Friday, 4 July 2008



When a cheap plastic pen from WHSmith (sorry!) stops working, you throw it in the bin. When your £21,000 Freelander 2, stops working, you just don't take it to any 'ole mechanic. You take it to an expert. Why? Because of it's worth to you, because of how much it cost you, because of the sacrifices that you made to get it, because of how wonderful you feel when you're cruising about town in it.

Sometimes, people hurt us, take us for granted, make us so angry but we need to determine what the relationship is worth to us, a 10p pencil or a £21,000 SUV? So when there are problems, know what to do, whether to ditch or to take to an expert. For the ones that require an expert, may I recommend my ultimate Fixer to you. His name is Jesus Christ.

He can
..wipe every tear
..put a balm over every wound
..make you smile again
..comfort you
..hold you for as long as you need to be held

Most importantly, He can turn around any situation as long as you are willing to act on His advice and like any professional, He sticks to the guidelines in the manufacturer's manual..the Word of God!

Selah! (Think about it)

When I saw the picture of the car, I just had to include it. WOW!


Debbie said...

Nice and well thought out illustration. true the way we treat and handle our friendship depends on their worth.
Chris is truel the barm of Gilead,
he is our comforter in the time of need and our very present help in trouble.

Well said.

disgodkidd said...

hey believer. nice post. how u doing?

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Word! God can fix the unfixable and change un-changeable situations around- for the better. I love the analogy. Love the car too! Have a great weekend. God bless

isha said...

I love stopping by your page, very uplifting.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


Sha said...

....havent been here in a long time...stay blessed!

Believer said...

@debbie: Thanks for your comment. God bless you. He is a very PRESENT help. Word.

@disgodkidd: I'm blessed o, thank God for God

@remi: Thanks, your blog is an inspiration. God bless you

@isha: Thanks so much, you will continue to remain lifted in Jesus name

@LOASCM: My love, i am deeply hurt, u came my way and u didn't call me. Sob, sob! I'm reporting to uncle DCO

@sha: Remain blessed. Thanks for passing this way.