayers
Ever Present
Ever Loving
All seeing
My Banner, you surround me
You clothe my enemies with shame
You give me confidence to laugh in the face of trouble
Author of my story, you will finish it as well
Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of all matters
Daddy I give you praise
Father I give you praise
You have been my Rock
You have been my song
You have been my testimony
Giver of life
Giver of hope
Giver of new beginnings
My turn it around God
The Unexplained Explainer
Ese Modupe
For the victory
Daddy I thank you
You called me Hephzibah
You called me Beulah
You called me Grace
You called me Glory
You called me Beautiful
So I dance
So I praise
So I worship
Rocks, you can't take my place
I will holler from the rooftops if necessary
That my God is great, He is greatly to be praised
The One who understands all languages
Nothing takes Him by surprise
Is He not worthy
He is my Beloved and I am His
Shall we not give Him praise

...so if you think you can...give Him praise...


simeoneomobaba said...

He is the one who was , who is and is to come the author and the finisher of my faith ,He is my light and my salvation. He is my sun and shield. He gives me grace and Glory...the lover sheperd of my soul, my Father , My King , My Lord, I tried as much as I could to out-love him, then I remembered He is Love. He loved me first.
If i type from now till thy Kingdom come I wouldn't finish praising you Lord..Baba you are too much oyigiyigi..the one who created time and stepped out of time, indeed he is the beginning and the end..the Al-mighty..ain't gonna let no rock cry out in my place...you are my King.

disgodkidd said...

hey...how's it going?

Believer said...

@simeoneomobaba: Amen and amen..."the one who created time and stepped out of it" chei, this our God na wa o!

@disgodkidd:I'm fine, thank you. How are you and how is novia....

isha said...

That's amazing!

Jaycee said...

I'm shouting in my living room...HALELUYAHHHHH...

I praise You Oh Lord, my Author...you finished my book well. The I am that I am, My Strong Tower, My Redeemer from Everlasting, Rock of Ages, My Rose of Sharon...

The One who calls me BEAUTIFUL...

The One who calls me FRIEND...

Ah, thank You Father...I love You. For all You've done for me, all you are going to do in my future, and because of WHO You are.

OluwaDee said...

"You give me confidence to laugh in the face of trouble".

10k u father.

D reason I live
D reason I laugh
D reason I go on in d face of trouble.

10k u father.

My everything
My all
My life
My joy
My complete
My hope
My reason

10k u father.

U gave your life 4 me
Now I have life anew.

10k u father.

ebony said...

Thanks for this, Believer.

Rinsola said...

In my not too good mood, i'm saying out loud "The one who knows the thoughts in my heart, Who knows the tears i cry....".

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I am now back, and now seated on my work table. Hope you got my txt. will try and call before the weekend. Take care lovel;y.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Mehn Im in the mood to give God some crazy praise, trully He is and has been faithful. He is wonderful, awsome, excellent, he has been there even when many have forsaken me, upheld my head, when shame followed me. My disaster averter, when death was all that waited for me. God you trully have been so good to me. Thank you for your love Oh God. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Father God, there is none like you.

These are the kind of words that excite the heart of God.

God bless you Zoe.

AlooFar said...

Thanks for sharing this.