Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Coming back home

The Lord says: "These people say they love me; they show honour to me with WORDS, but their HEARTS are far from me. The honour they show me is nothing but human rules. Isaiah 29:13 (New Century Version) Capitals mine

Forgive me Lord
for i have strayed
With my mouth
I have sang your praise
But my heart
Has been far from you
I have been so busy
chasing deadlines,
forgetting that
I'm supposed to be
Lover of my life,
Lover of my soul,
My Husband
My Father
My Friend
the One who delights in Me
So I've come back home to you
Your love has drawn me back
I find You so irresistible
It's difficult...no impossible
to live without You
I've tasted and seen
that You are good
Truly your mercy endureth forever
Thank you for loving me
THAT much

The Christian race is not an easy one, yes even Believer does stray but never beyond the reach of His grace and love. It's not only when we commit a 'BIG' sin like lying, stealing or gossip that we need His forgiveness. Sometimes it's just for not keeping Him first. His first commandment says we must have no other gods before Him (Exodus 20:3). Sometimes our 'gods' are good things but I have learnt that they are a poor substitute for abiding with the Father. It is well. I'm learning more about Him and His wonderful love with each passing day. Just remember that for you as well, His love is deep enough to catch you at whatever point you may be.

Remain blessed and highly favoured. 2008 continues to be our year of UNCOMMON TESTIMONY.


Omosewa said...


Have a blessed day!

Believer said...

@omosewa: Thanks, have a wonderful one as well

chichi said...

"the door to him is open wide and we are always welcome..."

tke care dear. it is well.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I was kinda thinking of this lately. Words can never fully describe Him. Thank you Lord.

I am well dearest. I did get the text. Will try calling soon. Love ya.

Truth said...

God is good. He is always on our case. He said nothing will snatch us from His grip. I am very thankful that i know Him. Bless you for this post.


Amin! And may you be blessed as well.

This is my first time here. Nice blog.

ebony said...

So true!

Rinsola said...

I was asking myself a few hours ago. Rinsola, who has brought you and blessed you thus far irrespective of your mess? So why don't you always find your way back to Him immediately you realize you'r straying away? Enouraged again by this post. Thanks for sharing and amen to the prayers. Howz ur week coming?

Jaycee said...


There's really nothing else as beautiful as this post believer! Yikes, touched me in a different way. Putting God first is soooo priority...cos no one knows tomorrow except God Why trust in chariots?

Arewa said...

Have a blessed week. x xx

Allied said...

'Big' sin like lying, stealing or gossip.

**Heavy Sigh**

I need to ask for forgiveness. I have been so comfortable it actually shocked me seeing Lying and gossip in the category of big sin...

I have categorized sin but it is what it is...

No big or little sin...

It all leads to death... both spiritually and physically...

Lord save me

disgodkidd said...


KemiMamaLopes said...

Amen. From reading the most recent posts, my sprit is excited. A great year indeed awaits us.

Nyemoni said...

yes o! No other MAN can love us despite all our faults....be blessed my sis!

Believer said...

@ all:Thanks for your wonderful comments and words of encouragement. The Lord is indeed worthy of all praise, worship and adoration. He is worthy of all our being. You remain blessed and highly favoured.