Sunday, 22 June 2008

Yo mama, it's your birthday

A strong woman
that's who you are
you have been through the fire
and the flood
and yet you have remained standing
trusting in the Lord
for His promises never fail

A beautiful woman
that's who you are
People see you and ask
"Is that your sister?"
I frown, you smile
and we both say no
you never forget to remind them
that I'm not even your first

A funny woman
that's who you are
we always sing
"man worry, man die
man no worry, man die
so why worry"
as we burst out laughing
even when the news is not so good

An intuitive woman
that's who you are
you understand
my smile
my frown
my silence
you see beyond the words from my lips
to my heart

So today, mamaG I celebrate you. June 22nd 1958..the Lord sent one of his special ones to earth. I thank Him for preserving you, for giving you the strength to stand through all that life has thrown at you. I thank Him because I know you haven't seen anything yet. He said there shall be more glory in your latter days. He will surely take you to the place that He has shown you in Jesus name. You are blessed.

So yummy grammy, keep on rocking! u biko!


OluwaDee said...

Zoe, happy belated bday 2 ur mum.
May she live long in good health. Amen.

How u dey?

Believer said...

@oluwadee: Beautiful, bride to be. I am well by His grace. I should be asking you how you that all the preparations are coming together nicely. It is well. The Lord will give you success in Jesus name. Have a blessed week

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

awww, happy birthday to mama G, mama beliver, mama "anyio". Wow, you mum is still so so young. Happy birthday to your wonderful mum. Indeed her later years will be greater than her former years, and God will propsper her and bless her all the days of her life. He will never withold any good thing from her, and with long life He will satisfy her. Happy birthday dearest.

Standtall said...

Kai your mama must be proud!!!

Aijay said...

Awww... happy belated birthday Mama G!

30+ said...

Happy Belated Birthday to mama G.