Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I am a DIVA!

Hi all,

I trust that you are all well and standing strong in the Lord. I've been reading The Diva Principle by Michelle Mckinney Hammond. I'm really loving it! The way I see it we are all supposed to be divas because we are daughters of the King of Kings. Although the word is not always used in a positive way, this is my own spin on it from what i am learning from the book.


A DIVA is secure in who God made her to be. She knows that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. She takes time to assess both areas of strengths and weakness in her life. She develops her strengths and is proactive about working on weaknesses even when it stretches her beyond her comfort zone.

A DIVA is gracious, oh yes there are some aggravating people out there but a DIVA knows that between stimulus and response there is the power to choose. She knows that a gentle answer turns away wrath and that it is the glory of the wise to overlook an insult. No unwholesome talk proceeds from her mouth but her speech is always with grace as seasoned with salt.

A DIVA is hospitable, you always feel at home in her prescence. She makes you feel that you are the most important person on earth because she genuinely puts you there.

A DIVA is a woman of integrity. If she says she'll be there she will, at the time she said she said. Sure, life is not always black and white but if she won't be there or will be late she'll let you know so you can make other arrangements.

A DIVA is a servant. Her life's purpose is to serve. To serve her God and humanity. For her, life is not the accumulation of things but the opportunity to be a blessing in service to those God has brought her way.

A DIVA is a woman of vision. She knows that there is more to life than the immeadiate present, that the vision God has given her is for an appointed time and will speak so she waits on the Lord to show her where He wants her to be and asks His guidance in getting there.

A DIVA is a lover. She loves her God, totally without any inhibitions or apologies. She is not ashamed to lie prostrate in His presence irrespective of designer wear..Lol! She is not ashamed to to cry in His prescence or jump up and down giving undignified praise because she knows that He is the ultimate lover of her soul and if it had not been for Him she would be nothing. A DIVA loves others unconditionally and sacrificially from a GENUINE heart.

A DIVA is beautiful both within and without. She realises that her body is a temple of God so she must be careful about both what goes in and what goes out of it. She knows that like a car's engine is only as productive as the quality of petrol and maintenance that it gets, she takes time to eat well, exercise, rest, recharge and restore. She know's she not superwoman so she says no to the good so she can focus on the best.

A DIVA relates. She knows no woman is an island and that life is all about relationships. She maintains a 360 degree relational cycle, mentoring those coming behind her, encouraging and affirming those on the same level as her and being mentored by those that have gone before her.

A DIVA has a VICTORIOUS ATTITUDE. She knows that life is not a bed of roses but she is building her house on the rock so that when the storms of life come, by the grace of God she is able to bear it. She knows that failure is not an event but a mentality and that even though the righteous may fall seven times, the Lord will raise her up. She is able to admit her mistakes and move on because she is humble enough to admit that she is not perfect and it is only by the grace of God that she is who she is!

Wow! I guess there is more..feel free to share your thoughts. Looking at these, I know there are so many areas where growth is needed but I still thank God. By His grace, I know we can get there.

Remain blessed and highly favoured. 2008 continues to remain our year of UNCOMMON TESTIMONY!


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

A DIVA remembers when its time to wait on the Lord or get up and I am a DIVA oo.. how are you z..

isha said...

Diva, that's nice. I'm hanging on to that!

Jaycee said...

Hmm...interesting stuff...

OluwaDee said...

"A DIVA is a servant. For her, life is not the accumulation of things but the opportunity to be a blessing in service to those God has brought her way."

I am a DIVA.

Did u get all this from that book?
if u did pls email me d title n author of the book so I can get a copy.

Believer said...

@LOASCM: Egbon mi, i am well o, u've whizzed past me again!!! Sorry, i owe u a phonecall. You know I love u sha, I will add this contribution to my diva-collection

@Isha: Yes o, we are divas'

@jaycee: How are you doing dearie?

@oluwadee: Yes, i learnt all these and more though these are my own words. Indeed you are a diva, expect my mail o. When am I coming for my cooking classes??


I like this meaning of diva. Must keep that for my diva-fied 4 year old daughter. =)

ebony said...

Hi Believer-the-Diva,
Just dropping by to say a quick howdy! Talk to you soon. Nice always.